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Brent Crude Oil Prices Rise Above $97 after China: reports PMI
Brent crude experienced a rise of $97 per barrel on Tuesday. This was after a factory in China unexpectedly soared in terms of demand outlook in the global market in September.  The expectations proposed by the analysts for a reading of 50 about Brunt crude oil were beat from 50.2 in August
Published Date: September 25
Apples Large Screen iPhone 6 Plus Finally Launched in the Chinese Market
The large screen iPhone 6 Plus of Apple Inc. has finally been launched in the world’s largest market for smart phones. With this, the consumers in the Chinese market will not have to depend on smugglers. This product has recently been introduced in the Chinese market for sale. The starting pri
Published Date: October 20
Bay Link Manufacturing to Reinvent Manufacturing Sector in Wisconsin
The Green Bay School plans to revolutionize the manufacturing sector through its collaborative, Bay Link Manufacturing. With this initiative, students at Green Bay Area School District will have chance to get a hands-on experience in manufacturing and business sectors. The Bay Link Manufacturing at
Published Date: October 16
Pepsico to Fund “Spoon” with USD 5 Million
In an initiative launched by Inter-American development Bank on Wednesday areas such as Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia will receive aid and assistance in reducing the risks of both, obesity and malnutrition for the children aged fewer than five. These areas are considered to be some of the di
Published Date: October 16
A New Nano Device for Blood Analysis
A new sensor has been developed by a team of researchers at the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada, Baja California (CICESE). This research has been conducted in the area of Nano-Optics. This sensor is based on the properties of light to carry out blood analysis thereby,
Published Date: October 16
Lenovo Plans New Mobile Phone Company in China
Smartphone and Personal Computer maker Lenovo Group Ltd. announced it would form a new Chinese company in the coming year. The new company would focus on selling mobile phones online. The new company is a part of Lenovo’s strategy to fight off the fierce competition offered by the Chinese X
Published Date: October 16
Roche Observes Sales Rise of New Drugs in Third Quarter
Roche Holding AG, the French drug manufacturer, observed a 1.8% rise in revenue in its third quarter due to high sales of its new cancer drugs Perjeta and Kadcyla. With this rise, company’s shares climbed to $12.5 billion (11.8 billion Swiss francs) from the 11.6 billion francs in the last
Published Date: October 16
How Effective is Learning Modern Foreign Languages in Primary School?
While may agree that introducing foreign languages in the school curriculum at the primary level is a good move towards language education, there are still a group of people who question how much will this decision affect the overall, long-term scenario.  A revised curriculum in England&rsqu
Published Date: October 15
Citigroup to Shun its Consumer Banking Business in 11 Countries
Citigroup Inc., the U.S. bank that earns most of its revenues from lending money in overseas markets, has announced that it is planning to exit the business of consumer banking from 11 markets. The decision is believed to be a part of company CFO Michel Corbat’s efforts in simplifying the firm
Published Date: October 15
Contractors Aware of Concrete Pump Shortage
The concrete industry was functioning well until the abrupt stop in Professional Concrete Pumping occurred yesterday. Due to the collapse of industry’s biggest player this week, construction contractors are expected to witness a major delay in their order for concrete pumps.  Camfaud &
Published Date: October 15
Schaffer’s Legislation Helps Glass Industry
R-Lancaster State Senator, Tim Schaffer has plans to benefit Anchor Hocking by introducing new legislation this week. His primary concern is with the glass industry. His resolution will support the U.S. Department of Commerce to look into matters related to clearing American consumer products that a
Published Date: October 14
China Witnessing Slowdown in Sale of Passenger Vehicles
Car sales in China witnessed a slump in the month of September, but the market share of China’s own car brands increased marginally. According to industry analysts, as compared to last year’s statistics currently the sale of passenger vehicles in market of the world’s largest auto
Published Date: October 14
Manufacturing Industry in Ohio to Grow Positively in the Next Decade
The automotive industry is picking up speed and is soon expected to change the face of manufacturing sector in the U.S. The other sectors positively impacting the U.S manufacturing industry is the food manufacturing. According to Team Neo, a non-profit economic development organization the second se
Published Date: October 14
US Drug Prices Pushed by Lower Competition, Gap in Supply-Demand
Industry officials have stated several factors that have led to the substantial rise in cost of medicine in the United States. The U.S. legislature has initiated a probe against many of the leading makers of generic drugs, which includes three Indian companies, to find out the extent and the reason
Published Date: October 13
Mark Cuban Takes a Strong Stand on Student Loans
Mark Cuban has made a strong statement about the increasing number of student loans. His statement clearly says, the student loans are exactly like the housing loan, and the bubble is no differentAccording to him, the student loan sharks are drowning not just the college students availing these loan
Published Date: October 13
A Pain Study Device Being Developed by Stanford Researcher
A new technique is being developed for deeper understanding of how pain gets transmitted in the human body. A team headed by an assistant professor at Stanford University is working towards creating a wireless device that makes use of optogenetics research to study pain. Ada Poon is the assistant pr
Published Date: October 09
Services Sector of China Observes Slight Downfall in September: HSBC PMI Survey
Services sector in China was again hit by a depression this September, a slight one this time, as a result of low market by new businesses, a private survey demonstrated on Wednesday. The news, though not significantly, reassures signs of slowdown in the world’s second largest economy and coul
Published Date: October 08
LGs Awaited Smartwatch To Go on Sale in Less than Two Weeks
LG’s most desirable G Watch R smartwatch is expected to hit markets in no more than two weeks from now, a report from the Korean tech-giant has revealed. LG had announced that the second Android based wearable device from its offering would be on sale very soon at the beginning of September.
Published Date: October 07
Nestle to Resort to Layoff Measure at the Solon Frozen Food Facility
Swiss multinational food and beverage giant, Nestle has declared its plan of laying off almost 100 workers at their frozen food facility located in Solon, OH. The frozen food unit at Solon that manufactures frozen food items under the brand names of Stouffer and Lean Cuisine has plans of adopting a
Published Date: October 07
Indians and Chinese Will Be Able to Travel to Ireland and UK on Single Visa
The Indian Home Secretary, Theresa May signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Republic of Ireland to build and strengthen the Common Travel Area. This denotes, by coming December Indians will be able travel to UK and Ireland with just one visa. This will help UK and Ireland to share details of
Published Date: October 06
Asian Stocks Suffer Downfall Amid Concerns of Increase of Borrowing Costs from Federal Reserves
Asian stocks observed a steep fall on the fourth consecutive day as consumer confidence in the U.S. seems to have declined unexpectedly and Hong Kong seems to be on the verge of bigger protests.  MSCI’s Index of Asia and Pacific declined by 0.1% to 140.29 at 9:02 a.m. in Japan yesterda
Published Date: October 01
Nova Chemicals Corp. Official Shipper for UTOPIA Project
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners recently announced the receiving of its transportation agreement with Nova Chemicals Corp. Nova Chemicals Corp. is headquartered in Alberta, Canada; however holds its operations in Moon Township. The company will receive ethane-propane and ethane mixtures from end to en
Published Date: September 30
Innovation Center Established by PepsiCo in Dubai
The world’s food and beverage giant, PepsiCo has recently declared its plan of establishing an innovation center in the life sciences cluster DuBioTech situated in Dubai. This will be PepsiCo’s very first facility in this region. According to PepsiCo, the main rationale of this innovatio
Published Date: September 30
PATA and Russian Federation Sign MoU
Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and Russian Federation signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to encourage travel and tourism for a sustainable flow of tourists. The MoU signed with the Travel Association of Russian Federation is called, “World Without Borders”. The move comes
Published Date: September 29
Bendgate: iPhone 6 Plus Video May Have Been Fake
The YouTube video showing how the new iPhone 6 Plus could be bent out of shape may possibly be a fake. The claim about a ‘bendy’ iPhone 6 Plus went viral across the Internet, earning the name ‘Bendgate’. The video apparently spread panic among Apple users and customers, wi
Published Date: September 29
Europeans Accept Chinese Electronics
A research conducted by the consultancy GfK revealed that European markets have grown to be more accepting of Chinese electronics and home appliance brands. The Chinese names have been expanding into European markets recently. The report states the overseas presence of Chinese home appliances and
Published Date: September 25
News of Hyundai Motor’s Land Bid Sparks Strikes, Makes Wage Talks Complicated
General Motors Co. has announced its plans about opening headquarters of its Cadillac brand in New York next year, as a part of its strategy to expanding the brand’s appeal and remaking its image outside North America. Cadillac’s spokesman David Caldwell stated that the brand’s
Published Date: September 24
Salaries and Hiring To Improve in Financial Services Sector in India
Recruitment firm, Michael Page India stated, salaries and hiring in the financial services sector is expected to grow in 2014-2015 period. The report, salary and employment forecast for 2014-2015 also reported that hiring is expected to grow up 20% as 79% of the financial services companies are look
Published Date: September 23
Delphi Takes Over Antaya
Delphi Automotive plc has recently signed an agreement that lets it control Antaya Technologies Corp. Antaya is a leader in providing proprietary on-glass connectors. The move improves Delphi’s portfolio and make it more feasible in the rapidly growing electrical connectors in automotives busi
Published Date: September 23
Indian Regulatory Experts Push for Stronger Pharma Data Integrity
Regulatory experts in India have expressly stated their opinions on adding a special focus on tailing all the data integrity requirements. They are saying that this has to be done to avoid crackdown by regulatory agencies. The warning follows a growing number of letters issued by the US FDA and othe
Published Date: September 22
China’s Huawei to Setup 4G Network in Cambodia
EMAXX, the Cambodian telecommunications company has signed a deal with the Chinese Huawei on Wednesday to build and develop a 4G network in Cambodia. The contract was signed by Ai Minn, the CEO of EMAXX, and the DGM of Huawei Technologies Weng Kefeng. The signing was performed in the presence of
Published Date: September 18
Cost Watchdog of Britain’s Healthcare Sector Approves GSK’s Melanoma Drug under Price-Cut Conditions
Cost control agency of Britain’s healthcare sector, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), has recommended a drug for melanoma marketed by GlaxoSmithKline after the drug maker offered to supply it at a discounted rate to the National Health Service.  The drug, ti
Published Date: September 18
GFT Publishes Big Data for Financial Services Industry
According to the electronic newsletter issued by the California Independent Petroleum Association on Monday, the refinery project poses major economic questions regarding bringing extra crude barrels into the California market. This will affect the local crude prices in the state.  The oil-b
Published Date: September 18
Weakening Rouble Makes GM Cut Production and Cut Jobs in Russia
Opel Group, the European subsidiary of general Motors has planned to cut production and shed nearly 500 jobs in Russia. The decision comes ahead of the weakening Russian rouble and the drop in local demand due to slow economic growth and Western sanctions. Opel stated that it would cut production
Published Date: September 17
Only 44% Americans Think College Education “Very Important”: Poll
A recent annual poll has revealed some shocking statistics regarding Americans’ views on the need for a college education. The poll showed that only 44% of Americans believed that a college education was “very important”, a drastic drop from 75% just four years ago. The 46th ann
Published Date: September 17
Fashion Industry Embraces Technology at London Fashion Week
The London Fashion Week cast the spotlight this week not just on the clothes on the runway, but the technology that surrounded the event. In what could be termed as a new digital first for the fashion industry, Burberry teamed up with Twitter to launch the new click-to-buy button to people across th
Published Date: September 16
Bitcoin Mining Firm Free from Cease Trade
A Saskatchewan based Dominion Bitcoin Mining Company is now free from cease trade and is operating once again.  The cease-trade order against Bitcoin was lifted in May by the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (FCAA) with no penalty being issued after it expired last week.  FCA
Published Date: September 16
Hawaii Earns a “C” in the Blue Planet Foundation’s 2014 Energy Report Card
According to a report published by Blue Planet Foundation, Hawaii received an “average” grade for its clean energy progress. The Blue Planet Foundation’s 2014 Energy Report Card for Hawaii has shown a slight improvement since 2013 which was at “C-minus”. This year the r
Published Date: September 16
Coke’s Surge to be Reintroduced in the Global Beverages Market
A flavored drink that was discontinued more than a decade ago by Coca Cola, has again been brought back in the beverages market. This citrus flavored drink called Surge is a Mountain Dew knockoff. This drink is only available at Amazon.com. This happens to be Coca Cola’s first ever e-commerce
Published Date: September 16
Cipla Rises by 10% in Two Days
In a relatively weaker market, Cipla has managed to rally stocks by 3% up to $10.34, a record high for the pharmaceutical company in the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The latest rally brings the stock for Cipla up by nearly 10% within a span of two days. The stocks rose from a previous $9.46 two
Published Date: September 15
Target for Automotive Mission Plan 2016 to Fall Short by 25%
India is likely to miss the ambitious target it had set for Automotive Mission Plan (AMP) 2016 as the country suffered an economic slowdown in the last three years. The lingering effect of the economic downturn will hit the target with a negative 25%.  The target was set at $145 billion for
Published Date: September 15
TRW Automotive to Sell Engine Valve Business to Federal-Mogul for $385 Million
TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. will be selling its engine valve business to Federal-Mogul Holdings Corp for $385 million in cash. The move will allow Federal-Mogul to strengthen its powertrain division and also allow TRW to focus all its efforts on its safety technology business.  TRW’s
Published Date: September 11
Education in Africa still far from adequate
Although the literacy and education scenario in Africa has always been a matter of grave concern, recent studies and reports have shed new light on the situation, calling it a wake-up call for the continent.  According a United Nations report published recently, in the two decades from 1990
Published Date: September 10
Telefonica SA to Serve AT&Ts Digital Life Service to British Customers
U.S. based AT&T Inc. has said that it will collaborate with Spain company Telefonica SA, under which the latter will license AT&T’s home security technology for a limited number of trials in the Europe. This is a way for the AT&T to profit from its budding connected-home concept.
Published Date: September 10
Twitter Aims at Shoppers with New ‘Buy’ Button
After a reportedly long time in the making, Twitter has divulged that it is testing a system that lets users embed ‘Buy’ buttons in their tweets. The button will let users immediately purchase a product, which effectively turns the social networking site into a business services platform
Published Date: September 09
Greater Export of Korean Consumer Goods to China
According to the finance ministry of South Korea, the country needs to focus more on higher sale of final consumer goods to China as a measure of tackling the problem of declining exports to its largest trade partner. The answer to South Korea’s falling exports problem lies in the expanding co
Published Date: September 08
Insights into the Global Construction Market
The economic meltdown of 2008 affected the global construction market negatively. However, financial crisis aside, consumers are investing in housing around the world. One of the leading key trends which support the growth of the construction industry is the emerging economies in Asia Pacific. Count
Published Date: September 08
Factors Driving and Inhibiting the Tablet Devices Market
Tablet devices market is competing with desktop and laptop personal computer market. Tablet personal computer or devices are a cross between a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a laptop. A tablet device is a flat-planed portable computer, which the user can access by tapping on the screen with th
Published Date: September 08
Consumer Trends in the Global Electronics Market
The global electronics market finds its application in relatively every industry. This market is a rapidly evolving market and is fuelled by innovative technical developments. The global electronics industry is entering into the era of convergence where completely different streams of digital techno
Published Date: September 08
An Overview of the Global Equipment Market
The global equipment industry is marked by proliferation of various other segments such as construction industry, medical industry, automobile industry, food and beverage industry, etc. The growth of this market varies from sector to sector. Hence, it is difficult to calculate the total revenues gen
Published Date: September 08
An Overview of the Global Gaming Market
The gaming market is an economic sector which exists worldwide. However, its prevalence can be especially witnessed in the U.S. and in certain countries in Asia. The primary focus of the gaming industry is the development and sales of video games, gaming equipment, and gaming systems. Companies in t
Published Date: September 08
Water Treatment Equipment Market
The scarcity of water across the globe and the growing demand for fresh and clean water has given a tremendous impetus to the water treatment equipment market. By 2017, this market is likely to grow to USD 130 billion. Growing concerns for health risks, worries about biological wastes being dumped i
Published Date: September 08
Rotating Policy for Principals and Teachers in China Schools Aimed to Benefit Rural Education
With the aim of maintaining equity in education across China, school heads and teachers in the country will be rotated among other schools, especially in rural areas. A plan released by the Ministry of Education on Tuesday stated that there was a widening gap between rural and urban education, as we
Published Date: September 03
Sales of Semiconductors in Europe Notch US$3.27 billion Mark With 14.9% YoY Growth
In July 2014, the sales of semiconductors in Europe touched US$ 3.27 billion, soaring 14.9% over the same period last year. These figures, released by the European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA), were based on the latest sales reports from WSTS. The growth rate of the European semicond
Published Date: September 03
Higher Employment in the Food and Drinks Sector of Scotland
The food and beverage sector of Scotland will witness the creation of about 10,000 new jobs due to higher investment in this sector. According to a report of the Bank of Scotland, out of 100 Scottish businesses dealing in food and beverage, about 66% had plans of enhancing their workforces which wou
Published Date: September 02
GT Capital Buys PSBank and Metrobank’s Share in Toyota Financial Services
GT Capital Holdings Inc., bought Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) and Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank) shareholdings in Toyota Financial Services Philippines Corp, the car leasing business. The deal is said to priced at P2.1 billion. GT Capital Holdings Inc. is the listed parent com
Published Date: September 02
Chinese Students Fair Well in Australia
The teaching methods in schools of China are superior as compared to any other schools Shanghai. According to the news, the Chinese students studying in Australia fair better in the math subject.   This new study found that Chinese students with a sound background in Australian schools score
Published Date: September 01
China’s New Lunar Spacecraft to Bring Back Samples of Soil and Rock
By 2017, China will send a recoverable lunar spacecraft that will return to Earth with samples of soil and rock. The recoverable spacecraft-Chang’e 5-is currently being developed by Chinese scientists, as reported by Space Industry News. An official from China’s State Administration of S
Published Date: September 01
Egyptian Government to Allow Private Investments in Renewable and New Energy Sector
As Egypt grapples its worst electricity crisis, the country’s government has decided to allow the private sector’s participation in renewable energy initiatives. According to Mohamed Shaker, Egypt’s Minister of Electricity, the government has agreed private sector investments in th
Published Date: August 28
New App Released By Instagram for Time-lapse Videos
A new iPhone app called Hyperlapse was released by Instagram on Tuesday. This app erases out the disturbances and jitters caused in time-lapse videos. Interestingly, a similar technology was demonstrated by Microsoft a couple of weeks back and that too bearing the same name. According to analysts
Published Date: August 28
Adani to Purchase Royalty Rights of Australia Coal Mine from Linc
Adani Enterprises has agreed to buy the Australian mining firm’s rights to royalties to Linc Energy - an amount worth Australian dollar (A$) 155 million (USD 145 million). The royalties from Adani is high, however is already delayed four years behind schedule regarding Carmichael coal project.
Published Date: August 28
Germany Trims Non-Renewable Energy Sector, Companies Worry about Growth
Many of Germany’s companies, investors, economists, and neighboring countries are worried about Germany’s move to introduce a large-scale renewable energy program. The country faces enormous costs to replace a system that was already in effect and working, with a project to start util
Published Date: August 27
GM Faulty Ignition-switch Program Registers More than 100 Death Claims
The General Motors’ program built to compensate victims of crashes caused due to faulty ignition switches in company’s vehicles has received 107 claims for death as of Tuesday, according to Amy Weiss, the spokesperson for Kenneth Feinberg - the lawyer handling the program.  Amy s
Published Date: August 27
Japan Energy Sector Develops First 250MW Solar Power Project
First Solar Inc., (FSLR)is constructing its first 250 megawatts solar projects in Japan. FSLR is the largest U.S. solar panel maker in the country. Japan witnesses many government incentives that encourage substantial development of solar and cleaner energy sources.  Karl Brutsaert, the dire
Published Date: August 27
BOC Aviation Places Order For Boeing Planes Worth a Record Amount
The leasing subsidiary of Bank of China, BOC Aviation has recently placed the biggest order of planes in its 20-year history. The order, which is reportedly worth $8.8 billion, comprises of two long-haul wide-body planes of the 777-300ER series, 30 Next Generation aircrafts of the 737-800 series, 50
Published Date: August 26
India to Global Auto Hub by 2020
Global automobile manufacturers are eyeing India as a lucrative option to set up businesses. This shift in perception is due to country’s growing domestic market and its growth potential. The automakers will also focus on exports from India. Report published by Standard Chartered Bank state
Published Date: August 25
New Transparent Material can Work as a Solar Power Generator
A team of scientists at Michigan State University declared this week the creation of a luminescent transparent solar concentrator which has the potential to turn windows and cell phone screens into solar-power generating equipment. This technology can revolutionize the way we use solar power. It
Published Date: August 25
Japan to Seek Over ¥5 Trillion Defense Budget
In what is a record-high budget request, the defense ministry of Japan plans to request more than 5 trillion yen in the fiscal year 2015 beginning next April. A formal announcement will be made next Friday and includes high priority costs that are in line with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s new s
Published Date: August 25
Brits Picks U.S. Companies for Defense Contracts
Bechtel and CH2M Hill, both U.S.-based firms, have been chosen by Britain to operate sections of its military equipment buying program. The British Ministry of Defense (MOD) has made the move in an effort to restructure its equipment purchasing programs for the armed forces, by trying to utilize
Published Date: August 21
Indian Telecom Authority Scraps Telecom Players Plea to Charge Messaging Apps
Earlier in August 2014, leading Indian telecom market participants had united to lodge an appeal with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to levy a connectivity fee on customers that were using messaging and VOIP apps such as Viber, WeChat, and WhatsApp. A string of meetings ensued betw
Published Date: August 21
Skinny Jeans Trend is Over, says Fashion Industry
To snuff out the trend of skinny jeans, clothing merchants tried to introduce new innovation called flares. However, women went on buying skinny jeans. Currently, mass marketing chains such as Gap Inc. and Bloomingdale’s luxury chain are trying again to snuff out the trend of skinny jeans w
Published Date: August 21
Downfall in Profits Drops Mincon Stocks
Mincon - Clare-based mining equipment company’s share fell as its short-term results disappointed investors all around the world yesterday. The company is paying €7m for a 65pc stake in a Canadian firm and nearly €1m in two other businesses. Mincon exhibited a fall in its revenue of
Published Date: August 21
Kraft Foods to Invest $100 Million at Springfield, Missouri for Cheese Processing Facility
Kraft Foods has a new expansion plan for its Springfield facility at Missouri. The food giant intends to invest up to $100 million in its cheese production facility for a new line of product. According to the local Chamber of Commerce, the new investment plan by Kraft Foods, right after its $ 50
Published Date: August 21
New Call Telecom to Invest $100 Million in Acquiring Indian Firms
U.K.-based telecom services company New Call Telecom has said it will invest $100 million in buying telecommunication firms in India over the next 18 months. New Call is looking to expand its reach in the value-added and broadband services in the country and will acquire four mid-sized companies in
Published Date: August 20
Japans Economy Bounces Back as Exports Rise
Japan’s economy has observed a rise in July with exports rising more than what were forecasted. The rise in exports is a bounce back of country’s economy after two straight declines, one of which was Japan’s most recorded contraction since it was hit by a huge earthquake in 2011.&n
Published Date: August 20
Chaos in Construction Industry
Lack of monitoring of construction sites, lousy workmanship, and ignorance of inspections has led to devastating accidents in the construction industry.  These revelations have affected the construction industry over issues like collapsed illegal structures - killing seven construction worke
Published Date: August 20
China to Promote Wider Use of Domestically-Made Medical Devices
In what could pose a serious threat to global firms dominating the medical devices sector, China has decided to promote Chinese-made medical devices and encouraged domestic hospitals to use them as far as possible. China hopes to boost its local market and reduce mounting healthcare expenditures.
Published Date: August 19
B.C. Supreme Court Awaits Verdict on Right to Private Healthcare
In an ongoing landmark court case that is in favor to shape the healthcare industry for a better tomorrow, B.C. doctor commented that patients have been waiting for long hours to get treated. Instead, they could benefit an access to proper healthcare facilities in a private care sector, making the
Published Date: August 19
Community Health Services Experience Cyber Theft
One of the biggest hospital groups in US, Community Health Systems Inc (CYH.N)., has stated that its database has also fallen victim of a cyber attack - presumably from Chinese hackers. The attack resulted in the theft of personal data and Social Security numbers of 4.5 million patients. 
Published Date: August 19
Roche Bids for Control of Chugai
Japanese company Chugai Pharmaceuticals has been offered $10 billion by Roche, who is looking for full control of the company. The first deal between a Japanese pharmaceutical company and its international rival was between the same Roche and Chugai. The deal was made 12 years ago when Roche acqu
Published Date: August 18
Maruti Suzuki Revives Putting Slowdown Behind It
Maruti Suzuki stocks are showing great promise of reviving the domestic auto industry after burying the slowdown in the past. With the ongoing progress, the company is likely to record double digit growth in terms on volumes in the coming two to three years.   Maruti has not only regained it
Published Date: August 18
Contraction of Global Natural Rubber Inventory by 46%
According to research conducted by the International Rubber Study Group, rising demand for natural rubber will lead to reduction of global surplus of natural rubber by almost 46% by the year 2015. The Singapore based organization stated that production is likely to exceed the market demand from 650,
Published Date: August 18
Siege of Mount Sinjar Over, Reports Pentagon
United States and Kurdish airstrikes have successfully broken the siege on Mount Sinjar, according to a Pentagon spokesperson. The militants that laid siege to the mountain have been scattered, allowing the number of Yezidis trapped there to escape. The report was passed by Defense officials on late
Published Date: August 14
Repsol Set to Drill into Canary Islands
Since the Spanish government has a go-ahead on the drilling activities offshore of Canary Islands, Spain’s Repsol could start its drilling this year.  Bloomberg reported that the Spanish government’s Industry Ministry has approved of the drilling plans proposed by Repsol in the O
Published Date: August 14
Wearable Devices for Tracking Parkinsons : Intel Corp
For monitoring patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Intel Corp plans to incorporate wearable devices like smart watches for collecting data that is of use to researchers. Early this week, Intel Corp declared that it is collaborating with Michael J. Fox Foundation to carry out resear
Published Date: August 14
PAT for BASF India Falls 40% to INR 52 Crore
BASF India reported a decline of 40% in profit after tax (PAT) at INR 52 crore for the first quarter of 2014, which ended on June 30. Exactly a year ago, in the same period the company reported a PAT of INR 86.9 crore. However, despite these figures, BASF India recorded a 7% rise in sales to INR
Published Date: August 13
US Banks to Do Business with Marijuana Dealers
Huge dilemma haunts marijuana businesses in US to this day – while an increasing number of states are approving the sale of marijuana, it still remains illegal under country’s federal law. The legal complications have forced majority of businesses to operate basically on cash-only basis
Published Date: August 13
A new Assay Technique Can Help in Early Detection of Diabetes
A research undertaken by a team at the Center for Engineering in Medicine based in Massachusetts General Hospital have come up with a concept that uses an assay (fluorescence based) for sensitive detection of certain antibodies within serum samples of micro liter volume. This upcoming assay is ar
Published Date: August 13
Sonys PS4 Sales Notch 10 million Units Mark
Sony Computer Entertainment said on Wednesday that it had reached a critical business milestone by hitting the 10 million unit sales mark worldwide on its PlayStation4 computer gaming system. Sony announced this milestone was reached on August 10, 2014, making the PS4 the fastest among all its prede
Published Date: August 13
Blackstone Takes Control of Alliance Automotive
Automotive parts distributor Alliance Automotive will now be controlled by Blackstone. The move comes in light of the European car market finally gaining ground after decades of losses. Alliance Automotive originally focuses on the U.K. and France. The private equity group bought the company for
Published Date: August 12
Association for Manufacturing Technology Observes Higher Industry Orders in June 2014
In June 2014, the total orders for manufacturing technology were valued at US$405.73 million, says the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT). This figure was reported by participating companies in the United States Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO) program. The June total marks a 12.6
Published Date: August 12
Recovery in the European Investment Banking Sector Not Sustainable
The second quarter performance for the investment banks in Europe has reported positive results, with the additional focus being on fixed-income trading. Though the European banks are gradually recovering the ground lost to the U.S. rivals in the past few years, the recovery does not seem very susta
Published Date: August 12
Russias Ban on Foreign Food Export Meets Mixed Reaction
Russia’s decision to ban food imports from European Union’s 28 states and countries such as Australia, the US, Norway and Canada has received mixed reactions from various segments of the Russian Society. Together, these countries supply food items, including many basic products, worth an
Published Date: August 12
Fyffes and Chiquita Merger
Dublin based fruit and fresh produce company Fyffes will soon be merged with Chiquita Brands International Inc., an American company that deals with production and distribution of bananas. But before these two companies come together, the shareholders need to vote in favor of this decision in the mo
Published Date: August 12
Supported by U.S., India ups FDI in defense to 49%
In what could strengthen bilateral defense ties, India has agreed to accept cooperation from the U.S., without finalizing any major arms deals. India had a non-alignment policy since 1947 and used to rely solely on the Soviet Union for defense equipment. However, it has turned towards the U.S. and r
Published Date: August 11
Australian Winemaker TWE the Most Sought After by Private Equity Firms
Australian winemaker, Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has received a multi-billion-dollar takeover bid worth A$ 3.4 billion from an international private equity firm, the identity of which has not been disclosed on request. Australia’s TWE is the world’s largest wine producer. In the begi
Published Date: August 11
Prices on Cell Service Rises
Sprint’s failure to purchase T-Mobile US simply poses new options in wireless programs and lower prices for consumers in the U.S. However, it is predicted that in the future, slower expansion of coverage and difficult competition regarding the prices could lead to sluggish service.  Th
Published Date: August 11
Higher life Expectancy Observed through Administering Metformin
According to findings, Metformin, a drug which is prescribed for patients with type 2 diabetes ensures higher life expectancy for diabetics as compared to non diabetics. This drug exhibits anticancer properties and can provide preventive benefits to those without diabetes.  Metformin and a d
Published Date: August 08
Western Europes Auto Industry Recovers After Markets Rebound
After a prolonged slump in the auto industry of Western Europe, the registrations and sales have finally picked up. The pace of auto recovery in the region went up to 5% in July, signaling that 2014 might actually prove to be a successful year with markets on a sustained rebound. The demand for cars
Published Date: August 07
Construction Sector Experiences Growth in Australia
The Performance of Construction Index for Australian Industry Group/Housing Industry Association was up by 0.8 points at 52.6 for July 2014. Any reading at 50 and above on the index points at growth and development in the sector. The figure of 52.6 proves that growth has indeed been at a higher s
Published Date: August 07