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Weak Quarter for Samsung Invites Competition from Apple
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is now one step closer to losing its lead in the global smartphone market after it showed a disappointing drop in the quarterly earnings in the mobile sector on Thursday. Their news comes exactly one day after Apple Inc., Samsung’s biggest rival, revealed that they
Published Date: January 29
Oxo-Biodegradable Creates Scaremongering
From the governments proposed 5pence per bag levy in England should be exempted for a single use plastic carrier bags that are eco-friendly and made up of biodegradable material, said the supporters of biodegradable plastic today. Around 1,000 members have claimed for energy-friendly companies, w
Published Date: January 28
Carlsberg Introduces World’s First Biodegradable Beer Bottle
Beer enthusiasts have something to cheer on one day soon. With the introduction of world’s first biodegradable beer bottle, the enthusiasts could be singing and finding a better way to drink beer every day.  The beer makers - Carlsberg announced their new plans on Tuesday to build a bi
Published Date: January 28
Consumer Goods Technology Reader’s Choice Award Goes to Market6
One of the leading providers of high end web based application for retail collaboration, Market6 Inc., was announced the recipient of the Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) Reader’s Choice Award for the second consecutive year. The readers of CGT magazine recognized Market6 as the best performer
Published Date: January 28
India Continues its Run as a Market Leader in Consumer Confidence Index
According to an online survey conducted by market researcher Nielsen, India continued its run as a leader in the global Consumer Confidence Index in the last quarter of 2014. It was closely followed by Indonesia and Philippines. Prevailing consumer confidence across India reached 129 in December 201
Published Date: January 28
3.3% Increase in Profits Registered by Chinese Industrial Business in the Last Quarter of 2014
Chinese industrial businesses registered a 3.3% increase in its profits. According to reports, the profits of Chinese industrial business reached 6.47 trillion yuan or $1.05 trillion in 2014. In spite of registering an increase in profit, the rate of overall growth of industry was 8.9% lower than wh
Published Date: January 28
Myth Buster Cracked Mystery of Eggs Used in McDonald’s
An egg is an egg in reality or it just look like one? To solve this mystery for consumers, McDonald's appointed former Myth Busters star Mr. Grant Imahara to provide some information on its egg production procedure as the part of the fast food. The latest video of Mr. Grant Imahara is created
Published Date: January 28
Germany Decides Not to Rely on Google to Test Autonomous Cars
The government in Germany has expressed its desire to convert a portion of the A9 Autobahn in Bavaria into what could be a testing field for advanced and innovative car technologies. According to the transport minister of Germany, this project will ensure that the country maintains its ‘digita
Published Date: January 27
Auto Industry Boosts Profit for Texas Instruments
The last quarter of 2014 went exceptionally well for Texas Instruments Inc. The company closed with high revenue figures in the fourth quarter of 2014 on Monday and is expecting similar returns for the ongoing quarter as well. This steady increase in its revenue generation can be attributed to the g
Published Date: January 27
Apple Joins Hand with Distribution Giant Brightstar to Boost Sales in India
The maker of iPad and iPhones, Apple, has decided to collaborate with global retail giant Brightstar to boost sales for its devices in India. Apple has set an ambitious target for itself to capitalize on market opportunities in India. The electronic major is looking forward to increase sales from 1
Published Date: January 27
Brazil’s Oi to Pocket $6.7 billion Gain from PT Portugal Sale
Oi SA, the leading telecommunications company in Brazil is eyeing to book a net profit of $6.7 billion from the sale of its operating unit PT Portugal to Altice SA. According to sources, the proceeds from the sale will be used by the company to clear off its existing debts. Oi is looking forward to
Published Date: January 27
Utah Placed Second in Toxic Chemical Releases: EPA
Utah has one of the biggest open-pit copper mines in the world. It deals with a particularly large volume of lead compounds. A recent annual record by the EPA states that Utah ranks at second place out of fifty six states and territories across the country for total toxic releases every square mi
Published Date: January 27
US and Brazil to drive growth of bio-based materials market
Driven by growth in Brazil and the U.S., the capacity to manufacture bio-based chemicals and materials from advancing technologies, worldwide, will rise to around 7.4 million metric tons in 2018, which is more than three times from 2008 levels, as stated by Lux Research.   According to Mr. An
Published Date: January 27
Online Car Purchase Portal to be Started by AutoNation
According to Mike Jackson, the CEO of AutoNation Inc., the company will soon be applying its AutoNation Express principle to online car purchasing to Florida during the next quarter. This business expansion has taken place after the launch of AutoNation Express in December the year earlier in South
Published Date: January 23
Ford Establishes a Research and Innovation Unit in Palo Alto
The Ford Motor Company will soon be establishing an expanded Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto. The company has plans of employing 125 people in the new building and its focus will essentially be on future technology in the areas of human-machine interface, autonomous driving, big data, ca
Published Date: January 23
Shareholders at Portugal Telecom Holders Approve Deal with Altice
Shareholders at Portugal Telecom SGPS SA sanctioned sale of Luxembourg-based Altice SA at a price of US$8.6 billion. This finally spells a definition for the deal that was in process for a long time. The acquisition will make Altice an important competitor in Portugal, to stand next in line with NOS
Published Date: January 23
Vodafone India’s Managing Director Marten Pieters to Retire in April 2015
Vodafone Managing Director, India, Pieters will be retiring from his position on April 1, 2015. During his reign he took the government at every turn right from regulatory issues, tax, or auction of spectrum. He has been the longest running managing director in the history of Indian telecom industry
Published Date: January 23
Telecom Giants to Compete in the Next Spectrum Auction
As the auction for mobile licenses starts on February 25, 2015 it will put some of the key telecom service providers in India at war against one another. At the same time this is expected to increase their risk of debts. The auction is expected to raise INR96,000 crore which includes funds from some
Published Date: January 23
Home Construction Activity in U.S. Up by 4.4% in December 2013
The construction activity in the new homes segment bounced up a little in the month of December 2013 taking the construction industry in U.S. to all time high in the nine years. The Commerce Department stated, in December 2014, builders began constructing at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1
Published Date: January 22
Parker Ranch to Partner with NextEra Energy Resources
Parker Ranch recently announced that Parker Ranch Foundation Trust (PRFT) has collaborated with LLC, an associate of NextEra Energy Resources in a partnership agreement. As per the agreement, NextEra Energy Resources will enjoy access rights for a long term to the lands of PRFT and derive renewable
Published Date: January 22
Slump in China’s Economic Stocks hits Energy Sector Hard
Dip in the oil market prices on Tuesday following the below expectation economic growth of China has hit the energy sector hard. This slump in growth rate of Chinese economy in 2014 amplified the worries of already suffering energy markets due to the decreasing demand and oversupply.  The Na
Published Date: January 22
Strengthening Clean Energy Economy in Minnesota to Drive Billions of Dollars in New Private Capital Investment
According to a new study conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), strengthening renewable energy standards (RES) in Minnesota is all set to create more diverse, clearer and self-reliant system of electricity in the state driving millions of dollars in new private capital investment. The
Published Date: January 22
MD and CEO of Vodafone India Steps Down
Vodafone chief executive officer and managing director Marten Pieters wi; reportedly be stepping down from his position on the April 1, 2015. This post will be taken over by Sunil Sood who is the present chief operating officer at the telecom giant. Marten Pieters will, however, continue to stay a p
Published Date: January 22
Telecom Dept in India Roots for Cyber Security as part of EU Discussion
The department of telecommunications in India has expressed its desire to include telecom security network as part of a discussion that will be conducted in the coming round of consultations. The discussions are a part of the Europian-India joint working group on cyber security that will be held in
Published Date: January 22
Google Inc. all set to Launch Wireless Carrier
Google Inc. has decided to start a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) business which plans to work on either Sprint or T-Mobile US (TMUS)’s network. According unnamed sources, the project is apparently codenamed Nova and will be led by Nick Fox, Google’s executive. The report also sa
Published Date: January 22
Oi (OIBR) Stock Jumps 11.11% Amid Speculations of Company Retaining $460 Million of Portugal Telecom Debt
Shares of Brazilian Telecom Company Oi increased by 11.11% today due to heavy trading after it was reported that the company was to retain US$460 million worth debt issued by its Portuguese partner Portugal Telecom SGPS in a projected sale of assets to telecom operator Altice.  Portugal Tele
Published Date: January 21
Technocrats Ditch Phones For Combating Addiction to the Digital World
It seems that the world has realized the problem associated with too much involvement in digital media - that it can be addictive. Leading technocrats from a number of global companies have already started taking measures to stay away from any such addiction. Insiders say that strategist at Twitter
Published Date: January 21
UK Stocks to Capitalize on China’s Growth
Buoyed by stocks in mining, top share index in Britain enjoyed a steady rise for fourth session in a row on Tuesday. The FTSE 100 index was up by 0.4% at 6,607.13 at 1548 GMT, registering rise for the fourth straight session. The development followed after the Chinese data beat expectations of inves
Published Date: January 21
Profits up by 5% for Consumer Goods Giant, Unilever
The New Year for the makers of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is ushered with a reason to celebrate. The consumer goods giant Unilever, registered a 5% growth in profit in 2014 reaching 5.5 billion Euros. Despite volatile market conditions, the company was able to fetch expected profit for the y
Published Date: January 21
Electrolux Announces a Brand New Visual Image for the Company
In a move to encourage company’s branding efforts, Electrolux introduced a new visual identity for its brand. The design showcased refreshing and distinctive standards of colors and imagery. The logo has been designed to ascertain exclusivity to the brand Electrolux that would stand out in cro
Published Date: January 21
Hyundai Rides on Global Patent Fillings: Report
Posting the highest gains in number of patent filings over the last five years, Hyundai Motor Co. has lessened the gap with automotive industry leader Toyota, stated Thomson Reuters IP & Science on Monday. The survey, analyzing global patent applications, revealed that technological advances in
Published Date: January 20
India Government to Release Details of Automotive Mission Plan in September
The Indian government has said that it will announce the details of its second Automotive Mission Plan (AMP) in September this year. The plan includes details such as employment and investment targets to achieve by the year 2026.  Ambuj Sharma, additional secretary of the ministry of heavy i
Published Date: January 20
14th Symposium on International Automotive Technology to be Held in India
The 14th Symposium on International Automotive Technology will be held in the Indian city of Pune from the 21st to the 24th of January this year. The symposium has been organized by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), together with the National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrast
Published Date: January 20
Orange Business Services Will Present e-Healthcare Solutions at Arab Health 2015
Orange Business Services will represent the company’s ICT solutions for enhanced healthcare expertise at the Arab Health 2015.  Orange Business Services is participating in partnership with a French Agency in the French Pavillion (for international business development). This is to be
Published Date: January 20
IBM and China Telecom to Cater to China’s Cloud-Computing Market
According to today’s announcement regarding a recent merger between IBM and China Telecom Corporation Limited, both the companies have come to common terms to aid to different sizes of businesses. This agreement will facilitate China Telecom SMB customers to implement SAP applications in the m
Published Date: January 20
UN Deplores Boko Haram Violent Attacks
The UN Security Council demanded that the Islamist extremist group immediately stop all hostilities in the light of the recent increase in Boko Haram, reported the media on Tuesday.   Since 2009, the council condemned all the human rights, violations, and abuses of international humanitarian
Published Date: January 20
Duluth, Minnesota Heralds Construction Boom
2014 was a largely positive year to be a part of the construction sector in Duluth. The bolstered economy has had a great impact on residential construction here. At the same time, non-residential construction has escalated to level unknown since 2010 and 2011. That was a period when the public s
Published Date: January 19
Full Service by Monday from Eurostar after Fire Damage Recoveries
Eurostar International Ltd. has revealed their aim to schedule a fully ready train timetable from Monday after completing recoveries from Channel Tunnel rail link fire. The tunnel was closed for most of Saturday with more cancellations on Sunday. The passenger express trains from Eurostar are lik
Published Date: January 19
U.S. Production Weakens as Global Markets Cool
December factory productions cooled while vehicle assemblies and capital spending declined. The fall pointed to the fact that U.S. manufacturers were trying to adjust to the overseas markets that were weakening. The increase in output by 0.3 per cent followed a November rise of 1.3 per cent, whic
Published Date: January 19
Cognitive Cars? Just Wait 10 More Years!
A study by consulting and technology giant IBM indicates that cognitive cars may become as common as fuel injection and sunroofs in just another decade. Sadly, driverless cars may not be as close as previously imagined. IBM estimates that the increasing importance of customer satisfaction will eleva
Published Date: January 19
Vitamin D can Protect People with Colorectal Cancer: Study
According to a new study by Dana-Farber institute vitamin D has the potential to protect people with collateral cancer by triggering the vigilance of their immune system against cancerous or tumor cells. The research for the first time demonstrated a link between immune response to cancer and vitami
Published Date: January 19
Samsung Simband to Help Companies Build Better Health Wearables
Since the last couple of years Samsung is slowly penetrating into the digital health market with its host of offerings like TV monitors of medical grades, ultrasonic devices and most recently a line of trendy health gears called Gears and Gear Fit trackers. At a conference, Health 2.0 WinterTech org
Published Date: January 19
HeartWare’s Less-Invasive Surgical Technique
HeartWare recently declared the very first implant of its HeartWare Ventricular Assist System and also the HVAD pump which basically uses the procedure of less-invasive thoracotomy in patients in the HVAD lateral clinical trial of the last stage of heart failure patients who are in line for a heart
Published Date: January 15
Lesser Food Wastage Due to Shelf-life Extension Processes
Several food industry experts have expressed that increasing the shelf life of food will ensure unnecessary wastage of food in people’s homes, as well as in supermarkets. Newer techniques and processes are being developed these days to enable manufacturers to extent the shelf life of the produ
Published Date: January 14
A New Range of Site Dumpers to be Launched by JCB
JCB will soon be launching a set of site dumpers with Terex under an OEM supply agreement. The site dumper line-up of JCB will essentially be based around four main highly selling weight classes between the weights of a ton and almost ten tons. The machines have been manufactured by Terex in Coventr
Published Date: January 14
One in Five Primary Schools in England Overflowing with Pupils
A study by a Labor party has shown that nearly one in five primary schools in England is filled over capacity. The study has been conducted at a time when parents are all set to finalize which primary school to put their child in.  Local authorities had requested for freedom of information (
Published Date: January 13
Authors Miffed with Revised Oxford Junior Dictionary
“A” for attachment, “B” for blog, and “C” for chatroom - states the revised Oxford Junior Dictionary, sparking an outcry from a group of authors who believe that the dictionary should have used “A” for acorn, “B” for buttercup, and “C
Published Date: January 13
The Afghan Super Tucano Training Started by the U.S. Air Force
The US Air Force has started training the Afghan maintainers and pilots on the Embraer A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircraft in Georgia at the Moody Air Force base. In the month of September 2014, the Sierra Nevada Corporation had delivered about twenty Embraer A-29 aircrafts to the US Air Force.&
Published Date: January 13
UK Luxury Footwear to Enter Indian Markets
Church’s, the U.K.’s luxury brand of footwear, will now be available to customers in India after a one-of-a-kind distribution tie-up with Heel & Buckle, a multi-brand retailer. The footwear from Church’s will be available at a price that ranges up to INR 72,000.  Heel &
Published Date: January 12
Nanotechnology Clothing to Render More Heat to Wearers
The cold spell in the U.S. has only reminded people that clothing is meant to keep wearers warm. A team of scientist from Stanford University has taken this function of clothing to a whole new level, so much so that their invention could possibly make a significant dent in the consumption of global
Published Date: January 12
U.S. Manufacturing Sector Employment Gain Caps Best Since 1999
December’s employment boosts and the slowly but surely declining rate of unemployment have put the year 2014 for the U.S. the best year for employment since 1999. The ratings have strengthened the country’s leading role in the global economy’s performance. A 353,000 increase in
Published Date: January 12
Rolls-Royces Shift to Smaller Cars Result in Increased Sales
Luxury car maker Rolls-Royce’s decision to enter the market of small cars has paid-off well for the company. The company has said that the section gained good demand from younger customers and helped the company revive finances in 2014 and allowed the company in achieving a 13 percent growth i
Published Date: January 08
Factory Orders in Germany Decline Amid Economic Uncertainties
Germany, Europe’s largest economy, is showing slow recovery of confidence. Orders for German factories saw a decline for the first time in three months in last year’s November. Orders for German factories saw a reduction by 2.4 percent after increasing by 2.9 percent in October. Economis
Published Date: January 08
David Doolittle Named Communications & Community Relations Vice President at Cox Automotive
Cox Automotive has announced David Doolittle as vice president of the newly created division – Communications & Community Relations. The company is looking to improve its industry visibility and market reach and it has only recently developed a new portfolio of over 20 prominent brands. Th
Published Date: January 08
Iran Plans to Wreak Nuclear Missile Attack on Israel
Iranians desire to acquire nuclear weapons to annihilate the entire state of Israel. The scenarios involve political and military problems that have driven Supreme Leader Khamenei to surround Israel from all corners. He said even without nuclear weapons, he intends to capture the state from the east
Published Date: January 07
Development of a New Port in Corozal Receives Approval
The construction of a new port in Corozal has received approval from the directors of the Panama Canal. The port is expected to have a capacity for handling twenty-foot equivalent unit of almost five million within an area of 120 hectares situated at that point of the canal which opens out to the Pa
Published Date: January 07
North Korea Owns 6,000 Member Cyber Army; Long-Range Missiles: South Korea
From a dramatic rise of an estimate of 3,000, South Korea (AP) announced on Tuesday that its rival North Korea lays down a 6,000 member cyber army that is totally devoted to disrupting the South’s military and government. Seoul Defense Ministry said North Korea is improving and expanding in
Published Date: January 07
The British Economy Witnesses Defense Budget Cuts
It is expected that in the forthcoming general elections, the defense issues may not be winning very many votes and David Cameron’s admission on the Andrew Marr program explained that the defense budget of Britain could go below 2% of the gross domestic product of this economy if the Tories ge
Published Date: January 06
Electronics Biz Rakes in US$1 Trillion in 2014
Maybe it’s just the inflation, but the electronics industry has scaled new heights in the bygone year. Having exceeded the trillion-dollar mark in 2013 for the first time ever, the electronics industry carried on breaking the records, not just reaching the coveted mark but posting sales figure
Published Date: January 06
3 Biggest Losers in the 2014 Smartphone Market
2014 saw the release of a few bumper sellers. Xiaomi announced itself as a brand to be seriously reckoned with, Samsung finally announced a change in their much-detested plastic styling, and the electronics industry posted annual sales figures of more than a trillion dollars. But things weren’
Published Date: January 06
Sony’s New Lifestyle Brand Creating Waves
In collaboration with ROXY - a leading women’s sports fashion clothing brand - Sony Mobile launches the new SmartBand. ROXY has till date represented adventure-driven, purposeful, and limited edition fashion. Creative product design director at Sony Mobile Communications Jeanne Kimbre state
Published Date: January 05
Tobacco Price Controls Abolished: China Government
The China government has abolished tobacco leaf price controls, making it the last agricultural product to have pricing limits. China’s leading economic planner stated that the move on the part of the authorities was to lend the domestic market a much larger economic role.  However, th
Published Date: January 05
Social Media Negatively Affecting Academics: Report
A latest report published out of the Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine indicates that the large amounts of time that kids spend on social media websites negatively impacts the academic performance of the child.  College-going students in recent times have
Published Date: January 02
Eastern Indian State Gets First Women’s Varsity
Odisha - the eastern state of the Indian subcontinent - gets its first women’s university. The Rashtriya Uchhatar Sikha Abhiyan (RUSA), which falls under India’s Union HRD ministry, accepted the Odisha government’s proposal to confer Rama Devi Autonomous Women’s College in Bh
Published Date: January 02
Xiaomi, Other Smartphone Makers Come out Clean in Taiwan Data Breach and Security Probe
After data security concerns on a national level were questioned and a probe was launched in September against some smartphone brands in Taiwan, the issue is now solved with no detentions. Xiaomi Inc. and some other smartphone brands in Taiwan have been cleared of the charges of having breached loca
Published Date: December 31
Hyundai to Build two New Production Plants in China
Hyundai Motors Co. has said that it will build two new factories in China, its first new manufacturing infrastructure since 2012, as the South Korean auto company hopes for growth in the world’s biggest automobile market even as the economy of the country is slowing. Hyundai has said that t
Published Date: December 31
The U.S. to Lead the World Economy in 2015
The U.S. economy is all set to witness robust growth in 2015. After its great struggle during the Great Recession, one of the biggest economies of the world today, the U.S. is on the verge of a brilliant economic recovery and eventually a boom. However, the forthcoming does not look quite promising
Published Date: December 31
Sea Wall Collapses Due to Blackpool Storms
Due to stormy weather, part of a new sea wall that was being constructed by Balfour Beatty in Blackpool collapsed. A concrete base and stone foundations which was a part of the 22 million pounds program at Anchorsholme have crumbled and fallen apart into the sea. The sea wall which is situated in th
Published Date: December 31
Optimism and Profitability Increases says, SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard®
According to the SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard December 2014, all the small time business owners with nearly 1-10 employees are extremely optimistic about the economic conditions faced in the past two years, says the survey. As compared to a year before this, the rate has increased from 70 pe
Published Date: December 30
Toyota Might Miss 2014 Sales Goals
Experts have said that Toyota Motor is running a high change of falling short of its own sales goals in China for 2014. They have cited China’s receding economy and the highly competitive pricings by German car companies. IHS Automotive, a market research firm, stated that Toyota’s 20
Published Date: December 30
The Toxic Side of the Holiday Season
Michigan-based nonprofit environmental organization The Ecology Center recently revealed the data of their study of 69 holiday products. The study shows that more than 60% of the 69 products contained at least one hazardous chemical linked with serious health problems. The study included products fr
Published Date: December 24
Chinese Government Wants Qualcomm to Lower Down its Licensing Fees For Domestic Smartphone Makers
The Chinese market wants Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) to make do with lower payments for technology used by Chinese smartphone manufacturers, sources close to the matter stated. If imbibed upon seriously, the decision could hurt the chief source of profits of the chipmaker. An agreement will end Chinese
Published Date: December 24
Kraft Foods Price Target Raised by Bank of America
According to a latest news report on Wednesday, the price targets have been raised on Kraft Foods Group Inc (KRFT 0%) by Bank of America.  Kraft shares were expected to do better than its peers over the next six months, said a group of analysts led by Bryan S. Spillane. Strongly driven by im
Published Date: December 23
New Innovations in Optics LED
New innovations in the field of lasers and optics have introduced high density white LED light engines for OEM fiber optic illumination. White light LEDs are rapidly becoming the most preferred source for light guide illumination in several technical applications which were once ruled by HID lamps a
Published Date: December 18
‘Fluctuations in Air Freight Impacts Pharma Supply Chains’
Air freight has been considered to be imperative to the pharmaceutical industry more so as supply chains take on a more complex shape. The Life Science and Pharmaceutical conference held in London on Tuesday stressed upon this very fact. Emerging trends such as healthcare at home, increasing clin
Published Date: December 17
Two AC/DC Drivers Launched by ON
On Semiconductor has recently expanded their product line for NCL3008x by launching two new series of offline AC-DC drivers with Power Factor Correction. Their new line of semiconductors includes the new NCL30085/86/88/30. The NCL30030 widens the existing solutions which support higher power topolog
Published Date: December 17
Different Prospects of New Nuclear Power
Nuclear energy was once promised as the world’s leading source to provide cheap and safe electrical power. However, The United States has led the way in nuclear research due to government finance and support. Some analysts also claimed that electricity would go meterless in the future.  
Published Date: December 17
Drop in Oil Prices sets off Alarm Bells in Producers and Shareholders
The well-publicized drop in oil prices this week has been celebrated by the masses all over the world as an answer to years of demands. However, the picture is far from rosy on the other side, as oil exporters and shareholders reacquaint themselves with a sub-$60 per-barrel pricing after a considera
Published Date: December 16
Chinese Construction Shares Rise on Stimulus Bets
For the second consecutive day, China’s stocks have risen, led by railway and construction companies. Their growth has been based on the speculation that the government will take improved steps to support economic growth. China Railway Group Ltd. and China State Construction Engineering Cor
Published Date: December 15
Citigroup Charges Investors with US$2.7 Billion for Legal Expenses
Citigroup gave its investors a surprise with its 4th quarter results on Tuesday, with an expected US$2.7 billion legal charge associated with multiple investigations. Citigroup has been discussing for settlement with banking regulators and federal prosecutors over a series of investigations conne
Published Date: December 10
After Louisiana-Pacific’s Downgrade - What’s next in the Building and Construction Products Industry?
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation was downgraded by the DA Davidson research firm last Friday from a status of “Buy” to a “Neutral” rating, i.e. LPX 0%. RBC Capital had struck a similar rating a few days earlier. It changed its rating from ‘Sector Perform’ to ‘U
Published Date: December 09
Southern Company Got Warning from State Monitor on Ga. Nuclear Plant Costs
State monitors has warned Southern Co. that building a multi-billion dollar nuclear plant in Georgia without having a comprehensive construction schedule could cause financial penalties. A report was filed by an analyst and an engineer working for state regulators. They supervise the elevation of
Published Date: December 08
India to Export Carabeef to Russia
According to some recent talks between India’s (APEDA) and phyto-sanitary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor, Russia has permitted the imports of buffalo meat (carabeef) from India.  This act falls under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India. The move is placed a few days ahead of the
Published Date: December 08
Activist Investor Barington Urges Omnova Solutions to Break Up
Activist investor Barington Capital Group LP has sent a letter to the Ohio based Chemicals Company Omnova Solutions Inc. urging it to break up. Barington believes that Omnova has not performed well and can do better if it focuses on its biggest operations, as stated in the letter. The investor ho
Published Date: December 04
Morgan Advanced Materials Rebuts Vesuvius’s Merger Proposal Rejection
After a rejection by the company’s board, an engineering group named Vesuvius deserted the approach for its merger with its rival Morgan Advanced Materials.   Vesuvius had offered an all-share merger between the two companies and this would have created a deal of almost £2bn &nda
Published Date: December 02
Over £5 Million Granted to Ineligible Overseas Students in Education Loans in UK
A recent investigation has revealed that over 5 million pounds have been given to overseas students in loans - students who were ineligible to receive them.  The National Audit Office, the U.K. government’s spending watchdog, conducted an inquiry that reveals that 992 foreign students
Published Date: December 02
Xiaomi Sells its Redmi Note Phones with a Flash Sale on Day 1 of Launch
Xiaomi revealed that will sell 50,000 units of its smartphones named Redmi Note through its online retail partner Flipkart on Tuesday. The Chinese smartphone maker also announced that will sell the first 50,000 phones to the buyers who have registered themselves on Flipkart for the sale. The phon
Published Date: December 02
Oil Below $65; OPEC Leaves it to the Market to Decide Future Oil Prices
Oil prices are bluntly falling on a global front and chances are high that they may fall further down. In a recent event, oil prices of West Texas intermediate reduced to less than $65 per oil barrel, the least since July 2009. Speculations are ripe that the prices would further drop before OPEC&rsq
Published Date: November 28
Connection Between Parents Level of Education and Childs Obesity: Study
Researchers have found that there is a apparent connection between a child’s weight at 11 years of age and his or her parent’s education. Studies show that compared to 15% of girls and boys whose parent or parents had an educational degree, 25% of children whose parents had little or no
Published Date: November 27
Indias Weapon Purchase from Israel Raises Questions
Questions hang heavy in the air about India relations with its traditional military suppliers such as Palestine, Russia, and US as the country inches closer to buy more and more military hardware from Israel. Countries such as Japan, UK, France, and Israel have been following India’s military
Published Date: November 27
Machinery Industry in China Goes Innovative and Environmental Friendly
China is at its best once again with its heavy machinery industry growing innovative and going green. China has been under pressure due to slower growth in the construction industry. However, several Chinese companies in the building and machinery industry are gradually trading up and demonstrating
Published Date: November 27
The Manufacturing Supply Chains to be Restructured by 3D Printing Technology
The trend of 3D printing has evolved within a very short period of time. Back in the 1980s when it was built by Charles Hull, it was used as a tool for creating basic polymer objects. However, today this technology is proving its worth in various manufacturing sectors right from developing complex a
Published Date: November 26
Banks Need Two Decades to Tackle ‘Toxic Culture’, says Cass Business School’s Report
“UK banks will be seen facing two decades to clear up the ‘toxic culture’ that was decades in making and has cost more than US$60 billion in compensation and fines”, Cass Business School and Think Tank New City Agenda concluded in a joint study report. According to the joi
Published Date: November 26
Dutch Biotech Prosena gets Milestone Payments; BioMarin acquires it for US$840 Million
BioMarin Pharmaceuticals Inc. has agreed to pay US$840 million, which includes milestone payments, in accordance to buy Prosena, a Dutch bio-pharmaceutical company. The share prices of Prosena holding NV (RNA) rose above the offer that is made by BioMarin, after the announcement of the deal. With
Published Date: November 25
2,500 Construction Workers to be Tested in UAE
A project initiative had recently been launched in the UAE that is designed to test the skills of almost 2,500 workers in the construction sector before they gain entry into the UAE, as announced by the UAE Ministry of Labor. The Minister of Labor, Saqr Ghobash, said the new project comes as an a
Published Date: November 24
U.S. auto regulator Orders Expansion of Takata Air Bags Recalls
U.S. auto safety regulators have ordered Japanese safety equipment manufacturer Takata Corp and five automakers to expand recalls of cars which had Takata airbags in them. The companies ordered to expand recalls include Honda, Chrysler, BMW, Mazda and Ford.  Already, nearly 16 million cars f
Published Date: November 20
Telecom Italia Expresses Interest in Buying Stake in Metroweb
Italian telecommunications company Telecom Italia has expressed its desire to buy a controlling stake in Metroweb – Italian fiber optic provider. Telecom Italia is looking to increase its investments in faster networks and is being met with stiff competition from rival Vodafone who is also rep
Published Date: November 20
Baker Hughes to be taken over by Halliburton
Baker Hughes, a rival company of Halliburton’s, providing oilfield services will soon be bought by the latter for a deal worth US$ 34.6 billion. Such a step denotes the immediate impact that falling prices have on the energy industry. Over the past five months, worldwide oil prices have declin
Published Date: November 19
Asia Follows China in Push for Clean Energy
The Chinese economy is beginning to cool, but its requirement for energy is still on the rise. So is its capacity to generate this extra energy from various sources, including wind, solar, hydroelectric, coal and nuclear. Other Asian countries are quickly following suit due to skyrocketing energy
Published Date: November 19
RF Executives Plan to Capture the Mobile Market Via Merger
The planned amalgamation between Oregon-based TriQuint Semiconductor Inc., and Greensboro-based RF Micro Devices Inc., will allow this merger to grow into several areas of the industry, including the mobile markets and defense, said both the companies’ executives on Tuesday.  Both the
Published Date: November 19