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USA - Telecoms, IP Networks, Digital Media and Forecasts

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Politicians and telcos battle to stop municipal and state fibre projects In recent years the US has been engaged in a more concerted fibre deployment effort, principally from the two incumbents Verizon and AT&T but notably also from Google with its successful investment in Kansas City. In addition, the smaller competitor carriers continue to deploy fibre deeper into their networks. Significantly, an increasing number of municipalities are sponsoring FttP networks, and the recent FCC National Broadband Plan envisages a greater role for public FttP networks in the pursuit of its goals. Verizon has adopted an FttP approach while AT&T has chosen mainly FttN with FttP for new develo...

South Africa - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts
Mergers and acquisitions in Africa’s leading telecoms market South Africa’s telecom sector boasts the continent’s most advanced networks in terms of technology deployed and services provided. In a virtually saturated voice market, four mobile networks – Vodacom, MTN, Cel
Published Date: Jun 2014
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Singapore - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband
Singapore’s national broadband network roll-out moves closer to completion Singapore has developed the status of a world leader in telecommunications through the building of a high quality and extremely progressive regulatory environment for the local telecommunications sector that has,
Published Date: Feb 2013
Price: $995
Australia - Mobile Communications - Statistics and Forecasts
Executive Summary Mobile operators face stagnating revenues in a booming mobile broadband market The Market in 2013 The mobile communications market in Australia has seen considerable activity in the last year from the mobile network operators, with some of the results of that activity st
Published Date: Jul 2013
Price: $995
Hong Kong - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts
Executive Summary Rising imperative for new business models to succeed as LTE and FttX fuel data demand Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, has built one of the most sophisticated and dynamic telecommunications markets in the world. Hong Kong’s regulator, the O
Published Date: Apr 2013
Price: $995
Middle East - Telecoms, Internet, Broadband and Mobile statistics (tables only)
Summary Demand for Arabic content increasing as broadband use extends Telecoms and fixed-line Developing regulatory systems in the telecoms sector of the Middle East have improved conditions for competitors although in almost all markets the main competitors to fixed-line incumbents are
Published Date: Mar 2013
Price: $1750
Canada - Telecoms, IP Networks, Digital Media and Forecasts
Executive Summary Forthcoming spectrum auctions to bolster LTE services and takeup BuddeComm’s annual publication, Canada- Telecoms, IP Networks, Digital Media and Forecasts, provides a comprehensive overview of the trends and developments in the telecommunications and digital media
Published Date: May 2013
Price: $995
Norway - Telecoms, IP Networks, Digital Media and Forecasts
Market consolidation sees TeliaSonera exit the broadband sector In common with other Scandinavian countries, Norway has a sophisticated telecom market with high broadband and mobile penetration rates and a well developed digital TV sector. Although not a member of the European Union, its tele
Published Date: Jan 2014
Price: $795
Burundi, DR Congo, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia - Africas Top 5 ICT Investment Markets
ICT-IA index benchmarking and detailed country reports BuddeComm has developed the ICT Investment Attractivity (ICT-IA) index as a tool for investors to identify the most attractive information and communication technology (ICT) markets in a target region, be it worldwide or, for the purpose
Published Date: Apr 2012
Price: $1750
World Digital Economy - Insights into E-Government, E-Health and E-Education
The latest annual publication by BuddeComm titled: Global Digital Economy – E-Government, E-Heath and E-Education provides key global insights and statistics for these increasingly important sectors which are becoming vital in society. After some five years of public debate on the natio
Published Date: Dec 2012
Price: $995
Global Digital Media - Video and Television in a Smart Connected World
Smart TV is a sign of the futureThe latest annual publication by BuddeComm titled: Global Digital Media Video and Television in a Smart Connected World, provides key global insights and statistics for this exciting growing and evolving sector. The internet is presenting consumers with choice an
Published Date: Nov 2012
Price: $995



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McDonald\'s Corp has halted the sale of items such as chicken nuggets and other chicken-related products in its Hong Kong outlets after it declared that it had also imported meat from Shanghai Husi Food, the Chinese company owned by US based OSI group, which is currently at the center of a food safety issue in China.  McDonald’s had stated that certain products were imported from the Shanghai Husi Food company during the timeframe of last year’s month of July and this year&rsqu
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Scientists find eighty new genes that are connected to schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is a condition, which affects over 24 million people all over the world for many years. Researchers from around 30 nations have analyzed the genes which are linked to schizophrenia. The research scientists were able to uncover around 80 previously unknown genes, which are able to put people at the risk of developing schizophrenia, according to the prestigious science journal Nature. The research team said that the world’s largest genetic study of disorders indicates that hu
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Foreign Financial Institutions can Invest in Saudis Stock Market From 2015
Come 2015, foreign financial institutions will be able to make direct investments on the Arabian stock market. A report in the Saudi Gazette said Wednesday that ‘eligible’ foreign financial institutions will be allowed to invest in listed shares. This new move will come in effect before June 2014. The Saudi market currently stands capitalized at about USD 530 billion. The opening up of the world’s biggest oil exporter’s stock market is keenly anticipated by global investo
Date: Jul 24

Harvard Study Estimates 10.3 million Americans Covered Under Obamacare
According to a study by published by Harvard, about 10.3 million Americans over the age of 18 have been covered under Obamacare since enrollment kicked off in October 2013. The biggest gains have been recorded among Hispanics and young adults, the study, published Wednesday by the Harvard School of Public Health in association with the Women’s Hospital in Boston, said. Researchers found that there was a 5.2% drop in the number of uninsured Americans since September 2013 for American in the
Date: Jul 24

After a 6-year Suspension, Mortgage-Supported Debt Sales to be Revived in China
China will soon revive the debt sales which are mortgage-backed in this week after a hiatus of six years. These sales are initiated as the government provides its helps to homebuyers in the flagging real estate market. The Postal Savings Bank of China Corporation consists of 39,000 branches all over the country. The bank plans to sell around USD 1.1 billion of the notes which are supported by the residential mortgages. Previously, such security in the nation was sold in 2007 by the China Cons
Date: Jul 23

Mushrooms to be Soon Used to Reduce Bitterness of Cocoa Beans
A unique fermentation process developed by an upstart US food technology firm uses mushrooms for reducing the bitterness in cocoa beans. The company believes that this technique could help in reducing sugar content in chocolate candies.  It has been a year since the fermentation process has been launched by the company, MycoTechnology Inc., for reducing bitterness of coffee beans. The company is now planning to expand into the market of cocoa beans, an important segment of the commodity
Date: Jul 23

Babies of mothers with anxiety disorders more likely to cry excessively
A new German study suggests that women with anxiety disorders may more likely have babies who cry excessively.  Earlier research studies have already confirmed that babies of women with anxiety disorders are more prone to develop anxiety disorders themselves in later stages of their life.  The current research presents a relationship between anxiety disorders in mothers during, prior to and after pregnancy in mothers with prior record of anxiety disorders and the rate of excessiv
Date: Jul 23

Plague Death Causes A Chinese City To Be In Quarantine
Due to the death of a Chinese resident in Yumen due to bubonic plague, several parts in some cities of China have been sealed off. Recently, a 38 year old person died after getting infected by a wild rodent called marmot.  Several districts in the Gansu province consisting of about 100,000 people were declared to be special zones that were quarantined. The people who came into contact with 38 year old victim were also quarantined. However, none of those 151 people showed symptoms of t
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OPECs Revenue Affected By Global Downturn
For almost twenty years, the revenues being earned by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries were mainly fuelled by global economic growth. However, this does not hold true anymore. According to business charts, the year 2013 was the first year after 1993 which depicted that the total crude oil exports of the OPEC was not following the path of the global gross domestic product. It was also observed that the group of countries that were supplying 40% of global oil was generating low
Date: Jul 23

New Energy Vehicles to Receive a Further Fillip in China
China’s wants to ensure that its pollution-reduction plans aren’t mired in red tape, regional protectionism, or the lack of policy regulation. The country is leaving no stone unturned to entice consumers into purchasing new-energy vehicles instead of those that run on gasoline and diesel. China’s State Council issued a comprehensive guideline Monday that paves the way for promoting new-energy automobiles in the country. Among other development plans, the guideline talks about i
Date: Jul 23

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