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The Ukrainian retail market, particularly its grocery, clothing and footwear, DIY, consumer electronics as well as cosmetics and toiletries segments, is a complex industry driven by many factors. As a result, locating statistics, analysis and forecasts for the market and its leading companies is often a time consuming and complicated, though necessary, task. That is why executives and managers of retail chains, researchers, financial professionals and consultants with interests the sector c...

DIY Retail in Central Europe 2012. Market Analysis and Development Forecasts for 2012-2014
DIY retail in Central Europe 2012, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2012-2014 details recent growth and future prospects for retailers in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. This report gives readers an extraordinary opportunity to evaluate market cond
Published Date: Mar 2012
Price: $3080
Non-Public Hospitals Market in Poland 2012. Comparative Analysis by Voivodship and Development Prospects
Non-public hospital market in Poland 2012, Comparative analysis by voivodship and development prospects examines and defines the expanding segment of non-public hospitals and health care centres. This unique report analyses and compares the degree of market saturation, as it exists in individual
Published Date: Mar 2012
Price: $2660
Clothing and footwear retail market in Central Europe 2011. Development forecasts for 2011-2013.
Clothing and footwear retail market in Central Europe 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2013 gives readers an insightful and comprehensive look into the strengths, value, size and future prospects of all segments of clothing and footwear retail sales in the countries of Poland, Hungary, Czech
Published Date: Sep 2011
Price: $3500
Construction sector in Bulgaria 2011. Development forecasts for 2011-2013
Construction sector in Bulgaria 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2013 is a compilation of the freshest market data and analysis covering a variety of relevant viewpoints and assembled to create a complete guide to potential business creation or expansion in this rebounding industry. In addit
Published Date: Sep 2011
Price: $2100
Telecommunications market in Russia 2011. Development forecasts for 2011-2015
Telecommunications market in Russia 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2015 is a comprehensive, analytical reference tool designed for providers of mobile, fixed line, Internet and CaTV services, investors, equipment providers, marketing professionals, industry analysts, and anyone interested
Published Date: Sep 2011
Price: $2100
Retail in Romania 2011. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2011-2013.
Retail in Romania 2011, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2011-2013, explores the implications of the recent economic downturn upon the most active segments of the retail market. This fourth edition report tracks the history of market developments for the past five years, provides co
Published Date: Oct 2011
Price: $2100
Construction sector in Russia H2 2011. Development forecasts for 2011-2014.
Construction sector in Russia H2 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2014 updates readers on market activity while providing a comprehensive view of Russian construction overall, and of its residential, infrastructure and non residential segments. The report highlights regions within this huge
Published Date: Oct 2011
Price: $2100
Distribution on the pharmaceutical market in Russia and Ukraine 2011
Distribution on the pharmaceutical market in Russia and Ukraine 2011 is the latest report providing a comprehensive study of distribution in the pharmaceutical market in Russia and Ukraine. The report examines key events and trends and provides comparative market segment analysis of pharmacy a
Published Date: Oct 2011
Price: $2100
Private label in Poland 2011. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2011-2013.
Private Label in Poland in 2011 is the latest report providing a comprehensive study of the private label grocery retail market in Poland. The report examines current market trends and key factors that impact development and provides forecasts. As the aprivate label market in Poland is deve
Published Date: Oct 2011
Price: $2380
OTC market in Central and Eastern Europe 2011. Comparative analysis and development forecasts for 2011-2013.
OTC market in Central and Eastern Europe 2011, Comparative analysis and development forecasts for 2011-2013 is a compilation of data, analysis of current conditions and projections for growth and development for the next two years. This unique report brings readers up to date on the status and p
Published Date: Oct 2011
Price: $3500



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Election of Stable Government Could Push USD 30 billion M&A Deals in India
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Alibaba Founder Invests USD 531.78 in Financial Software Enterprise
Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, who is credited for founding the world’s largest e-commerce firm Alibaba Group Holding, is investing USD 531.78 million to gain a controlling share in Hundsun Technologies Inc, a financial software firm. Hundsun Group-that controls a 20.6% stake in Hundsun Technologies-would sell its entire stake in the latter to Zhejiang Finance Credit Network Technology Co, a company in which Ma owns a 99% stake.  This deal will render Ma a controlling stake in Hun
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Rising Air Pollution Spur Chinese Citizens to Import Fresh Mountain Air in Vacuum Packed Bags
Air pollution levels in China have mounted to levels such high that even a spurt of fresh air these days seems like a matter of past. The situation is clearly visible from the most recent attack of thick smog in Zhengzhou (the city is still gulped by it), the capital of Henan province, one of China’s 10 most polluted places.  Citing the ever increasing levels of air pollution, many people have opted to move out of polluted cities in China. But life is not easy for the ones who st
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8.2 Magnitude Earthquake in Chile Triggers Tsunami Warnings
A high magnitude earthquake that measured 8.2 richters struck off the coasts of Chile this Tuesday night. The earthquake caused landslides and triggered a small Tsunami on Chile’s coastline. The centre of the earthquake was about 60 miles northwest of the town Iquiqe.   The hustle created by the earthquake also resulted in fleeing of more than 300 prisoners from a jail. This has led the military to take control over the town to prevent any mishaps. Emergency officials have reported
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Apple Files Petition for Patent of Innovative Technology That Makes Texting While Walking Safer
You can now let go of your worries of getting bumped on a pole or getting stumped while walking just because your eyes are glued to your smartphone’s screen and you are too busy concentrating at texting while walking.  US technology giant Apple is soon to introduce a technology (it has already filed a petition for its patent) that does not even require you to pull your head out of your phone and look around - a live video feed of anything that is in the front of you, or essentially
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U.S. FDAs Stamp of Approval for Xolair Drug Developed by Novartis and Genentech
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stamped its mark of approval for Xolair (omalizumab), a drug developed by Novartis and Genentech. Xolair has been developed for treating a debilitating skin condition that is known as chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU). The occurrence of this condition is unpredictable, and outside of the United States this disease is also known by another name--chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU). The company was reported as stating that the drug&rsquo
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Telco Industry Demands More Deregulation
AMTA, Communications Alliance supports the ‘red tape’ repeal dealings with the federal government  Since, the federal government reduced the regulations pertaining to the telco and broader communications industries, The Communications Alliance and the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) have shown a positive reaction to the government’s decision.  Malcolm Turnbull, Communications minister and parliamentary secretary Paul Fletcher state that t
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New Porous Materials Demand in the Industry Chemicals and Materials
The industry has come up with new class of making porous materials that significantly controls a wide range of applications and greater manufacturing applications to handle long term industry standard applications.  This discovery was conducted by a team of University of Connecticut chemists that found out the creation of over 60 new families in the field of chemicals and materials. The study was conducted with the potential for many more chemicals and materials. The key purpose in th
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