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Oilfield Services Companies in Russia 2013

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In 2010-2012 the Russian oilfield services market went through a phase of significant changes and is now developing dynamically. The trend originated from the oil and gas market being at a turning point as easy-to-access hydrocarbon reserves were exhausted and the need arose to develop hard-to-access reserves, which requires the application of innovative technologies and advanced equipment. As the market structure began to change the companies failing to meet the new challenges gradually left the market, making way for those more capable of innovative development. The trends of an ever changing competitive environment, so evident in the past few years, continue to dominate the market as the ...

Actual Engine Oil Consumption by Motor Vehicles in Russia
RPI introduces a groundbreaking new analytical product related to the lubricant market, which studies the actual consumption of engine oil by the Russian vehicle fleet, including cars and trucks, commercial vehicles and buses. For the purposes of this report the size of the engine oil market has b
Published Date: Jan 2013
Price: $1638
Offshore Oil and Gas Industry of Russia and CIS: Outlook to 2022
The purpose of this research report is to analyze offshore production projects based in Russia, CIS countries and Georgia in the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov and the Baltic Sea, in the Russian Arctic and Far East shelf.  Since 2005, RPI has systematically analyzed the status o
Published Date: Apr 2013
Price: $4674
Kazakhstans Oil and Gas Upstream
This is a report on petroleum exploration and production in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the companies engaged in that work. It provides comprehensive, practical information from contact details and historical performance of the companies to forecasts of drilling, production, and hydrocarbon exp
Published Date: Mar 2013
Price: $5099
Russian Oilfield Services Market
The Russian oilfield services market is growing fast, and this growth is fueled by both technology innovation and structural changes in the petroleum industry. Since the last issue of this report, Russian companies have rapidly increased the scope of applications involving advanced well stimula
Published Date: May 2013
Price: $4576
FSU Oil and Gas Statistic Yearbook
The Oil and Gas Statistical Yearbook is a comprehensive collection of detailed information about the main indicators of the oil and gas industry of Russia and the CIS countries between 2003 and 2013. The report is published annually in the English language.   The information presented in th
Published Date: Apr 2014
Price: $1379
Oil and Gas Industry of Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East 2013
Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East are key regions in Russia’s strategy for energy development. Vast hydrocarbon reserves, which the government regards as critical to the country’s socioeconomic development, and proximity to Asia-Pacific markets make the regions of paramount importance
Published Date: Oct 2013
Price: $3321
CIS Oilfield Services Market 2013
The study aims to provide a detailed analysis of the CIS oilfield services market, including an overview of oil producers’ key performance indicators in production, drilling, well interventions, application of enhanced oil recovery techniques, etc. Separately, we reviewed the drilling segments
Published Date: Oct 2013
Price: $8734
Surface Infrastructure Design for the Oil and Gas Industry in Russia 2013
Evolution of the petroleum industry calls for continuous expansion and upgrade of all surface infrastructure facilities required for production, transportation and refining of hydrocarbons. RPI offers you an update of the study Surface Infrastructure Design for the Oil and Gas Industry in Russia.
Published Date: Jul 2013
Price: $2641
Oil and Gas Industry of Turkmenistan
The study aims to provide a detailed analysis of Turkmenistan’s oil and gas sector, including an overview of the sector’s governance structure, major oil and gas producers, production projects involving foreign companies, oil and gas pipeline network, and Turkmen gas production and expor
Published Date: Aug 2013
Price: $3318
Ukraines Oilfield Services Market 2013
The study aims to provide a detailed analysis of Ukraine’s oilfield services market, including an overview of oil producers’ key performance indicators in production, drilling, well interventions, application of enhanced oil recovery techniques, etc. Separately, we reviewed the drilling
Published Date: Oct 2013
Price: $1276



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