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Chinese Solar PV Industry\'s

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The cost advantages have not only established Chinese vendors' leadership in the worldwide solar PV (Photovoltaic) industry, but also caused European, US, and Japanese vendors' withdrawal from the market or bankruptcy in the business. Although the Taiwanese crystalline silicon photovoltaic industry is able to compare with its Chinese counterpart in quality and price, a considerablegap exists betweenthese two countries in terms of the cost. The total cost difference between them ranges up to US$0.43 - 0.63/W. This report examines the industrial environment and vendors' strategies and outlines how the "Shanzhai" business model - a business model based on counterfeiting others' design c...

Worldwide Mobile Phone Vendor Performance, 4Q 2012
The Greater China notebook PC industry's shipment volume dropped 2.9% sequentially in the third quarter of 2012, arriving at approximately 42.5 million units. This is due to the fact that branded vendors took a conservative attitude towards placing orders for Windows 8 models before tests on the W
Published Date: Nov 2012
Price: $1200
Worldwide Notebook PC Development Trends in the Post-PC Era
The global notebook PC industry's shipment growth is anticipated to have witnessed a year-on-year decline for the first time in 2012, mainly due to the global economic uncertainties and the increasing replacement effect of tablets. Nevertheless, the introduction of Windows 8 SP1 and Microsoft's term
Published Date: Nov 2012
Price: $1880
The Worldwide LCD Monitor Market and Taiwans Industry, 2012 Recap and 2013 Forecast
The signs of global economic uncertainties continued into 2012 and depressed consumer demand. In addition, as the demand for LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors used in desktop PCs slowed, the global LCD monitor shipment was pushed downward in 2012, with shipment volume declining by 7.4%. In 2013,
Published Date: Apr 2013
Price: $1480
The Worldwide Motherboard Application IC Market, 1Q 2013
This research report presents forecast and recent quarter review of the worldwide motherboard application IC market. The report includes motherboard shipment volume and breakdowns by CPU supplier, CPU connector type, chipset supplier, and chipset type. The content of this report is based on primary
Published Date: Apr 2013
Price: $1750
Worldwide Notebook PC Forecast, 2013 - 2017
This report presents worldwide PC market volume per year for the period 2013-2017 and worldwide notebook PC market volume per year for the period 2013-2017, as well as worldwide PC market volume per quarter for the period 1Q 2013 - 4Q 2013 and worldwide notebook PC market volume per quarter for the
Published Date: Apr 2013
Price: $2190
Worldwide Motherboard Forecast, 2013 - 2017
This report presents worldwide server shipment volume per year for the period 2005 - 2017. The report includes forecasts of worldwide server shipment volume and share by region and by CPU architecture. The report finds that the worldwide server shipment volume grew steadily in 2012. It is anticipate
Published Date: Apr 2013
Price: $2220
Outlook for the Solar Photovoltaic Industry in 2H 2012 and Beyond
Polycrystalline silicon is expected to dominate the global PV market in 2012; however, conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon is going to hit the ceiling and therefore PV manufacturers have begun focusing more on monocrystalline silicon deployments as a result.
Published Date: Jul 2012
Price: $800
Outlook for the PC Industry in 2H 2012 and Beyond
Affected by the global economic situation in 2012, it is anticipated that the global PC system shipment volume will only see a 3.1% year-on-year growth in 2012 to around 335 million units; regarding tablets, driven by Apple iPads and low-price tablets,? worldwide tablet shipment volume is predicat
Published Date: Jul 2012
Price: $850
Worldwide Desktop PC Forecast, 2013 - 2017
This report presents worldwide PC and worldwide desktop PC market volume per year for the period 2006 - 2017 and per quarter for the period 1Q 2011 - 4Q 2013. Also included are forecasts of worldwide desktop PC market volume and share by region and by CPU connector type. This report also provides co
Published Date: May 2013
Price: $2110
The Taiwanese Smartphone Industry, 2Q 2012
This report presents forecast and recent quarter review of Smartphone shipment volume, shipment value, and APS, and analyzes manufacturer volume rankings, shipment by maker, and price trends. Also provided are shipment breakdowns by system technology, operating systems, display, embedded Bluetooth,
Published Date: Jun 2012
Price: $2420



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China to Promote Wider Use of Domestically-Made Medical Devices
In what could pose a serious threat to global firms dominating the medical devices sector, China has decided to promote Chinese-made medical devices and encouraged domestic hospitals to use them as far as possible. China hopes to boost its local market and reduce mounting healthcare expenditures. The high cost of medical care has been a cause for concern not just to the country as a whole but also to patients, and in order to lessen the burden, the health ministry has planned to develop its d
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B.C. Supreme Court Awaits Verdict on Right to Private Healthcare
In an ongoing landmark court case that is in favor to shape the healthcare industry for a better tomorrow, B.C. doctor commented that patients have been waiting for long hours to get treated. Instead, they could benefit an access to proper healthcare facilities in a private care sector, making the most of their tax dollars in a timely manner.  Brian Day - a partner in a private care clinic and former President of Canadian Medical Association has taken an initiative on this issue forcin
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Community Health Services Experience Cyber Theft
One of the biggest hospital groups in US, Community Health Systems Inc (CYH.N)., has stated that its database has also fallen victim of a cyber attack - presumably from Chinese hackers. The attack resulted in the theft of personal data and Social Security numbers of 4.5 million patients.  Security experts studying the matter cite that the group of hackers, known as APT 18, may have links to the Chinese government.  According to Charles Carmakal, managing director of the company
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Roche Bids for Control of Chugai
Japanese company Chugai Pharmaceuticals has been offered $10 billion by Roche, who is looking for full control of the company. The first deal between a Japanese pharmaceutical company and its international rival was between the same Roche and Chugai. The deal was made 12 years ago when Roche acquired a majority stake in Chugai for $1.4 billion. The new deal could be announced by next week at the earliest. The Tokyo-based Chugai, however, denies being a part of related discussions. The comp
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Maruti Suzuki Revives Putting Slowdown Behind It
Maruti Suzuki stocks are showing great promise of reviving the domestic auto industry after burying the slowdown in the past. With the ongoing progress, the company is likely to record double digit growth in terms on volumes in the coming two to three years.   Maruti has not only regained its market share, but has indeed come up with an improvised line of products too. It has also devised better localization plans to achieve good realizations and increase profit margins. Maruti Suzuki
Date: Aug 18

Contraction of Global Natural Rubber Inventory by 46%
According to research conducted by the International Rubber Study Group, rising demand for natural rubber will lead to reduction of global surplus of natural rubber by almost 46% by the year 2015. The Singapore based organization stated that production is likely to exceed the market demand from 650,000 tons and 371,000 tons in 2014 to 202,000 in the coming year. The study group also predicted that by May 2014, the surplus would exceed 714,000 tons capacity in 2013 after having increased Thailand
Date: Aug 18

Siege of Mount Sinjar Over, Reports Pentagon
United States and Kurdish airstrikes have successfully broken the siege on Mount Sinjar, according to a Pentagon spokesperson. The militants that laid siege to the mountain have been scattered, allowing the number of Yezidis trapped there to escape. The report was passed by Defense officials on late Wednesday. Almost a dozen Marines and Special Operations forces worked for more than 24 hours on the Iraqi mountain. A senior Defense official stated that the situation is manageable now. In a
Date: Aug 14

Repsol Set to Drill into Canary Islands
Since the Spanish government has a go-ahead on the drilling activities offshore of Canary Islands, Spain’s Repsol could start its drilling this year.  Bloomberg reported that the Spanish government’s Industry Ministry has approved of the drilling plans proposed by Repsol in the Official Bulletin, dated 11 August and published 13 August. This drilling move is in the quest of environmental permits that took place earlier this year.  Repsol is in charge of Blocks 1-9 offsh
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Wearable Devices for Tracking Parkinsons : Intel Corp
For monitoring patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Intel Corp plans to incorporate wearable devices like smart watches for collecting data that is of use to researchers. Early this week, Intel Corp declared that it is collaborating with Michael J. Fox Foundation to carry out research study of this neurodegenerative brain disorder. Parkinson’s disease has today become a very common disease affecting millions across the globe.  The very first step is to determine th
Date: Aug 14

PAT for BASF India Falls 40% to INR 52 Crore
BASF India reported a decline of 40% in profit after tax (PAT) at INR 52 crore for the first quarter of 2014, which ended on June 30. Exactly a year ago, in the same period the company reported a PAT of INR 86.9 crore. However, despite these figures, BASF India recorded a 7% rise in sales to INR 144.58 crore during the first quarter of 2014 as compared to INR 135.68 year-on-year. Raman Ramchandran, Chairman and Managing Director for BASF India stated, the growth in sales in the first quart
Date: Aug 13

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