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Global Smokeless Tobacco Market Report: 2016 Edition

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Smokeless tobacco is tobacco that is not burnt. Smokeless tobacco products contain tobacco or a blend of tobacco that is most often chewed, sucked on and spit out after the tobacco juices are built up, or sniffed. It is also known as chewing tobacco, oral tobacco, spit or spitting tobacco, dip, chew, and snuff. Nicotine in the tobacco is absorbed through the lining of the mouth. The various forms of smokeless tobacco are: Chewing tobacco, Snuff, E-Cigarettes, Snus and Dissolvable Tobacco. Although the share of this segment in the total tobacco market is relatively smaller, this industry has a higher scope of growth in the coming years due to increasing anti-smoking legislations across vario... Click here for more details

Tobacco - Africa
  • Published Date: Aug 2011
  • Price: $2560
Tobacco - America
  • Published Date: Aug 2011
  • Price: $4185
Tobacco - Asia
  • Published Date: Aug 2011
  • Price: $12177
Tobacco - Eastern Europe
  • Published Date: Aug 2011
  • Price: $5811
Tobacco - Europe
  • Published Date: Aug 2011
  • Price: $10145
Tobacco - Global
  • Published Date: Aug 2011
  • Price: $25315
Tobacco - Western Europe
  • Published Date: Aug 2011
  • Price: $5811
Tobacco - Global Group of Eight (G8) Industry Guide
  • Published Date: Nov 2011
  • Price: $1495
Tobacco - North America (NAFTA) Industry Guide
  • Published Date: Nov 2011
  • Price: $795



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