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Fast Casual Restaurants - US - October 2013

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Due to consumers’ budgets still being constrained, fast casual restaurants must find a way to provide more value in order to justify higher prices. This value proposition includes quality items and upscale yet casual experience at an affordable price. Corporate responsibility initiatives will play an increasingly important role, as will deals meant to promote trial and build loyalty.... Click here for more details

First Aid - US - September 2012
First aid products and treatments naturally correspond to consumer injury and illness. As it is difficult to increase the need for these products, marketers need to be especially savvy about increasing awareness and usage of first aid accessories and treatments. Therefore, consumer education is ke
Published Date: Sep 2012
Price: $3995
Air Fresheners - US, September 2012
Air freshener sales have been declining over the last few years as a result of macroeconomic conditions that have caused consumers to cut back on their spending, particularly on products such as air fresheners, which are a more discretionary purchase. However, some air freshener brands and produ
Published Date: Sep 2012
Price: $3995
Attitudes Toward Corporate Social Responsibility - US - September 2012
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has evolved from its origin of a suggestion that corporations earmark a portion of their profits to put toward philanthropic initiatives, to becoming a basic component of the way that many companies operate their business. Along with increasing financial sta
Published Date: Sep 2012
Price: $3995
Bread - US - September 2012
China cake, bread manufacturing industry, 2012 is valuable for anyone who wants to invest in the cake, bread manufacturing industry, to get Chinese investments; to import into China or export from China, to build factories and take advantage of lower costs in China, to partner with one of the ke
Published Date: Sep 2012
Price: $3995
Breakfast Foods - US - September 2012
The estimated $12.5 billion breakfast foods category has experienced positive performance in recent years, posting gains of 19.5% in dollar sales from 2007-11. The category has likely benefited from an increased convenience factor, coupled with a strong private label presence and aggressive produc
Published Date: Sep 2012
Price: $3995
Set-jetting Tourism - International - April 2012
  In the 21st century, film (films and TV series) has taken over from literature as the most influential form of popular media motivating many leisure activities. Film possesses the power to create strong emotional connections to places seen on screen. It also presents activities that visi
Published Date: Sep 2012
Price: $2182
Airline Mergers, Acquisitions and Consolidations - International - April 2012
Better quality of chocolate, added ingredients (such as fruit and nuts) and ethical sourcing are all potential means for brands to justify higher prices while greater transparency around the reasons for increases in price would also be likely to be warmly received by users. Some questions ans
Published Date: Sep 2012
Price: $2182
Magazines in Australia (2011) Market Sizes
Recession-inspired frugality resulting in changing consumer purchase habits has conspired to soften sales in the $6.4 billion soup industry. After sales declines in prior years, the category showed minimal growth between 2010 and 2011, with sales essentially flat.In spite of this challenging market,
Published Date: Sep 2012
Price: $2932
Health Clubs in South Korea (2011) Market Sizes
The restaurant recession appears to be over and patrons are starting to venture out from their homes to visit restaurants and bars once again. Over the past few years, operators have ramped up their beverage programs in order draw consumers back using a variety of strategies, from new drinks, ingred
Published Date: Sep 2012
Price: $2932
Shampoo, Conditioners and Treatment Products - UK - April 2012
The outdoor barbecue market is slowly recovering after the recession, and shipment volume is expected to grow 4% over the next five years to reach 13.9 million unit shipments in the U.S. by 2016.The outdoor barbecue market continues to be impacted by a variety of economic factorsincluding the decl
Published Date: Sep 2012
Price: $2932



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India to Export Carabeef to Russia
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Activist Investor Barington Urges Omnova Solutions to Break Up
Activist investor Barington Capital Group LP has sent a letter to the Ohio based Chemicals Company Omnova Solutions Inc. urging it to break up. Barington believes that Omnova has not performed well and can do better if it focuses on its biggest operations, as stated in the letter. The investor holds almost 2% of the stake in the company. Omnova has two operational business segments. The first one is performance chemicals that consists of chemicals and coatings, which is used in a wide rang
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Over £5 Million Granted to Ineligible Overseas Students in Education Loans in UK
A recent investigation has revealed that over 5 million pounds have been given to overseas students in loans - students who were ineligible to receive them.  The National Audit Office, the U.K. government’s spending watchdog, conducted an inquiry that reveals that 992 foreign students who were not entitled were handed out government loans. These students were reportedly enrolled at private higher education colleges.  The information was brought to front after there was a su
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Xiaomi Sells its Redmi Note Phones with a Flash Sale on Day 1 of Launch
Xiaomi revealed that will sell 50,000 units of its smartphones named Redmi Note through its online retail partner Flipkart on Tuesday. The Chinese smartphone maker also announced that will sell the first 50,000 phones to the buyers who have registered themselves on Flipkart for the sale. The phone is priced at INR8, 999 with features such as dual-SIM support and dual standby. It comes with Android 4.2.2 and Xiaomi’s MIUI v5skin as the covering. The Chinese phone is powered with a 1.7GHz
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