The Global Nonotechnology And Nanomaterials Industry - Stage Of Development, Global Activity And Market Opportunities

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Nanotechnology applications and nanomaterials are being applied across a raft of industries due to their outstanding magnetic, optical, catalytic and electronic properties. There are already established market for nanomaterials including titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, silicon oxide nanopowders and carbon nanotubes, nanofibers, nanosilver, nanoclays, quantum dots and nanoporous materials driven by demand from applications in filtration, electronics, cosmetics, energy, medicine, chemicals, coatin...

The World Market For Atomic Force Microscopes And Afm Probes
World market revenues for scanning probe microscopes in 2010 were approximately US$337million. The main market for scanning probe microscopes is in the semiconductors and electronics sector were they are routinely used in product inspection and failure analysis for measuring sub-micrometer featu
Published Date: Jan 2011
Price: $950
The World Market For Nanostructured Coatings In The Automotive Industry
Nanostructured coatings are beginning to find widespread application in the automotive industry as paint additives allowing for new coloration effects and greater hardness and durability. The sector aims to decrease weight while increasing engine efficiency and overall performance of the vehicles
Published Date: Jan 2011
Price: $1604
The World Market for Transmission Electron Microscopes
Sales of Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) totaled $88.22 million in 2010. In the semiconductors market, sales declined sharply in the fiscal year 2008/2009, but began to recover in 2010. However there was stable growth in the medical and life sciences sectors, especially in Asia-Pacific. In
Published Date: Jan 2011
Price: $795
The World Market For Nanostructured Coatings Revised and Updated to 2011
Nanostructured coatings are opening up new market opportunities in the global coatings arena. Properties such as corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, UV stability, gloss retention and chemical and mechanical properties are improved significantly using nanostructured materials. Main end user m
Published Date: Jan 2011
Price: $1600
The World Market For Abrasion, Wear And Corrosion Resistant Nanocoatings
The world market for abrasion, wear and corrosion resistant nanocoatings was $352.4million in 2010, growing to an estimated $879.25million by 2015. Main markets for these coatings are in the aerospace, automotive, energy (oil and gas pipelines and drilling), marine, military and tools sectors. The
Published Date: Jan 2011
Price: $1190
The World Market for Scanning Electron Microscopes
World market sales for SEMs in 2010 were approximately US$132.56 million. In line with the economic downturn and the conditions in the semiconductors capital equipment market there has been a reduction in sales since 2007-2008. However there is still a requirement for high-resolution scanning elec
Published Date: Jan 2011
Price: $795
The World Market For Electron And Scanning Probe Microscopes: Revised And Updated To 2011
The world electron and scanning probe microscopes market, encompassing Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) and Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) accounted for US$328.44 million in sales in 2010. It is estimated that annual sales in 2015 will grow to approximat
Published Date: Jan 2011
Price: $1600
NANOENERGY - Nanomaterials and the World Energy Market: Applications, Products, End User Markets, Companies and Revenues
The market for alternative energy technologies has grown significantly in the last 20 years and is now of increasing importance due to the threat of global warming and the reliance on finite conventional energy sources such as fossil hydrocarbon fuel and coal. Nanomaterials are enabling major re
Published Date: Jan 2011
Price: $2100
Nanomaterials and the World Lithium Ion Battery Market: Applications, Products, End User Markets, Companies and Revenues
Lithium ion batteries have received considerable attention in applications ranging from portable electronics to electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, due to their superior energy density over other rechargeable battery technologies. Market demand for lighter, thinner and higher capacity lithi
Published Date: Feb 2011
Price: $1050
Nanotechnology And Nanomaterials In The Automotive Industry: Applications, Products, World Markets, Companies and Revenues
Automotive companies are using nanotechnology and nanomaterials to improve the performance of automobiles, to meet both consumer needs and regulatory requirements. Nanomaterials are leading to enhancements in the structural, electrical, thermal, optical, magnetic and catalytic capabilities of tech
Published Date: Feb 2011
Price: $1615



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New Porous Materials Demand in the Industry Chemicals and Materials
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