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Adoption of IoT Solutions Aimed at Improving Farm Yield to Boost Deployment of Smart Agriculture Devices
Adoption of the IoT solutions, targeting to improve agricultural yield is at the core of the smart agriculture technology. These solutions are specially designed to mitigate the inherent and interlinked challenges concerning food security and erratic nature of climate. Despite being criticized for b
Published Date: September 22
Development of “Green Elevators” Opens Up New Opportunities for Global Elevator Market
Elevators have become an indispensable part of all types of construction. They are also being installed in restoration of old buildings to make the living spaces convenient. The rise of construction and building industry has augmented the demand for elevators in the past few years. Today, elevators
Published Date: September 21
Increasing Awareness about Oral Healthcare Driving Dental Bone Graft Substitutes and Other Biomaterials Market
The expanding reimbursement options is driving the global dental bone graft substitutes and other biomaterials market. Key dental surgeons maintain that around one in every four dental implant procedures involves dental bone grafting. Hence, rise in the number of dental implants due to increased awa
Published Date: September 16
Favorable Government Strategies and Rising Funding to Support Growth of Global 3D Printing in Medical Applications Market
In the last couple of years the use of 3D printing in medical applications has significantly increased. Several factors have aided the rising use of the technology in medical application, the demand for cost-effective customization of prosthetic implants being the primary one. Besides this, accelera
Published Date: September 15
Spending on Mobile TV Continues to Increase: Mobile TV Trending in Global Technology and Media Market
The global mobile TV market is one of the significantly growing markets in the global technology and media industry. This is because of the rising advancements in the smart phones and smart devices. The advent of technology led to many options in smartphones. Operating systems such as Android and Wi
Published Date: September 14
Demand for Agribots Slated to Pick Up as Farmers Look for Better Cultivation Methods
The field of robotics has witnessed a radical development over the past few decades. Today, they are an integral part of automation, making tasks simpler and efficient. The adoption in agriculture has led to a drastic change in yield. Known as “agribots”, these robots are being used by farmers t
Published Date: September 14
Rising Awareness Regarding Advantages of OLED Technology to Boost Demand for OLED Displays
Although the performance of the global market for OLED display was unstable historically, it has managed to register a healthy rise in the recent times. Thanks to the growing awareness pertaining to the advantages OLED technology offers, the popularity of OLED displays has surged significantly, lead
Published Date: September 12
Flexibility and Cost-effectiveness Offered by DRaaS to Increase its Deployment across Industries
As per Transparency Market Research, the global disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) market is poised to surge at an exponential pace of 36% CAGR between 2014 and 2022.  The market stood at US$621.3 mn in 2013 and is expected to reach US$10.52 bn by the end of 2022. Regionally, North America is e
Published Date: September 09
Rising Trend to Eat Outside Food and Increasing Popularity to Augment Growth of Global Pasta Market
Pasta is one of the favorite cuisines across the globe and has been in high demand in the last few years. Due to the growing popularity, pasta is almost available around the world in different shapes and sizes and is enjoyed by every age group. The easy preparation, versatility, and a long shelf lif
Published Date: September 08
Bio-absorbable Coronary Stents to Become Popular
The global coronary stents market has witnessed its own share of highs and lows. The development of second generation drug eluting stents (DES) improved the safety and efficacy of these stents over their first generation counterparts. This led to a high market penetration rate of drug eluting stents
Published Date: September 08
Increasing Preference for Recyclable and Leak-proof Packaging to Bolster Growth of Global Market for Plastic Packaging Equipment
Plastic packaging has been gaining immense popularity in the last few years and is used in diverse sectors. As a result, the plastic packaging equipment market is witnessing substantial growth. Plastic packaging is used widely from consumer goods to food products, pharmaceuticals, household goods, a
Published Date: September 07
Advancements in Farming Practices to Create Growth Opportunities for Global Crop Protection Chemicals Market
The global market for crop protection chemicals has witnessed a significant rise in its valuation over the recent past. The rapid changes in the farming practices, together with the heightened utilization of technology in agriculture, have boosted the demand for crop protection chemicals across the
Published Date: September 07
Increasing Substitution of Petroleum by Ethanol to Fuel Global Corn Starch Market
The global market for corn starch is predicted to experience exponential development in the coming years owing to the rising utilization in detergent, paper and board, processed food, and food and beverage industries. It is also advantageous for human beings in the treatment of glycogen storage dise
Published Date: September 06
Natural Alternative Sweeteners – The next Big Thing in the Food and Beverages Industry
Sweeteners, popular substitutes to sugar are in demand in the global market among the diabetic and among those who are dieting. Alternative sweeteners find application in candy and confections, diet drinks, dairy products, sweets, and fruit jams and fruit crush. Alternative sweeteners, today, are al
Published Date: September 06
People in Developed Regions are More Willing to Spend on Novel Lung Cancer Therapeutics
The increasing incidence of lung cancer has been creating demand for novel therapeutics and treatment modalities. This is likely to aid the expansion of the global lung cancer therapeutics market. The market is also expected to gain impetus from the rising adoption of personalized medicines. In cont
Published Date: September 02
Increase in Drilling Activities to Create High Demand for Packers
Packers are highly in demand from the emerging economies of Brazil, China, and India, thus driving the market. Both national and private companies in these countries are exploring new oil and gas reserves, which is driving the demand for packers. While permanent packers can only be removed from a we
Published Date: September 01
Stringent Regulations Monitoring Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing to Boost Demand for Process Analytical Technologies
Globally stringent regulations are in place to monitor pharmaceutical product manufacturing, since these products directly relate to life and health of an individual. This factor has considerably escalated the importance for process analytical technologies for pharmaceuticals. In the forthcoming yea
Published Date: September 01
Improved Internet Data Services and Rising Smartphone Users to Propel Demand for Mobile TV
Mobile TV is the most recent advancements in the global television market. The rising use of tablets and smartphones has led to the growth of mobile TV. At present, the global mobile TV market is one of the fastest growing market in the global technology and media market.  High Speed Data Services
Published Date: August 31
Rising Awareness Regarding Fitness Encourages Shift towards Gluten-free Food
Thanks to the increasing awareness pertaining to health and fitness among consumers, the demand for gluten-free food is witnessing a significant rise across the world. Gluten-free bakery products, baby food, pasta, and various kinds of ready-meals are gaining notable popularity in the global arena.
Published Date: August 30
Rising Security Concerns among Civilians to Drive Demand for Armored Vehicles
With the rise in defense investments by emerging nations, there has been a significant surge in the demand for various types of armored vehicles over the past few years. The assimilation of lightweight technology, compact and advanced photonic and advanced components for enhancing operational effici
Published Date: August 29
Burgeoning Use of Tablets and Smartphones to Drive Demand for Mobile Television
Owing to the exponential growth in the smartphone and tablet industry, the demand for mobile television has also increased. The rising penetration of smartphones among consumers has increased the demand for better services. Furthermore, the use of internet has mounted to 3.4 billion in 2016. The dis
Published Date: August 26
Remarkable Rise in Intermodal Transportations Creates Growth Opportunity for Transportation Management Systems
The recent growth in the intermodal transportations has been driving the demand for transportation management systems significantly since the last few years. The increased popularity of SaaS-based transportation management systems is also influencing the market for transportation management systems
Published Date: August 26
Accelerating Research Aimed at Effective Dental Pain Management to Boost Global Dental Pain Market
The rising prevalence of dental pain and disorder among rising population globally, has been fuelling demand for effective dental management treatments and therapeutics. According to the World Health Organization, almost 100% of adults around the world have dental cavities. It also found that severe
Published Date: August 25
Internet of Things Aims to Contribute Towards Building Smart Cities, Healthcare Industry to Benefit the Most
The Internet of Things (IoT) has been the most talked about technologies across the world. IoT has helped in building a smart city in many ways by benefiting many industries. IoT has made the world more quantifiable and measurable as organizations are able to take better decisions at the right time.
Published Date: August 25
High Prevalence of Malaria, Dengue, and Cancer Boosts Immunoprotein Diagnostic Testing Market
The demand for immunoprotein diagnostic testing is continuously increasing with advancements in technology and development of innovative products, expanding the scope of market. Innovations and new developments have resulted in the widening of the application areas of immunoprotein diagnostic testin
Published Date: August 24
Growing Industrialization to Open Growth Avenues for Flame-Resistant Fabric Manufacturers
Thanks to the immense industrialization, the demand for flame-resistant fabrics has witnessed a significant rise across the world in the recent times. These fabrics are mostly utilized in curtains, uniforms, coverings for furniture, and various other products, which are used in industry settings, tr
Published Date: August 24
Growing Demand for Healthy Diet in Developed Nations to Propel Demand for Nutraceuticals
As consumers struggle to keep pace with the hectic lifestyles, the need for a healthy diet increases due to lack of time to invest on rigorous exercise activities.  Consumers are shifting their focus towards quick and healthy food habits. Rise in consumption of beverages and functional food has pre
Published Date: August 23
Growth in Retail Industry Boosts Demand for Ceramic Packing
The global ceramic packing market has been exhibiting remarkable augmentation in its valuation since the last few years, thanks to the tremendous progression in the retail industry, globally. The presence of a healthy import/export scenario in emerging economies has influenced this market significan
Published Date: August 23
Increasing Use of Mobile Money to Promote the Growth of Bank Accounts, Here’s How
The growth of the use of mobile money services has enabled millions of patrons to perform routine banking and financial transactions, relatively securely, cheaply, and more importantly, efficiently. Companies offering mobile money services are taking efforts to improve their services, rather offer c
Published Date: August 22
Passive Optical LAN (POL) Vendors to Capitalize on Growing Need for Higher Bandwidth
The global passive optical LAN (POL) market is estimated to expand at a tremendous growth rate owing to its large scale applications in various end-user industries. The escalating requirements for higher bandwidth are primarily driving the global POL market. With the ever-growing number of data-dens
Published Date: August 22
Rising Inclination towards Organic Products to Encourage Growth of Global Organic Personal Care Products Market
Organic personal care products are high in demand and are gaining popularity across the globe. The growing awareness regarding a healthy lifestyle is one of the key factors estimated to fuel the growth of the global market in the coming few years. In addition, the expansion of product portfolio and
Published Date: August 19
Enforcement of Worker Safety Mandates Bolsters Demand for Industrial Gloves
The increasing demand for industrial gloves across several end-users is leading to double-digit growth of the global glove market. The increased number of manpower, particularly in the thriving chemicals, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals industries is bolstering the demand for industrial glov
Published Date: August 19
Flexible Physical Characteristics of Organic Solar Cell to Boost their Demand
Technological advancements in solar cell technologies have led to the introduction of a new class of solar cells, called organic solar cells. These cells make use of organic electronics to convert solar energy into electrical energy. The concept of organic solar cells have gained acceptance, despite
Published Date: August 19
Efforts to Improve Livestock Quality Gives Impetus to Veterinary Antiseptics Market
The recent development of multi-resistant bacteria has necessitated the utilization of alternative therapeutic techniques in veterinary medicine. This is because these bacterial strains are nearly resistant to all oral antibiotics. To address this, the use of antimicrobial products that can be used
Published Date: August 18
Depleting Production of Shallow Water Fields Boosts Subsea Manifolds Market
Offshore projects are highly capital intensive and thus, players in offshore market are constantly striving for ways to optimize their production levels, but at economical rates. Subsea manifolds as such are being used by offshore exploration and production companies to boost oil production in oil f
Published Date: August 18
Augmented Organ and Blood Donations to Bode Well for Growth of Global Biomedical Refrigerators and Freezers Market
The biomedical refrigerators and freezers are useful in maintaining a constant temperature of samples stored. A vast rise in the number of organ donation and blood transfusion activities taking place worldwide have surged the demand for biomedical refrigerators and freezers. The rising demand for bi
Published Date: August 17
Rising Implementation of Biometric Sensors in Smartphones make Global Market Promising
The manufacturers of biometric sensors are going one step ahead to add extra features in the products apart from them being primarily used as devices to manage secure access.  For instance, recently GE was in the news as it announced its developments in wearable medical devices such as medical sen
Published Date: August 17
External Funding for Life Science Domains to Augur Well for Demand for Sample Preparation
Surging analytical and research activities have augmented the demand for samples. Sample preparation is a critical task as the effectiveness of analysis is largely dependent on the precision of the sample prepared. As a result, products that use advanced technology to deliver highly accurate samples
Published Date: August 16
Need to Curb Imitation Drug packaging Issues Boosts Growth of Packaging and Labeling Services Market for Healthcare
Healthcare packaging is challenging and can be manufactured economically if only holistic solutions are used. This requires medical devices and their packaging to be developed hand-in-hand for the optimal use of guidance package that is provided by regulatory authorities for the quality control of m
Published Date: August 16
Mounting Demand for Sterilization in Medical Drugs and Devices to Drive Demand for Sterile Medical Packaging
The sterile medical packaging market has witnessed significant growth in the recent times owing to its anti-contaminant properties and high performance. The sterile packaging finds extensive applications in medical equipment including pharmaceutical and biologics, therapeutic, and diagnostic and med
Published Date: August 13
Rising Marketing and Advertising Activities to Encourage Growth of Global Car Air Fresheners Market
Air fresheners are being used substantially across the globe at several places to get rid of the foul smell or odor. Air fresheners have been gaining popularity in recent years, owing to the particular fragrance it offers. The improving lifestyles of the population in developing countries and growin
Published Date: August 12
Anti-aging and Multi-utility Products to Augment Scope of Skin Care Products Market
The demand for cosmetic skin care products is largely influenced by the geographies. For instance, the consumers in Asia Pacific have a greater inclination towards skin lightening and brightening products, anti-aging creams have greater demand in North America and Europe. Higher demand for sun prote
Published Date: August 12
Technological Advancements to Play Pivotal Role in Making Global Personal Mobility Devices Market Conducive
During the recent times, there has been an alarming rise in the number of patients with temporary and permanent mobility loss. In addition, there is rising geriatric population, which is more susceptible to mobility disabilities due to old age conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis
Published Date: August 11
Rising Awareness about Consumption of Nutritional Food Speeds up Growth of Chilled and Deli Foods Industry
The consumption of chilled and deli foods has been on the rise over the past couple of years. Chilled and deli foods include a range of prepackaged foods such as salads, sandwiches, and various meat products. The convenience of pre-packaged food not only appeals the young who are in transition mode
Published Date: August 11
Globally Warming to Encourage Spread of Lethal Bacteria in Oceans Globally
It has already become evident that the increasing ocean temperatures have been making individuals sick and this is only becoming worse now. The bacteria that loves warmth is now growing in large numbers and is posing disastrous impacts on the human health, as per a study published recently. The bact
Published Date: August 10
Impressive Growth of Retail Sector Indicative of New Opportunities for Companies in Plastic Bags and Sacks Market
The growth of the global plastic bags and sacks market can be attributed to the impressive growth of the retail sector. The rising number of modern retail outlets such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, and convenience stores worldwide have bolstered the demand for plastic bags and sacks. Macroeconomic
Published Date: August 10
Technology Boosts Growth of Hospitality Industry, Luxury Hotels to Dominate Global Hotels Market
Technology is advancing every year and is helping change the expectations of the customers from across the globe. Technology has assisted the global hotels market in many ways. Advancements in the technology have helped hotels modify their services, interiors, amenities, and add extra services. Than
Published Date: August 10
Rising Construction Activities Worldwide to Shape Growth of the Global Mattress Market
Changing lifestyles have transformed various optional commodities into necessities. One such thing is a mattress. Mattress come in a wide range of product varieties based on styles, sizes, and a range of firmness. Post-recession economic stability across developed countries and rising disposable inc
Published Date: August 09
Sales of Flavored and Functional Water to Reach Record High, Here’s How
In the global market for food and beverages, the global flavored and functional water market is growing at a rapid pace. Considering the many benefits of flavored and functional water, the sales are consistently increasing across the globe. Especially for the athletes and fitness-crazy people, funct
Published Date: August 09
Increasing Marketing Activities to Encourage Growth of Global Soap Noodles Market
The rising participation of small as well as big companies has contributed significantly towards the development of the soap market across the globe in the last few years. The key players in this market have been spending a huge amount on advertising and marketing strategies in order to boost their
Published Date: August 09
Micro-segmentation to Benefit Cloud-based Systems, to Benefit Cloud Security Market
Cloud data services have simplified the lives of many businesses, organizations, and individuals. Unfortunately, with an increasing use of cloud data services, there has been a rise in cloud data frauds as well. However, the advent of cloud security service providers has kept cybercriminals away fro
Published Date: August 08
Conducive Properties of Superhydrophobic Coatings to Drive Innovation for Advanced Applications
The global superhydrophobic coatings market is characterized by high capital investment and immense competition amongst the players constituting the market. These factors limit the scope of new companies entering the market. However, varied product solutions and technologies make the global superhyd
Published Date: August 08
Global Low-calorie Food Market to Grow Rapidly owing to Growing Obese Population Worldwide
Obesity is considered as one of the most challenging concerns that is being faced by a large number of population across the globe. As per the research conducted by WHO, in 2010, the number of children under the age of five who are overweight was about 42 mn across the globe. These figures are expec
Published Date: August 05
Authentication Solutions and Biometrics to Offer Enhanced Home Security Solutions, Here’s How
The global home security systems market is primarily dominated by the introduction of new security products. Smart home security products are currently in the trend in the global market. Long gone are the days when the home security systems market offered limited products for the home owners. Today,
Published Date: August 05
Increasing Number of Distribution Channels and Networks to Drive Sales of Facial Care Products in Asia Pacific
The increasing demand for skin care products in Asia Pacific can be directly attributed to the growing concern over skin fairness and to retain a youthful presence. Due to varied interests of consumers, companies operating in the Asia Pacific facial care market are introducing varied products such a
Published Date: August 04
Global Aqua Feed Market to Grow Rapidly as Human Consumption of Fish Rises
Aqua feed is the food that is given to fishes and is commercially manufactured making use of several industrial procedures. Aqua feed is available as pellets that contain several vital ingredients that are essential for fish and are administered externally. The aqua feed pellets are available in dif
Published Date: August 04
Rising Canned Preserved Food Options Continue to Attract Health Conscious People
Hectic lifestyle has made canned preserved food more popular across the globe. With many new options coming up, people can expect to fulfill their changing tastes. Rising health concerns and the rising awareness of eating healthy food are two of the factors expected to propel the global canned prese
Published Date: August 04
Rising Geriatric Population will be a Pivotal Trend for Growth of Pain Management Therapeutics Market
The rising incidence of chronic diseases can be attributed to aging population, increased population undergoing surgeries, changing lifestyles, and gradually changing environmental conditions. Researchers report that presently about 20% of the world’s population suffers from chronic pain. This acc
Published Date: August 03
Disposable Contact Lenses Gains More Demand than Reusable Lenses - Global Eyewear Market to Benefit
Disposable’ is the new trend in contact lenses and have gained more popularity than the reusable contact lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses gained acceptance since they were first introduced in the market in 1990. Currently, the demand for soft contact lenses, especially the daily disposable
Published Date: August 03
Demand for Green Tea and Black Tea Continues to Increase - Driving Factor for Global Tea Market
The emergence of green tea, lemon tea, ginger tea, and other options has boosted the growth of the global tea market. Globally, the consumption of tea is increasing rapidly due to the growing awareness of the many benefits offered by the drink. Antioxidants present in tea helps treat cancer, prevent
Published Date: August 02
Rising Demand for Premium Confectioneries Spurs the Growth of Sugar Confectionery Market
Sugar confectioneries are consumed by most income groups in Asia Pacific and Latin America and their market is expanding owing to the growing demand for sweet snacks and confectionery foods. A surge in the demand for toffees, boiled sweets, fondant, premium chocolates, and marshmallows is driving th
Published Date: August 02
Increasing Demand from Food and Beverages Industry to Drive Global Corn Starch Market
Corn starch or commonly known by as cornflour is a starch that is derived from maize grain (corn). Corn starch is one of the most popular food items that is used in the kitchens across the globe. It is mostly used for making corn syrup or thickening soups and sauces. Thus, the global market for corn
Published Date: August 01
Growing Residential and Commercial Constructions to Propel Demand for Ventilation Fans
Since the past decade, there have been many construction projects launched, both residential and commercial. The availability of genuine quality construction materials and the advancements in the construction tools, machinery, and equipment have helped contractors in building new-era buildings with
Published Date: August 01
Breast Milk Linked to Better Development of Brain and Higher IQs
As per a new study, which studied 180 pre-terms infants till seven years of age starting from their birth, concluded that infants who were given more breast milk in the 1st twenty eight days of their birth had bigger volumes in particular areas of their brain. These infants also have better IQs, wor
Published Date: August 01
Increasing Geriatric Population Worldwide Stimulates Demand for Hearing Aids
Early detection of hearing loss and its timely treatment can alleviate the severity of deafness for individuals suffering from the condition. The use of hearing aids lies in providing hearing assistance to partially deaf people by magnifying the sound signals. The market for hearing aids is expected
Published Date: July 29
Sophisticated Surgical Equipment to Simplify Operations, to Benefit Global Operating Room Equipment Market
The operating room equipment market is one of the fastest growing markets in the global medical devices industry. The operating room equipment market has been undergoing many developments and changes owing to the adoption of technological changes. Authorities of the operating rooms are able to house
Published Date: July 29
Is Prisma a Teaser for the Advent of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps?
Prisma, the photo-editing app, developed by a small product development team at PRISMA Labs in Moscow, Russia, have taken the world by storm. It has also emerged as key factor in bringing back life to the already vanishing photo-editing software industry. This application has become quite famous and
Published Date: July 28
Rising Production of Energy-efficient Tires to Benefit Global Automotive Tire Market, Here’s How
The automotive industry is linked to numerous sub-segments such as tires, metals, and plastics. In the global consumer goods market, currently, the automotive tire market is one of the most lucrative markets. Rising sales of automobiles have led to the growth of the global automotive tire market. Ma
Published Date: July 28
Environment Sustainability, Government Support to Expand Utilization of Liquefied Natural Gas
At present, the demand for liquefied natural gas is on the rise due to environmental benefits and ease of handling. Natural gas causes half the amount of pollution than that caused by coal in power generation, thus making it an increasingly popular energy source. The ease of storage and transportati
Published Date: July 27
Rising Demand for Electronic Gadgets to Encourage Growth of Global Tantalum Market
Tantalum is known as a transition metal that is hard, bluish gray in appearance and is considered as a rare earth metal. Tantalum metal is characterized by its exceptionally high melting point that can be enhanced only by rhenium, tungsten, carbon, and osmium. Tantalum is mostly obtained from hard r
Published Date: July 27
Sales of Organic Pet Food to Increase - A Turning Point for Global Pet Food Market
Nestle and the owner of Bob Martin were in the news recently as Nestlé’s pet food department agreed to merge with the later that makes food for the dogs. The merger agreement is likely to raise the competition level for other players in the global pet food market. Leading pet food manufacturers w
Published Date: July 26
Measures to Control Sulfur Emissions Due to Environmental Reasons Lead to Deployment of Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems
Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide are air pollutants, among which sulfur dioxide is the key pollutant that is emitted along with flue gas exhaust of fossil fuel operated power plants. The emission of sulfur dioxide has health and environmental implications, because of which flue ga
Published Date: July 26
Brain Stimulating People-Oriented Jobs may Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
As per studies conducted by the researchers in the University of Wisconsin's Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, brain challenging jobs, particularly the ones that are targeted on individuals may help protect an individual’s mind from the age-related dementia. To elaborate, the individual
Published Date: July 25
High Occurrence of Unintended Pregnancy Drives the Demand for Oral Contraceptives Globally
The global oral contraceptive market has gained much prominence over years owing to a high incidence of unwanted pregnancies and various awareness programs run by governments and NGOs. Contraceptive pills, also known as birth control pills, are used in changing the hormonal cycles and preventing pre
Published Date: July 25
HD Set-top Boxes to Beat Cable TVs in terms of Demand– A Milestone for Global Set-top Boxes Market
Set-top boxes are now not tied to specific households as technology is fast spreading to every corner of the world. After dish TVs, set-top boxes are being increasingly adopted by the house owners. Set-top boxes have changed the TV buying trend entirely. The availability of set-top boxes has increas
Published Date: July 25
Increasing Demand from Packaging and Food Industries to Bolster Growth of Global Aluminum Foil Market
Aluminum foil is a misnomer tin foil and is prepared using aluminum in very thin metal leaves. An aluminum foil bears a thickness around 0.2 mm and is widely used across the globe. Aluminum foil offers several advantages, owing to which the global market for aluminum foil is projected to witness rem
Published Date: July 22
Demand for Bio-based Packaging to Grow from Pharmaceutical Companies - Driving Packaging and Labelling Services Market
Since it was first introduced, bio-based packaging has been improving the shelf life of many drugs. Bio-based packaging is now taking over the most traditional packaging material that is plastic. For pharmaceutical companies, it can be a task to select the right kind of packaging material for their
Published Date: July 22
Sales of Organic Personal Care Products to Increase owing to Increasing Customers
The global organic personal care products market is currently driven by the changing trends and the introduction of new products by the leading players operating in the market. From oral care, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, to lipsticks, every personal care product has become organic. The rising a
Published Date: July 21
Government Support on Expansive Installation of Solar Panels Escalates the Growth of Silicon Metal Market
A growth in the demand of power generation using solar panels owing to the environment-conservation is expected to spur the demand for silicon metal globally. Silicon is an element used in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices. The element is available in abundance, however, the high production
Published Date: July 21
Need to Automate Industrial Systems Propel demand for Photoelectric Sensors
In many industries, the use of technology in some form becomes imperative to detect the presence or absence of an object. The use of photoelectric sensors is common in various industries to detect barcode levels on mount and sense bottles without a label. These sensors are also used in multi-level p
Published Date: July 20
Rising Smartphone and Mobile Data Usage Boosts Adoption of Mobile Wallet
The extensive use of smartphones has led to the adoption of alternative modes of payment. A rise in the use of mobile data usage is also boosting the adoption of mobile wallet. Mobile wallet services are increasingly becoming popular among people due to the convenience they offer. It allows for paym
Published Date: July 20
Need to Curb Electricity Wastage Drives Smart Meters Market
The installation of smart meters is the common first step employed by several utilities in the bid to develop smart grid solutions. The deployment of smart meters is valuable across the entire value chain. Nevertheless, utilities are focused on obtaining different advantages from the deployment of s
Published Date: July 19
Night Vision Surveillance Cameras getting Smarter and Digital – Demand to Grow from Military and Defense
Cameras with night vision are the latest trend in the global technology and media market. In today’s digital era, the new night vision surveillance cameras have already impressed many users from the retail industry, residential areas, business organizations, defense, military, and the public secto
Published Date: July 18
Smart Devices to Provide Growth Opportunities for Gesture Identification Technologies
The user-friendliness, the human-machine interaction and security promised by the gesture recognition technology are helping it in registering a robust growth. This has led to costumer preference for gesture enabled electronics, including tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. The increasing applicati
Published Date: July 18
Developing Countries to Provide Opportunities for Growth of Frozen Processed Food
The need for products which have health benefits and are also easy to access s increasing due to the busy schedule of people in urban regions. Frozen processed food is one such product whose market is expected to grow between 2015 and 2021, as they are easy to preserve till their consumption and hav
Published Date: July 15
Trafficking Concerns and Urban Warfare to Propel Growth of Small Arms and Light Weapons Market
As rate of criminal activities all over the world is increasing rapidly, several countries are gearing up on the process of modernizing their homeland security and military teams with technologically advanced arms.   Activities such as drug trafficking, illegal mining and deforestation will also p
Published Date: July 15
Driven by Changing Lifestyles, Global Chilled and Deli Food Market to Report Robust Growth
The chilled and deli food business, which has been flourishing in Europe since long, is still at its nascent stage in the developing countries. But, with a change in lifestyles, it is only expected to grow in the developing countries, especially, those in Asia Pacific. Meats, prepared salads, pies a
Published Date: July 15
High Demand for Meat Boosts Forage Feed Market
Forage feed is the stem and leaves of a plant. Grass is also a category of forage. Grazing animals feed on these parts of a plant and obtain their nutrients. Besides feeding animals such as cattle and goats, these are also used to prevent soil erosion and conserve land. Thus, the global forage feed
Published Date: July 14
Medical Wearable Devices to Register Record Sales – To Drive Wearable Medical Devices Market
The advent of medical wearable devices has propelled the growth of the global medical devices market. Leading players in the global medical devices market are engaged in manufacturing advanced yet affordable wearable devices. Technology has helped leading players to introduce innovations in the medi
Published Date: July 13
Sierra Inc. Partners with PATEO to Penetrate Chinese Market
China is a difficult market for a majority of the international firms across various sectors. For the automobiles manufacturers, the presence of stringent government norms, coupled with intense competition from the domestic players who impersonate the original models of cars, it has been a struggle
Published Date: July 13
Kayser Automotive Sells Off Nissan Brand
The international automotive landscape has witnessed a sea change in the past couple of years. The development of connected cars and autonomous cars has led to the entry of technology giants in the automotive sector, thereby intensifying the competition. To keep up their share amid this competition,
Published Date: July 13
Three Major Factors Impacting Development of Global Microscopy Devices Market
Microscopes have been into existence for a long time and have evolved as well as diversified for a number of purposes owing to growing exploratory and general academic research. New interests in a number of areas such as that of atomic scale semiconductor arrangement and nanotechnology have brought
Published Date: July 12
New-age Beauty and Makeup Products Available at Affordable Rates – To Drive Global Market
The increasing range of makeup products has kept people on the edge of their seats. Today, the makeup market is not just about the availability of stylish lipsticks, lip balms, or eyebrow color codes, but it is also about the availability of products that suit different skins. The makeup products th
Published Date: July 12
High Demand for Nanoclay-Reinforced Polymers Predicted by Packaging and Automotive Industries
Nanoclays are layered mineral silicates and are used for the reinforcement of polymer films, liquid silicone rubbers, hybrid phenolic friction composites, fibers, and non-woven materials. The rising demand for reinforced polymers in the automotive, coatings, and pharmaceuticals industries is increas
Published Date: July 11
Demand for Eco-friendly Packaging Materials to Boost Global Personal Care Packaging Market
Over the past few years, the personal care products market has been growing at a rapid pace. Even though the makeup segment has picked up speed, other segments such as cosmetics and skincare products, oils and toiletries are also growing steadily. The growth in the demand for consumer goods directly
Published Date: July 08
Pinterest Focuses on Camera-Search Technology
Taking help of mobile photography, Pinterest is developing an image-discovery app that would help users to buy what they see around them with links to retail sites. A user can point the smartphone camera at an item and the app will search a similar match of the item through its online showroom consi
Published Date: July 08
Samsung Registers Higher Operating Profit in Q2
Samsung Technology has announced that with the introduction of new phones and new technology, the company has registered an increase in its operating profit in the quarter ending in June. The South Korea-based technology firm has witnessed a rise in its operating profit by 17% compared to the same p
Published Date: July 08
Skincare Devices remain Leading Segment in Global Beauty Products Industry – Here’s How
In the global beauty products industry, the skin care devices segment remains the major driver. Beyond India, China, and Indonesia, the U.S. will also be a rapidly growing market in the next five years. Rising innovation and the increasing demand for new skincare devices will boost the global market
Published Date: July 07
Major Trends Impacting Global Prefilled Syringes Market, Increasing Use of Sophisticated Manufacturing Materials a Key Driver
Within the injectable drug delivery devices, the segment of prefilled syringes is amongst the most swiftly developing segment owing to the a number of advantages linked with the utilization of prefilled syringes including low cross contamination risk, easy administration, ease of handling, and reduc
Published Date: July 06
Personalized Services to Upsurge Demand for Luxury Hotels, to Drive Global Hotels Market
Ranging from luxury hotels, semi-luxury hotels, budget hotels to 5-star hotels, the global hotels market offers many options for the travelers. The hotels market is the backbone of the tourism industry and is directly affected by consumer spending capacity and their choices of stay. Changing lifesty
Published Date: July 05