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New Innovations in Optics LED
New innovations in the field of lasers and optics have introduced high density white LED light engines for OEM fiber optic illumination. White light LEDs are rapidly becoming the most preferred source for light guide illumination in several technical applications which were once ruled by HID lamps a
Published Date: December 18
‘Fluctuations in Air Freight Impacts Pharma Supply Chains’
Air freight has been considered to be imperative to the pharmaceutical industry more so as supply chains take on a more complex shape. The Life Science and Pharmaceutical conference held in London on Tuesday stressed upon this very fact. Emerging trends such as healthcare at home, increasing clin
Published Date: December 17
Two AC/DC Drivers Launched by ON
On Semiconductor has recently expanded their product line for NCL3008x by launching two new series of offline AC-DC drivers with Power Factor Correction. Their new line of semiconductors includes the new NCL30085/86/88/30. The NCL30030 widens the existing solutions which support higher power topolog
Published Date: December 17
Different Prospects of New Nuclear Power
Nuclear energy was once promised as the world’s leading source to provide cheap and safe electrical power. However, The United States has led the way in nuclear research due to government finance and support. Some analysts also claimed that electricity would go meterless in the future.  
Published Date: December 17
Drop in Oil Prices sets off Alarm Bells in Producers and Shareholders
The well-publicized drop in oil prices this week has been celebrated by the masses all over the world as an answer to years of demands. However, the picture is far from rosy on the other side, as oil exporters and shareholders reacquaint themselves with a sub-$60 per-barrel pricing after a considera
Published Date: December 16
Chinese Construction Shares Rise on Stimulus Bets
For the second consecutive day, China’s stocks have risen, led by railway and construction companies. Their growth has been based on the speculation that the government will take improved steps to support economic growth. China Railway Group Ltd. and China State Construction Engineering Cor
Published Date: December 15
Citigroup Charges Investors with US$2.7 Billion for Legal Expenses
Citigroup gave its investors a surprise with its 4th quarter results on Tuesday, with an expected US$2.7 billion legal charge associated with multiple investigations. Citigroup has been discussing for settlement with banking regulators and federal prosecutors over a series of investigations conne
Published Date: December 10
After Louisiana-Pacific’s Downgrade - What’s next in the Building and Construction Products Industry?
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation was downgraded by the DA Davidson research firm last Friday from a status of “Buy” to a “Neutral” rating, i.e. LPX 0%. RBC Capital had struck a similar rating a few days earlier. It changed its rating from ‘Sector Perform’ to ‘U
Published Date: December 09
Southern Company Got Warning from State Monitor on Ga. Nuclear Plant Costs
State monitors has warned Southern Co. that building a multi-billion dollar nuclear plant in Georgia without having a comprehensive construction schedule could cause financial penalties. A report was filed by an analyst and an engineer working for state regulators. They supervise the elevation of
Published Date: December 08
India to Export Carabeef to Russia
According to some recent talks between India’s (APEDA) and phyto-sanitary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor, Russia has permitted the imports of buffalo meat (carabeef) from India.  This act falls under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India. The move is placed a few days ahead of the
Published Date: December 08
Activist Investor Barington Urges Omnova Solutions to Break Up
Activist investor Barington Capital Group LP has sent a letter to the Ohio based Chemicals Company Omnova Solutions Inc. urging it to break up. Barington believes that Omnova has not performed well and can do better if it focuses on its biggest operations, as stated in the letter. The investor ho
Published Date: December 04
Morgan Advanced Materials Rebuts Vesuvius’s Merger Proposal Rejection
After a rejection by the company’s board, an engineering group named Vesuvius deserted the approach for its merger with its rival Morgan Advanced Materials.   Vesuvius had offered an all-share merger between the two companies and this would have created a deal of almost £2bn &nda
Published Date: December 02
Over £5 Million Granted to Ineligible Overseas Students in Education Loans in UK
A recent investigation has revealed that over 5 million pounds have been given to overseas students in loans - students who were ineligible to receive them.  The National Audit Office, the U.K. government’s spending watchdog, conducted an inquiry that reveals that 992 foreign students
Published Date: December 02
Xiaomi Sells its Redmi Note Phones with a Flash Sale on Day 1 of Launch
Xiaomi revealed that will sell 50,000 units of its smartphones named Redmi Note through its online retail partner Flipkart on Tuesday. The Chinese smartphone maker also announced that will sell the first 50,000 phones to the buyers who have registered themselves on Flipkart for the sale. The phon
Published Date: December 02
Oil Below $65; OPEC Leaves it to the Market to Decide Future Oil Prices
Oil prices are bluntly falling on a global front and chances are high that they may fall further down. In a recent event, oil prices of West Texas intermediate reduced to less than $65 per oil barrel, the least since July 2009. Speculations are ripe that the prices would further drop before OPEC&rsq
Published Date: November 28
Connection Between Parents Level of Education and Childs Obesity: Study
Researchers have found that there is a apparent connection between a child’s weight at 11 years of age and his or her parent’s education. Studies show that compared to 15% of girls and boys whose parent or parents had an educational degree, 25% of children whose parents had little or no
Published Date: November 27
Indias Weapon Purchase from Israel Raises Questions
Questions hang heavy in the air about India relations with its traditional military suppliers such as Palestine, Russia, and US as the country inches closer to buy more and more military hardware from Israel. Countries such as Japan, UK, France, and Israel have been following India’s military
Published Date: November 27
Machinery Industry in China Goes Innovative and Environmental Friendly
China is at its best once again with its heavy machinery industry growing innovative and going green. China has been under pressure due to slower growth in the construction industry. However, several Chinese companies in the building and machinery industry are gradually trading up and demonstrating
Published Date: November 27
The Manufacturing Supply Chains to be Restructured by 3D Printing Technology
The trend of 3D printing has evolved within a very short period of time. Back in the 1980s when it was built by Charles Hull, it was used as a tool for creating basic polymer objects. However, today this technology is proving its worth in various manufacturing sectors right from developing complex a
Published Date: November 26
Banks Need Two Decades to Tackle ‘Toxic Culture’, says Cass Business School’s Report
“UK banks will be seen facing two decades to clear up the ‘toxic culture’ that was decades in making and has cost more than US$60 billion in compensation and fines”, Cass Business School and Think Tank New City Agenda concluded in a joint study report. According to the joi
Published Date: November 26
Dutch Biotech Prosena gets Milestone Payments; BioMarin acquires it for US$840 Million
BioMarin Pharmaceuticals Inc. has agreed to pay US$840 million, which includes milestone payments, in accordance to buy Prosena, a Dutch bio-pharmaceutical company. The share prices of Prosena holding NV (RNA) rose above the offer that is made by BioMarin, after the announcement of the deal. With
Published Date: November 25
2,500 Construction Workers to be Tested in UAE
A project initiative had recently been launched in the UAE that is designed to test the skills of almost 2,500 workers in the construction sector before they gain entry into the UAE, as announced by the UAE Ministry of Labor. The Minister of Labor, Saqr Ghobash, said the new project comes as an a
Published Date: November 24
U.S. auto regulator Orders Expansion of Takata Air Bags Recalls
U.S. auto safety regulators have ordered Japanese safety equipment manufacturer Takata Corp and five automakers to expand recalls of cars which had Takata airbags in them. The companies ordered to expand recalls include Honda, Chrysler, BMW, Mazda and Ford.  Already, nearly 16 million cars f
Published Date: November 20
Telecom Italia Expresses Interest in Buying Stake in Metroweb
Italian telecommunications company Telecom Italia has expressed its desire to buy a controlling stake in Metroweb – Italian fiber optic provider. Telecom Italia is looking to increase its investments in faster networks and is being met with stiff competition from rival Vodafone who is also rep
Published Date: November 20
Baker Hughes to be taken over by Halliburton
Baker Hughes, a rival company of Halliburton’s, providing oilfield services will soon be bought by the latter for a deal worth US$ 34.6 billion. Such a step denotes the immediate impact that falling prices have on the energy industry. Over the past five months, worldwide oil prices have declin
Published Date: November 19
Asia Follows China in Push for Clean Energy
The Chinese economy is beginning to cool, but its requirement for energy is still on the rise. So is its capacity to generate this extra energy from various sources, including wind, solar, hydroelectric, coal and nuclear. Other Asian countries are quickly following suit due to skyrocketing energy
Published Date: November 19
RF Executives Plan to Capture the Mobile Market Via Merger
The planned amalgamation between Oregon-based TriQuint Semiconductor Inc., and Greensboro-based RF Micro Devices Inc., will allow this merger to grow into several areas of the industry, including the mobile markets and defense, said both the companies’ executives on Tuesday.  Both the
Published Date: November 19
Mexican Supplier Cooperation for BMW, Mercedes
Daimler is currently working with its rival automaker BMW to create a supplier chain for new factories in Mexico. This was announced on Monday by Klaus Zehender, the divisional board member for supplier quality and procurement at Mercedes-Benz, Daimler. The effort comes as a part of a larger one
Published Date: November 18
Anti-Migraine Drugs Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
In the coming years, the market for anti-migraine drugs [ http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/207524 ] is anticipated to witness several launches of new generic migraine drugs that will steadily increase the drug-treatment levels and rate of diagnosis paving a sustainable path to an annual
Published Date: November 17
Cyber Security Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
In 2013, the cyber security market [ http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/207523 ] was the largest sector of the global homeland security market. With rising incidences for security products and solutions to counter cyber threats, the market accounted for 39.31% of the total shares and is f
Published Date: November 17
Decorative Paints and Coatings Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
The global decorative paints and coatings market [ http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/206931 ] contains a collection of key players that hold majority market shares along with multiple regional manufacturers that deal in decorative purpose paints. The top manufacturers offer a large range
Published Date: November 17
Mobile Device Security Bible: Research Report and Industry Analysis
The Mobile Device Security Bible [ http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/178952 ] offers insight into a market that is growing at an exponential rate. The mobile device security market generates about 50 Exabytes of yearly traffic. With such a huge surge in traffic and growing adoption of Op
Published Date: November 17
NFV, SDN & Wireless Network Infrastructure Market Research Report and Industry Analysis
The global NFV, SDN & wireless network infrastructure market [ http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/195793 ] is booming as the world is adopting newer technologies at a fast pace. This growth is attributable to high amount of capital expenditure (CapEx) on the deployment of deploy LTE a
Published Date: November 17
Family Business Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
A key source of creation of private wealth is family business. The world economy today is mainly driven by family businesses that play a pivotal role in wealth creation. The absence of sufficient official data makes this area of business in terms of wealth management rather under researched. In deve
Published Date: November 17
Hackers of Dark Hotel Aim for Business Executives
Criminals are utilizing hotel Wi-Fi networks to tweak devices of business executives and hack essential data of travelers with the wrong intentions of gaining access to company’s vital information.  According to a new report from Kaspersky Lab, business executives are warned about this
Published Date: November 13
Vodafone Reports Profits in the Latest Quarter; Other European Telecom Carriers Also Observe Good Business
Vodafone Group Plc has reported a good rise in its shares, the most in the past 14 months from its business in the European market, representing signs of recovery for the company. At the same time, the company has reported decline in its earnings from the service revenue segment quite smaller than w
Published Date: November 12
Portugal Telecom Purchase Bid by Angolan Presidents Daughter
The daughter of Angola’s president, Isabel dos Santos, recently made a US$1.5 billion bid for Portugal Telecom SGPS SA. The company currently owns a minority stake in the carrier that was made in a merger with Brazilian telecom company Oi SA. A commonly known investor, Dos Santos is offerin
Published Date: November 11
Amtek Auto Secures €235 Million Loan
A unit of Amtek Auto, Amtek Global Technologies, has recently attained a €235 million (US$291.58 million) in a secured long term loan. They acquired the loan from Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, a global investment firm. They took the loan to replace its existing short term loan. In the final agree
Published Date: November 11
Australia lagging behind in investments for renewable energy - report
A recent research report published by the Climate Council of Australia states that country’s investments in renewable energy projects have reduced nearly by 70% in the last year. Stating this, the report also says that Australia has stepped down from once being the leader in developing renewab
Published Date: November 11
Education Imperative to Sustainable Future: UNESCO Director-General
Education plays an invaluable role in readying the world’s youth population for a sustainable future, especially since the globe is staring at a rather challenging future on the economic, environmental, and social fronts. This fact was emphasized over and over again at the opening of a confere
Published Date: November 11
Sports Medicine Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
The sports medicine market [ http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/228394 ] has undergone a revolution with the introduction of modern and high-tech medical devices, products, and techniques. Market forecast suggests that the global sports medicine market will be worth over US$5 billion in a
Published Date: November 10
Dry Bulk Shipping Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
The dry bulk shipping market [ http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/228393 ] is a significant aspect of the overall shipping industry and has undergone several changes over the years. Dry bulk shipping refers to the unpackaged shipment of commodities in large amounts.  Divided into
Published Date: November 10
Country Wise High Net Worth Trends 2014
The global high net worth market is divided on the basis of countries to understand the impact of the affluent on the national economies and then on the global finance. A high net worth individual (HNWI) is primarily one with a net worth in excess of US$1 million. However, there are variations to th
Published Date: November 10
Country Wise Ultra HNWIs 2014 Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
The global rise in the number of ultra high net worth individuals has been witnessed in the past few years. An ultra net worth individual is one with a net worth of at least US$30 million or more. This stupendous amount of wealth can be inclusive of share holdings in public and private companies, in
Published Date: November 10
Vertellus Buys Pentagon Chemicals UK
Vertellus, the U.S.-based manufacturer of pyridine and pyridine derivative chemicals bought Pentagon Chemicals (Holdings) UK Ltd. Pentagon is a leading manufacturer of specialty and fine chemicals that are used in life sciences industry. With this acquisition Vertellus will be able to expand its man
Published Date: November 05
McKinsey and Eversights Partnership for Trade Promotions
Eversight announces a partnership with Promotion “Offer Innovation” to set consumer goods and retailer manufacturers in the United States and internationally as well.  Eversight is a cloud-based software provider that aims to promote effectiveness and trade promotion dollars, whi
Published Date: November 05
New Malware Detected for Apple Devices
A security company has issued a warning to all Apple users that a new type of malware has been detected. A California cyber security firm called Palo Alto Networks, stated the group of malware primarily affects the iOS as well as the OS X operating systems by Apple. It is therefore a threat to al
Published Date: November 05
Starbucks Mobile App Based Delivery System
The corporate tradition of the afternoon coffee run may soon come to an end due to a new policy being adopted by Starbucks. The largest coffee shop chain of the world Starbucks has expressed a certain change in it coffee delivery system. And this will finally be implemented in certain select markets
Published Date: November 03
ISM Mfg Index Rises in October
The United States manufacturers are reportedly showing an unexpected boost while foreign manufacturers are slowing down. On Monday, the Institute for Supply Management said that the main gauge of the U.S. factory sector escalated to a positive 59.0 in October from a previous 56.6 recorded in Sept
Published Date: November 03
Gentag, Welch Allyn Partner in Wireless Medical Device Deal
An agreement between Gentag, Inc. and Welch Allyn was announced on Tuesday that deals with a strategic plan to further the wireless medical devices sector. Gentag deals in wireless solutions for diagnostics, personal healthcare and machine-to-machine applications. Welch Allyn, on the other hand, is
Published Date: October 29
New Online Database Scores Your Grocery Rankings for Nutritional Value
A brand new online database named Food Scores is a proposed plan by the Environmental Working Group. This organization is intended to help consumers access sustainably produced food products locally available at stores, farms, farmers market, restaurants, and other CSA (community supported agricultu
Published Date: October 29
General Motors to Build More Parts of Chevrolet Volt in Michigan
General Motors Co. is planning to shift the production of its 2016 Chevrolet Volt project from Mexico to Michigan. An official announcement about the same is expected to be delivered by the GM’s Chief Executive Mary Barra at the Detroit Economic Club. GM’s redesigned, gasoline-electri
Published Date: October 29
Genetic Factors Play a Major Role in an Individuals Response to Statins
Clinical trials and analysis on almost 40000 individuals pertaining to statin treatment has led to the identification of two novel genetic variants which have an impact on the response of ‘bad’ cholesterol to statin therapy. Statins are mostly prescribed to those people who suffer from h
Published Date: October 29
BASF Increase tBA Plant Capacity by 60% in China
BASF has announced its plans to increase its production of tertiary Butylamine (tBA) by 60% at its facility in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, China. The 60% increase will mean its production will shoot up from 10,000 tons to 16,000 tons per year. According to Guido Voit, the Senior Vice-President t
Published Date: October 29
China to Import Sorghum from Argentina
According to latest reports, sometime soon this year, China will open its markets to sorghum from Argentina. This step will create competition for the US market which until now was a significant exporter of sorghum to China. The demand for sorghum from China is mainly driven by the market for distil
Published Date: October 28
Global Car Rental Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
The global car rental market [http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/220733] is composed of companies that offer an automobile on lease to consumers who may not own or have access to their own vehicles. Such companies rent out vehicles to customers for a stipulated duration, which could range
Published Date: October 28
Global and China FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) Industry Analysis and Market Research Reports
Flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB) [ http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/186083 ] are used in applications where rigid PCBs are not capable of being fitted. According to market research reports, the global FPCB market is projected to touch US$12.686 billion in 2015, charting a CAGR of
Published Date: October 28
Global Medical Publishing Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
The medical publishing industry [http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/182505] can be credited for bringing cutting-edge research and data to the fingertips of the scientific community. There are a number of medical publishing companies that specialize in peer reviews, medical journals, and
Published Date: October 28
Organic Personal Care Products Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
The market for organic personal care products [http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/170133] is on an upswing. This market is firmly on the growth track because consumers are increasingly concerned about the adverse effects of synthetic chemicals and other artificial ingredients in personal
Published Date: October 28
Animal Healthcare Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
The animal healthcare market [http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/188679] is primarily composed of three components: pharmaceuticals, feed additives, and vaccines. The feed additives market is one that will register the highest growth rate in the overall animal healthcare market over the c
Published Date: October 28
Protein Ingredient Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
The global protein ingredient market [http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/182512] is, to a great extent, fuelled by health-conscious consumers who want to cut down on their fat and carbohydrates intake, and increase their protein intake. Thus, the global protein ingredients market is slate
Published Date: October 28
US Airlines Show More Issues Regarding Ebola Travel Ban
U.S. airlines have already held private briefings with government officials regarding travel bans to West African countries. They have however said little in public about closing the country’s borders from the Ebola-stricken nations. Various U.S. lawmakers have requested to impose travel ba
Published Date: October 28
Telecom Italia Proposes 30 Months to Fintech for Argentina Deal
David Martinez, the Mexican financier of the Martinez’s Fintech Group is offered 30 months to complete the stake in the Telecom Argentina SA by the Telecom Italia SpA (TIT). Earlier, the stake had failed to win the overall regulatory approval in a year, until now.  Prior to acquiring 2
Published Date: October 27
Panasonic to Divest its TV Business in North America
Panasonic Corp., the Japanese consumer electronics giant has plans of selling its subsidiary Sanyo’s North American TV set business to Funai Electric. After having a detailed discussion on the business terms and conditions, Funai Electric and Panasonic will finally agree on the business deal b
Published Date: October 27
Alibaba to Rebrand its Travel Unit to Alitrip
Alibaba plans to rebrand its travel division, Taobao Travel to tap into the growing and booming online tourism segment in China. The unit will be rebranded as Alitrip. In a recent press meet, Alibaba stated that its new portal will have more than 10,000 merchants for airlines, which will include Cat
Published Date: October 27
Egypt Seeking Investments for Telecommunication Infrastructure
Looking to desperately recover from three years of political turmoil, Egypt is in search of investors to upgrade and revamp its telecommunications industry. Billions of dollars will go into the restoration and restructuring of telecom infrastructure. The present communications and information techno
Published Date: October 22
Samsung Hopes for Better Profits with Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Note 4 has hit the shelf at the right time as the company is desperate to recover from the decline in profits at a global level from its smartphones. The new model also comes with a big design change, as the phone maker switched from plastic phone frame to a metal one since it first started
Published Date: October 22
Clamor for Extra Staff Leads to Training in Construction Skills at Gloucestershire College
Clamors for demand by house-builders in order to secure skilled construction workers have led to a number of students signing up to study a program on construction skills at the Gloucestershire College.   As economic crash hits, the construction industry has been annihilated but the improvem
Published Date: October 22
Atlas Copco to Witness Demand Driven Growth
The world’s air compressors manufacturing giant, Atlas Copco AB has stated that due to rising demand from the manufacturing industry, the demand for air compressors will rise in the forthcoming months. From the industrial perspective, the situation looks quite positive and lucrative. 
Published Date: October 21
Travel Bans Over Ebola Will Worsen Situation: Experts
The U.S. health experts have warned that imposing travel bans over the areas affected by Ebola will only make things more problematic. The restrictions will not fully prevent the virus from entering the United States and will also create other complications. The U.S. government does possess option t
Published Date: October 21
Japan Overhauls its Energy Plans for the Future
The 2011 nuclear disaster at Japan’s Fukushima plant has made the general sentiment in the country wary of any energy movement. This has made the future of energy in Japan quite uncertain. The unsupportive sentiment has also stymied government’s efforts of restarting 48 nuclear reactors,
Published Date: October 21
Apples Large Screen iPhone 6 Plus Finally Launched in the Chinese Market
The large screen iPhone 6 Plus of Apple Inc. has finally been launched in the world’s largest market for smart phones. With this, the consumers in the Chinese market will not have to depend on smugglers. This product has recently been introduced in the Chinese market for sale. The starting pri
Published Date: October 20
Few Students Opt for Research Grants: OCSC Concedes
Although there is abundant support for the nation’s human resource development sector through scholarships; however, few people are still interested in taking up research grants and even fewer of them are actually qualified for these grants, revealed the Office of the Civil Service Commission
Published Date: October 20
Britains MoD Readies to Sell Repair and Maintenance Wing
Britain’s Ministry of Defense has decided to sell its equipment repair and maintenance division to a private company.  Looking to transfer funds to the private sector, the sale of the Defence Support Group (DSG) will take place next month.  The DSG will most likely be sold to Gene
Published Date: October 20
Bay Link Manufacturing to Reinvent Manufacturing Sector in Wisconsin
The Green Bay School plans to revolutionize the manufacturing sector through its collaborative, Bay Link Manufacturing. With this initiative, students at Green Bay Area School District will have chance to get a hands-on experience in manufacturing and business sectors. The Bay Link Manufacturing at
Published Date: October 16
Pepsico to Fund “Spoon” with USD 5 Million
In an initiative launched by Inter-American development Bank on Wednesday areas such as Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia will receive aid and assistance in reducing the risks of both, obesity and malnutrition for the children aged fewer than five. These areas are considered to be some of the di
Published Date: October 16
A New Nano Device for Blood Analysis
A new sensor has been developed by a team of researchers at the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada, Baja California (CICESE). This research has been conducted in the area of Nano-Optics. This sensor is based on the properties of light to carry out blood analysis thereby,
Published Date: October 16
Lenovo Plans New Mobile Phone Company in China
Smartphone and Personal Computer maker Lenovo Group Ltd. announced it would form a new Chinese company in the coming year. The new company would focus on selling mobile phones online. The new company is a part of Lenovo’s strategy to fight off the fierce competition offered by the Chinese X
Published Date: October 16
Roche Observes Sales Rise of New Drugs in Third Quarter
Roche Holding AG, the French drug manufacturer, observed a 1.8% rise in revenue in its third quarter due to high sales of its new cancer drugs Perjeta and Kadcyla. With this rise, company’s shares climbed to $12.5 billion (11.8 billion Swiss francs) from the 11.6 billion francs in the last
Published Date: October 16
How Effective is Learning Modern Foreign Languages in Primary School?
While may agree that introducing foreign languages in the school curriculum at the primary level is a good move towards language education, there are still a group of people who question how much will this decision affect the overall, long-term scenario.  A revised curriculum in England&rsqu
Published Date: October 15
Citigroup to Shun its Consumer Banking Business in 11 Countries
Citigroup Inc., the U.S. bank that earns most of its revenues from lending money in overseas markets, has announced that it is planning to exit the business of consumer banking from 11 markets. The decision is believed to be a part of company CFO Michel Corbat’s efforts in simplifying the firm
Published Date: October 15
Contractors Aware of Concrete Pump Shortage
The concrete industry was functioning well until the abrupt stop in Professional Concrete Pumping occurred yesterday. Due to the collapse of industry’s biggest player this week, construction contractors are expected to witness a major delay in their order for concrete pumps.  Camfaud &
Published Date: October 15
Schaffer’s Legislation Helps Glass Industry
R-Lancaster State Senator, Tim Schaffer has plans to benefit Anchor Hocking by introducing new legislation this week. His primary concern is with the glass industry. His resolution will support the U.S. Department of Commerce to look into matters related to clearing American consumer products that a
Published Date: October 14
China Witnessing Slowdown in Sale of Passenger Vehicles
Car sales in China witnessed a slump in the month of September, but the market share of China’s own car brands increased marginally. According to industry analysts, as compared to last year’s statistics currently the sale of passenger vehicles in market of the world’s largest auto
Published Date: October 14
Manufacturing Industry in Ohio to Grow Positively in the Next Decade
The automotive industry is picking up speed and is soon expected to change the face of manufacturing sector in the U.S. The other sectors positively impacting the U.S manufacturing industry is the food manufacturing. According to Team Neo, a non-profit economic development organization the second se
Published Date: October 14
US Drug Prices Pushed by Lower Competition, Gap in Supply-Demand
Industry officials have stated several factors that have led to the substantial rise in cost of medicine in the United States. The U.S. legislature has initiated a probe against many of the leading makers of generic drugs, which includes three Indian companies, to find out the extent and the reason
Published Date: October 13
Mark Cuban Takes a Strong Stand on Student Loans
Mark Cuban has made a strong statement about the increasing number of student loans. His statement clearly says, the student loans are exactly like the housing loan, and the bubble is no differentAccording to him, the student loan sharks are drowning not just the college students availing these loan
Published Date: October 13
A Pain Study Device Being Developed by Stanford Researcher
A new technique is being developed for deeper understanding of how pain gets transmitted in the human body. A team headed by an assistant professor at Stanford University is working towards creating a wireless device that makes use of optogenetics research to study pain. Ada Poon is the assistant pr
Published Date: October 09
Services Sector of China Observes Slight Downfall in September: HSBC PMI Survey
Services sector in China was again hit by a depression this September, a slight one this time, as a result of low market by new businesses, a private survey demonstrated on Wednesday. The news, though not significantly, reassures signs of slowdown in the world’s second largest economy and coul
Published Date: October 08
LGs Awaited Smartwatch To Go on Sale in Less than Two Weeks
LG’s most desirable G Watch R smartwatch is expected to hit markets in no more than two weeks from now, a report from the Korean tech-giant has revealed. LG had announced that the second Android based wearable device from its offering would be on sale very soon at the beginning of September.
Published Date: October 07
Nestle to Resort to Layoff Measure at the Solon Frozen Food Facility
Swiss multinational food and beverage giant, Nestle has declared its plan of laying off almost 100 workers at their frozen food facility located in Solon, OH. The frozen food unit at Solon that manufactures frozen food items under the brand names of Stouffer and Lean Cuisine has plans of adopting a
Published Date: October 07
Indians and Chinese Will Be Able to Travel to Ireland and UK on Single Visa
The Indian Home Secretary, Theresa May signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Republic of Ireland to build and strengthen the Common Travel Area. This denotes, by coming December Indians will be able travel to UK and Ireland with just one visa. This will help UK and Ireland to share details of
Published Date: October 06
Asian Stocks Suffer Downfall Amid Concerns of Increase of Borrowing Costs from Federal Reserves
Asian stocks observed a steep fall on the fourth consecutive day as consumer confidence in the U.S. seems to have declined unexpectedly and Hong Kong seems to be on the verge of bigger protests.  MSCI’s Index of Asia and Pacific declined by 0.1% to 140.29 at 9:02 a.m. in Japan yesterda
Published Date: October 01
Nova Chemicals Corp. Official Shipper for UTOPIA Project
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners recently announced the receiving of its transportation agreement with Nova Chemicals Corp. Nova Chemicals Corp. is headquartered in Alberta, Canada; however holds its operations in Moon Township. The company will receive ethane-propane and ethane mixtures from end to en
Published Date: September 30
Innovation Center Established by PepsiCo in Dubai
The world’s food and beverage giant, PepsiCo has recently declared its plan of establishing an innovation center in the life sciences cluster DuBioTech situated in Dubai. This will be PepsiCo’s very first facility in this region. According to PepsiCo, the main rationale of this innovatio
Published Date: September 30
PATA and Russian Federation Sign MoU
Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and Russian Federation signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to encourage travel and tourism for a sustainable flow of tourists. The MoU signed with the Travel Association of Russian Federation is called, “World Without Borders”. The move comes
Published Date: September 29
Bendgate: iPhone 6 Plus Video May Have Been Fake
The YouTube video showing how the new iPhone 6 Plus could be bent out of shape may possibly be a fake. The claim about a ‘bendy’ iPhone 6 Plus went viral across the Internet, earning the name ‘Bendgate’. The video apparently spread panic among Apple users and customers, wi
Published Date: September 29
Europeans Accept Chinese Electronics
A research conducted by the consultancy GfK revealed that European markets have grown to be more accepting of Chinese electronics and home appliance brands. The Chinese names have been expanding into European markets recently. The report states the overseas presence of Chinese home appliances and
Published Date: September 25
Brent Crude Oil Prices Rise Above $97 after China: reports PMI
Brent crude experienced a rise of $97 per barrel on Tuesday. This was after a factory in China unexpectedly soared in terms of demand outlook in the global market in September.  The expectations proposed by the analysts for a reading of 50 about Brunt crude oil were beat from 50.2 in August
Published Date: September 25
News of Hyundai Motor’s Land Bid Sparks Strikes, Makes Wage Talks Complicated
General Motors Co. has announced its plans about opening headquarters of its Cadillac brand in New York next year, as a part of its strategy to expanding the brand’s appeal and remaking its image outside North America. Cadillac’s spokesman David Caldwell stated that the brand’s
Published Date: September 24