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Power Management Integrated Circuits (IC) Market to 2016 - Demand for Increasing Functionality in Smartphones and Tablets, and Rise in Smart Grid Utilization to Drive Growth

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GBI Researchs report, Power Management Integrated Circuits (IC) Market to 2016 Demand for Increasing Functionality in Smartphones and Tablets, and Rise in Smart Grid Utilization to Drive Growth, provides key information and analysis on the opportunities of power management IC market. The report provides information on industry dynamics, key suppliers, and the sales revenue and sales volume of power management ICs. The report also provides forecasts for power management ICs based on product type, region and end-application until 2016. Market size forecasts until 2016 are provided for voltage regulators, controllers and converters. The application markets-IT/computers, communications, consum... Click here for more details

IEC 61850 Routers and Switches in Smart Grids: Opportunity Analysis to 2015
This power report gives a detailed account of the global market for IEC 61850 compliant routers and switches. The report covers the market elements related to IEC 61850 compliant routers and switches. The IEC 61850 routers and switches play a pivotal role in implementing smart grid norms through sub
Published Date: Jun 2010
Price: $3500
Smart Grid Market Outlook: Market and Technological Trends, Competitive Analysis, Major Deals and Investments
GlobalData has released its latest research - Smart Grid Market Outlook: Market and Technological Trends, Competitive Analysis, Major Deals and Investments. The research provides a detailed account of the developments in global smart grid markets in 2009 and their implication for the market in
Published Date: Mar 2010
Price: $3500
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI): Smart Grid Global Opportunity Analysis
The technology of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) comprises of various elements such as the smart meter, network infrastructure, Meter Data Management System (MDMS) and support systems such as home energy management software and in-home display units. Advanced metering infrastructure enab
Published Date: Oct 2010
Price: $3500
Smart Grid Stakeholder Analysis - Economic Impact of Smart Grid Technology Deployments
GlobalData\'s report Smart Grid Stakeholder Analysis - Economic Impact of Smart Grid Technology Deployments provides an insight into the financial effects of the deployment of smart grid technologies on its stakeholders: consumers, utilities, the technology vendors and financial institutions. Th
Published Date: Nov 2011
Price: $3500
Smart Grid Policy Handbook 2010: Major Government Policies, Regulations and Incentives
Governments around the world have realized the potential benefits that can be derived from smart grid technology. A key benefit of a modernized electricity network through the adoption of smart grids is the ability to reduce power consumption at the consumer end during peak hours via demand ma
Published Date: Dec 2010
Price: $3500
Synchrophasors in Smart Grid - Global Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015
Synchrophasors, also called phasor measurement units, have been in use for many years and are often built into electronic relays and digital functional recorders. They are primarily used to measure accurately time stamped voltage and current at diverse locations in a power grid at a speed of 3
Published Date: Jan 2011
Price: $3500
Information and Communications Technologies in Smart Grid - Global Market Sizing and Forecasts to 2015
Smart grids are efficient power delivery systems that utilize digital communication and advanced power electronics to integrate renewable energy resources and reduce transmission and distribution loss. The intelligent feature of the smart grid will largely be enabled by Information and Communica
Published Date: Feb 2011
Price: $3500
Smart Grid Landscape in the US - Market Size, Key Competitors, Regulations and Investment Analysis to 2015
The legacy power grid in the US is touted as the largest man-made machine and is valued around $1 trillion. It encompasses 300,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines and 5.5 million miles of distribution lines. The US power grid consists of more than 9,200 electric generating units with genera
Published Date: Feb 2011
Price: $3500
IEC 61850 Routers and Switches in Smart Grid - Markets Analysis and Forecasts to 2016
The roll out of smart grids has gathered pace globally. The automation of substations is the key requirement in creating a smart grid. The global standard that has been developed to aid substation automation in smart grids is the IEC 61850. Developed by The International Electrotechnical Commi
Published Date: Feb 2011
Price: $3500
Remote Terminal Units in Smart Grid - Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015
GlobalData\'s report “Remote Terminal Units in Smart Grid - Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015” provides an analysis of the global market for remote terminal units with insights on key countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia and Indonesia. Monitoring and control t
Published Date: Jun 2011
Price: $3500



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