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Need to Calculate Real Time Data for Aviation Sector to Drive Adoption of Commercial Avionics Systems Market
The global commercial avionics systems market is growing at a fast pace as there is a need for systems that calculate real time data for the aviation sector. The growth of the aviation industry, especially in the developed nations of Europe and North America is primarily behind the booming commercia
Published Date: January 03
Rising Skin Damages Due to Changing Weather Conditions to Drive Demand for Sheet Face Masks
The sheet face masks market represents a noteworthy share in the skin care industry and is anticipated to rake in a healthy share of the pie with the robust growth of the industry. The rigorous research and development activities involved in the making of innovative face masks are themselves favorin
Published Date: December 29
Growing Demand for Convenience Foods to Encourage Growth of Global Yeast Market
The global yeast market is highly competitive in nature with a presence of a large number of players operating in it. The increasing number of players in the global market is anticipated to encourage the growth of the market in the next few years. In addition, the growing focus on developing innovat
Published Date: December 29
IoT Revolutionizing Smart Healthcare Products Market
Healthcare has invariably been a priority for the end-users, especially among the urban population across the globe, which has been augmenting the growth rate of the healthcare sector for several decades. In the recent past, the incorporation of the Internet of things (IoT) has revolutionized the he
Published Date: December 23
Single-use Disposable Products an Opportunity in Global Prepacked Chromatography Columns Market
Column chromatography is a method used to separate individual chemical compounds from a mixture, which is frequently used in several industries including pharmaceutical and biotechnology, food and beverage, water and environment, nutraceuticals, academics, research institutes, and analytical laborat
Published Date: December 22
Expansion of Fast Food Industry to Create Growth Opportunities for Global Grease Resistant Packaging Market
The rising demand for fast and packaged food is expected to give significant impetus to the global grease resistant packaging market. As consumers move towards more convenient food, yet their concerns pertaining to the health and hygiene quotient rise, the demand for flexible yet sustainable packagi
Published Date: December 20
Rising Demand for Feasible Memory Chips to Boost Adoption of Next Generation Memory Technologies
The global market for next generation memory technologies was considerably concentrated in the last couple of years due to the dominance of a few leading companies. Samsung electronics Co., Fujitsu Ltd., Micron Technology Inc, Everspin Technologies Inc, SK Hynix Inc, Crocus Technology SA, Avalanche
Published Date: December 15
Increasing Influence of Western Food Habits on Global Population to Boost Demand for Baking Ingredients
The global baking ingredients market is expected to witness significant growth in the forthcoming years, primarily due to changing food habits. The increasing adoption of bakery items as staple food across Europe and North America coupled with the rising demand for baking ingredients such as sweeten
Published Date: December 15
Demand for Instrumented Bearings to Rise in Response to Increasing Production of Motor Vehicles
Instrumented bearings are used across diverse industries, the automotive industry being one of them. Globally, the production of motor vehicles is increasing at a rapid pace. Furthermore, with the advent of electric and high-tech cars, the industry is expected to grow stronger in the coming years, t
Published Date: December 13
Global Hydrocracking Market Helped by Demand for Middle and Light Distillates
Hydrocracking is a process that is conducted in two steps in a petroleum refinery for converting heavy oil feedstock into high quality lighter fuel products such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene, and naptha. A variety of feedstock are processed in hydrocrackers such as atmospheric gas oils, vacuum gas
Published Date: December 13
Global Sterile Medical Packaging Market Gaining from Revised Safety Standards
Sterilization is the process of removing or eliminating harmful biological agents which primarily includes bacteria and viruses. Healthcare products, either pharmaceuticals or medicals devices, packaged with an aim to prevent any sort of contamination, are referred as sterile medical packaging. Alth
Published Date: December 09
Global High Intensity Sweeteners Market: Fat-free Fitness Trend Driving Demand
Sugar has been an irreplaceable ingredient of food products across the globe since eternity but in the past decade, it has been realized that high sugar intake leads to several ill-effects in the human body. As a result, a replacement of sugar was required. This requirement is ideally fulfilled by h
Published Date: December 08
Copious Number of Surgeries make Europe and North America Leaders in Global Market for Medical Protective Clothing
Protective clothing is used in many industries such as oil and gas, construction and manufacturing, healthcare, and mining. Among them, the demand from the medical/healthcare industry for protective clothing has been robust on account of the industry outpacing all others vis-à-vis growth. In fact,
Published Date: December 06
Demand for Rural Electrification Seals Asia Pacific’s Dominance in Global Small Hydropower Market
The rising demand for renewable sources of energy is the chief factor aiding the expansion of the global small hydropower market. Currently, Asia Pacific is exhibiting incredible opportunities for the market, holding a position of dominance with a share of over 70% in 2014. The region is projected t
Published Date: December 05
Rising Awareness Regarding Benefits of Daily Consumption to Bolster Global Coconut Milk Market
The coconut milk market is growing at a substantial rate, thanks to the increasing vegan population across the globe. The rising preference of consumers towards a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are some of the primary factors anticipated to encourage the growth of the overall marke
Published Date: December 02
Rise in MSMEs to Boost Global Telecom Enterprise Services Market
The global telecom enterprise services market has witnessed significant growth over the last few years. The remarkable rise in the medium-, small-, and micro-size enterprises (MSMEs) has boosted the demand for telecom enterprise services across the world in the recent times. In addition to this, the
Published Date: December 02
Innovative Designs and Cost-effectiveness to Bode Well for Reusable Water Bottle Market Growth
Owing to the presence of a sizeable number of well established companies operating in the global reusable water bottle market, the competitive rivalry is likely to stay high over the forthcoming years.  The leading multinational companies have a strong hold on the global market owing to the innovat
Published Date: December 01
Global Microgrids Market Driven by Requirement of Renewable Sources of Energy
A microgrid is an energy system with distributed energy sources which, although connected to the main power grid, can also function autonomously for significant durations. It comprises systems that enable generation, storage, and demand management of energy. A microgrid serve the purpose of ensuring
Published Date: December 01
High Installation of Geothermal Heat Pumps in Commercial Sector to Bode Well for Market Growth
With players striving to attain a stable and prominent position in the market through product innovation, the level of competition among them is intense. The leading market players compete in terms of pricing strategies and by implementing smart marketing strategies. However, the scope of differenti
Published Date: November 25
Demand for Breakfast Cereals to Increase owing to their Numerous Health Benefits
Rising concerns over health has increased the realization of the importance of having a healthy breakfast. The benefits of having a regular and a nutritional breakfast include, lower risk of obesity, balanced cholesterol levels, memory improvement, and balanced insulin levels. The practice of skippi
Published Date: November 24
Solar Street Lighting Market to Exhibit Steady Growth due to Widespread Government Support
Solar street lighting has emerged as the ideal solution for widespread street lighting installations due to their environmental viability and high efficiency. The rising demand for environmentally sound and sustainable energy generation is likely to ensure steady growth of the global solar street li
Published Date: November 23
Dominance of Numerous International Brands to Bode Well for Global Luxury Apparels Market
The global luxury apparels market is fuelled by the rising number of fashion brands and numerous designers reaching a broader range of customers in the form of economical products. The global luxury apparels market stood at US$1, 8842.69 mn in 2015 and is predicted to touch US$60,793.7 mn by 2024 en
Published Date: November 22
Global Flexible Packaging Market Gaining from Innovative Branding and Reduced Transportation Costs
Less than a decade ago, rigid packaging was used for almost all packaging purposes. Products such as detergent and shower gel as well as most perishable items including food that required to be kept safe and contaminant-free, came with rigid packaging. However, players in several industries that req
Published Date: November 18
HIV Market Set to See Growth on Account Increasing Government and Non-Government Agencies’ Initiatives
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), a retrovirus that often leads to Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in humans, is a condition where the immune system gets damaged paving the way for life threatening infections. Though there is no permanent cure for HIV, antiretroviral drugs help control t
Published Date: November 16
Demand for Advanced Gynecology Devices to Rise as Patients Show Higher Preference towards MIS
With the top three companies holding a mere 25.5% share, the global gynecological devices market exhibits a highly fragmented vendor landscape. Because the leading enterprises have access to larger revenue pools that can be used for research and developed or outsourced, their command over the market
Published Date: November 15
High Consumption in Constructions Industry to Drive Paints and Coatings Market
The global paints and coatings market is extremely fragmented due to the presence of numerous companies. The competition among the players is expected to intensify over the next couple of years wing to the low degree of product differentiation among the producers of paints and coatings. To cater to
Published Date: November 11
The Global Automotive Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Market: Current Trends
Automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications are considered as precursors to the fully automated driverless cars that are still being tested. Although still in its early days, the global market for ADAS has shown impressive growth. The current market revenue, however, pales in c
Published Date: November 10
Leading Companies Inclining Towards Aqueous-based Metal Cleaning Equipment to Maintain Stronghold in Europe Market
The metal cleaning equipment market in Europe is moderately fragmented. The established players operating in the market are resorting to mergers and acquisitions to gain a stronghold in the market. They have been significantly investing in research and development to design advanced metal cleaning e
Published Date: November 08
Product Development to Emerge as Key Focus Point for Manufacturers of Insulation Materials
The leading companies operating in the global insulation market hold a large share and thus the market is moderately concentrated. The presence of regional players in the market is expected to further intensify the level of competition in the market. In order to gain a strong position in the global
Published Date: November 04
Wound Dressing Market to Gain from Newly Developed Advanced Technologies
Growth of new cells require adequate conditions. Recent researches have revealed that traditional wound dressing tools and products were not providing ideal conditions for the quick healing of the wounds. On the other hand, advanced wound dressing technologies aid in treating skin ulcers and tissue
Published Date: October 28
Rising Prevalence of Lifestyle-related Diseases to Stimulate Demand for Flavored and Functional Water in Brazil
The Brazil flavored and functional water market has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years owing to increasing emphasis on wellbeing and health of consumers across the country. Dietary and lifestyle changes are leading to an alarming rise in the rate of lifestyle-related disorders such
Published Date: October 27
Single Blood Bags to Emerge as Most Valued Product in Global Disposable Plastic Blood Bags Market
The global market for disposable plastic blood bags is undergoing a remarkable transformation, thanks to the rising prevalence of chronic diseases and the increase in the global base of the geriatric population. Single, double, triple, and quadruplet bags are the main types of blood bags available i
Published Date: October 27
Driven by Increasing Internet Users, Email Marketing Industry Poised to Surge at Exponential Pace
Email marketing has emerged as a widely adopted marketing strategy across businesses around the world. With an increasing number of businesses, irrespective of their size, looking to capitalize on the potential benefits of the technology, there is great possibility for the global email marketing ind
Published Date: October 25
Rising Use of Video on Demand Services on Smartphones to Benefit Mobile TV Market
Watching videos, serials, and even movies on mobile phones is becoming more popular than watching TV. The rising number of working-class and the rising pool of working women has led to the rise in the viewership of mobile TV. The advancements in the internet and broadband services have enabled live
Published Date: October 25
Hygiene Hypothesis Corroborates Spike in Demand for Allergy Diagnostics
The global allergy diagnostic market has been booming over the past few years due to a proposed hygiene hypothesis. The theory claims that lack of exposure to allergens and dust or living in excessively hygienic conditions can make the human body prone to allergies as the immune system does not lear
Published Date: October 24
Increasing Demand for Micro Servers in Cloud Data Centers to Drive Market Growth
Thanks to the heightened demand for micro servers from small-, mid-, and large-size enterprises, the global market is witnessing a significant phase of growth. The increase in the demand for dense, low-cost, yet power-efficient micro servers in cloud data centers has emerged as the key driving facto
Published Date: October 21
Global Seafood Market Driven by Extended Demand for Proteinaceous Fat-free Food by the Affluent Class
Seafood refers to several varieties of fish, molluscs, crabs, calamari, and crustaceans, either in fresh or processed form. Seafood are regarded as one of the best foods for body as they contain rich amount of protein while some varieties are fat-free too. In recent past, aquaculture and farmed fish
Published Date: October 21
Heightened Awareness Regarding Availability of Mouth Ulcers Treatment Products to Drive Market
Mouth ulcers occur mostly on the insides of the lips or the cheeks and are therefore very painful, needing effective treatment. Moreover, mouth ulcers cause difficulty or discomfort in eating food. It causes bleeding when brushing or eating spicy food, and this is creating a high demand for mouth ul
Published Date: October 20
Emergence of New Flavors to Augment Growth of Global Green Tea Market
Green tea has been a popular beverage in several countries in Asia Pacific for several decades. The medicinal benefits offered by green tea is one of the primary factors boosting the demand for green tea across the globe. The rising number of players operating in the global green tea market is estim
Published Date: October 20
Armored Vehicles a Major Part of Defense Modernization Efforts Globally
The use of armored vehicles is a massive staple in any region’s defense sector, as the transportation of valuable assets, military personnel, and defense equipment through or into the battlefield. Armored vehicles also allow transportation of personnel through urban areas while avoiding major conf
Published Date: October 18
Promise of Health and Wellbeing Augments Uptake of Vitamin E across the Globe
Vitamin E is an important vitamin required by the human body for its normal functioning. It is a naturally occurring antioxidant in green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds. The fat-soluble vitamin is also sold as a health supplement and is often used for treating weight issues in premature infants a
Published Date: October 18
India Automotive Steering Wheel Market Driven by Rising Preference for High-end Cars
The automotive industry has enjoyed rapid growth in India in recent years, consequently benefitting the markets for the various components used in vehicles. The steering wheels industry has flourished as a result in the past few years and is likely to hold to a smooth growth trajectory in the coming
Published Date: October 18
Increasing Emphasis on Development of Novel and Effective Product Varieties to Drive Global Biologics Market
In the past few years, the global biologics market has witnessed an impressive growth owing to development and launch of novel product varieties, breakthrough progress in treatment options for chronic diseases, and rising research and developmental activities. Globally, a vast rise in pharmaceutical
Published Date: October 14
Growing Awareness Regarding Use of Anti-aging Skin Products to Bolster Sales of Cosmetic Packaging
To attract more consumers, cosmetic manufacturers are focusing on innovative packaging for their products. For product marketing, personal care and cosmetics brands are considering attractive packaging as an important attribute. This strategy has resulted in a reduced recall rate for brands, enhance
Published Date: October 14
Increasing Need to Expand Cultivation Capacity to Boost Demand for Agricultural Machinery
Of late, the global market for agricultural machinery manufacturing has been witnessing a significant surge in its valuation. The soaring need to expand the cultivation capacity in various economies in order to produce more food has increased the demand for highly advanced, state-of-the-art farming
Published Date: October 13
Innovative Drives in Kiosk Types Scores Big in Retail and Banking
The global market for kiosks had been rather stagnant over the past decade or so. Technologies had not changed much and the purpose of most kiosks was practically the same – to allow users gather information and to perform cash based transactions. While kiosk technology had not changed, the digita
Published Date: October 12
3D Cell Culture Poised to Revolutionize Novel Drug Testing Process
Cell culture is defined as a process of growing living cells outside their natural environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and nutrition. The cells or tissues thus obtained have applications in several sectors such as research, academics, bioprocessing and manufacturing, cell therapy
Published Date: October 12
Rising Number of Outlets Worldwide with Attractive Offers to Bolster Global Pizza Market
Pizza has been gaining immense popularity across the globe in the last few years. As a result, the global pizza market is projected to witness substantial growth in the coming years. The increasing number of pizza restaurants is one of the primary factors estimated to drive the demand for pizza in t
Published Date: October 07
Rapid Technological Advancements to Bode Well for Sales of Mechanical Ventilators
The market is likely to experience steady growth in the forthcoming years owing to rapid technological innovations in the portability and design of the devices. The alarming rise in the incidence of respiratory diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is one of the key factors drivi
Published Date: October 07
Bookings through Internet to Aid Growth of Car Rental Market
From more than a decade, there has been a significant increase in the global travel. Travelers across the globe are demanding safe, reliable, high quality travel services. This is benefitting the car rental industry worldwide. Players across the global car rental market are expanding their reach to
Published Date: October 06
Growing Prevalence of Neurological Diseases to Fuel Demand for Neurostimulation Devices
The demand for neurostimulation devices has been witnessing a surge across the world, thanks to the growing prevalence of neurological diseases, such as chronic pain, together with the growing base of the geriatric population and the swelling investments to increase research and development activiti
Published Date: October 06
Self-service Kiosks to Focus on Non-traditional Roles: Mobile Charging Kiosks and Food Kiosk Trending Globally
Long gone are the days when kiosk referred to the ATM machines that were installed near the banks. Technology introduced many other self-service kiosks thereafter. Nowadays, we find ATM kiosks, not only near the banks but also at the petrol pumps, on the highways, near restaurants, in supermarkets,
Published Date: October 05
High Incidence of Unwanted Pregnancies Increase Uptake of Contraceptive Pills
Unplanned and unwanted pregnancies have been the biggest cause of the spike in the consumption of oral contraceptive pills. Currently, the global market offers combination pills and progestin only. These drugs are widely available as branded and generic across all the regions of the world. The growi
Published Date: October 04
Increasing Construction Activities Worldwide to Boost Demand for Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)
Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is one of the most widely used products in industries such as home appliances, automotive, medical, footwear, and building and construction. In the building and construction industry, TPO is used in door panels and roofing membranes due to its excellent UV-resistant an
Published Date: September 30
Strict Emission Norms Drives Automotive Thermal System Market
The automotive thermal system which comprises battery thermal management, heating ventilation and air conditioning, powertrain cooling, powertrain device cooling, and waste heat recovery, is a necessary system to control emissions. Factors such as stringent emission norms and increased use of eco-fr
Published Date: September 29
IoT Finds its Place in Connected Mining Technologies
The mining and metals industry and all its relevant segments can expected to get themselves a major overhaul thanks to the incorporation of connected mining technologies. Things are, however, already being taken a step ahead, with the indoctrination of the Internet of Things concepts and technologie
Published Date: September 26
Social Unrest to Push Sales of Non-lethal Weapons Globally
Growing threat to human life coupled with rising cases of crimes have significantly increased the demand for non-lethal weapons across the world. Governments across the world are striving to modernize their defense and military groups. As a result of this, the deployment of non-lethal or less-lethal
Published Date: September 23
Asia Pacific to Emerge as Lucrative Market for Activated Carbon owing to Growing Industrialization
The demand for activated carbon is majorly driven by the implementation of standards such as the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), As such, industrial manufacturers and utilities have to upgrade their coal fired power plants to comply with reg
Published Date: September 23
Adoption of IoT Solutions Aimed at Improving Farm Yield to Boost Deployment of Smart Agriculture Devices
Adoption of the IoT solutions, targeting to improve agricultural yield is at the core of the smart agriculture technology. These solutions are specially designed to mitigate the inherent and interlinked challenges concerning food security and erratic nature of climate. Despite being criticized for b
Published Date: September 22
Development of “Green Elevators” Opens Up New Opportunities for Global Elevator Market
Elevators have become an indispensable part of all types of construction. They are also being installed in restoration of old buildings to make the living spaces convenient. The rise of construction and building industry has augmented the demand for elevators in the past few years. Today, elevators
Published Date: September 21
Increasing Awareness about Oral Healthcare Driving Dental Bone Graft Substitutes and Other Biomaterials Market
The expanding reimbursement options is driving the global dental bone graft substitutes and other biomaterials market. Key dental surgeons maintain that around one in every four dental implant procedures involves dental bone grafting. Hence, rise in the number of dental implants due to increased awa
Published Date: September 16
Favorable Government Strategies and Rising Funding to Support Growth of Global 3D Printing in Medical Applications Market
In the last couple of years the use of 3D printing in medical applications has significantly increased. Several factors have aided the rising use of the technology in medical application, the demand for cost-effective customization of prosthetic implants being the primary one. Besides this, accelera
Published Date: September 15
Spending on Mobile TV Continues to Increase: Mobile TV Trending in Global Technology and Media Market
The global mobile TV market is one of the significantly growing markets in the global technology and media industry. This is because of the rising advancements in the smart phones and smart devices. The advent of technology led to many options in smartphones. Operating systems such as Android and Wi
Published Date: September 14
Demand for Agribots Slated to Pick Up as Farmers Look for Better Cultivation Methods
The field of robotics has witnessed a radical development over the past few decades. Today, they are an integral part of automation, making tasks simpler and efficient. The adoption in agriculture has led to a drastic change in yield. Known as “agribots”, these robots are being used by farmers t
Published Date: September 14
Rising Awareness Regarding Advantages of OLED Technology to Boost Demand for OLED Displays
Although the performance of the global market for OLED display was unstable historically, it has managed to register a healthy rise in the recent times. Thanks to the growing awareness pertaining to the advantages OLED technology offers, the popularity of OLED displays has surged significantly, lead
Published Date: September 12
Flexibility and Cost-effectiveness Offered by DRaaS to Increase its Deployment across Industries
As per Transparency Market Research, the global disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) market is poised to surge at an exponential pace of 36% CAGR between 2014 and 2022.  The market stood at US$621.3 mn in 2013 and is expected to reach US$10.52 bn by the end of 2022. Regionally, North America is e
Published Date: September 09
Rising Trend to Eat Outside Food and Increasing Popularity to Augment Growth of Global Pasta Market
Pasta is one of the favorite cuisines across the globe and has been in high demand in the last few years. Due to the growing popularity, pasta is almost available around the world in different shapes and sizes and is enjoyed by every age group. The easy preparation, versatility, and a long shelf lif
Published Date: September 08
Bio-absorbable Coronary Stents to Become Popular
The global coronary stents market has witnessed its own share of highs and lows. The development of second generation drug eluting stents (DES) improved the safety and efficacy of these stents over their first generation counterparts. This led to a high market penetration rate of drug eluting stents
Published Date: September 08
Increasing Preference for Recyclable and Leak-proof Packaging to Bolster Growth of Global Market for Plastic Packaging Equipment
Plastic packaging has been gaining immense popularity in the last few years and is used in diverse sectors. As a result, the plastic packaging equipment market is witnessing substantial growth. Plastic packaging is used widely from consumer goods to food products, pharmaceuticals, household goods, a
Published Date: September 07
Advancements in Farming Practices to Create Growth Opportunities for Global Crop Protection Chemicals Market
The global market for crop protection chemicals has witnessed a significant rise in its valuation over the recent past. The rapid changes in the farming practices, together with the heightened utilization of technology in agriculture, have boosted the demand for crop protection chemicals across the
Published Date: September 07
Increasing Substitution of Petroleum by Ethanol to Fuel Global Corn Starch Market
The global market for corn starch is predicted to experience exponential development in the coming years owing to the rising utilization in detergent, paper and board, processed food, and food and beverage industries. It is also advantageous for human beings in the treatment of glycogen storage dise
Published Date: September 06
Natural Alternative Sweeteners – The next Big Thing in the Food and Beverages Industry
Sweeteners, popular substitutes to sugar are in demand in the global market among the diabetic and among those who are dieting. Alternative sweeteners find application in candy and confections, diet drinks, dairy products, sweets, and fruit jams and fruit crush. Alternative sweeteners, today, are al
Published Date: September 06
People in Developed Regions are More Willing to Spend on Novel Lung Cancer Therapeutics
The increasing incidence of lung cancer has been creating demand for novel therapeutics and treatment modalities. This is likely to aid the expansion of the global lung cancer therapeutics market. The market is also expected to gain impetus from the rising adoption of personalized medicines. In cont
Published Date: September 02
Increase in Drilling Activities to Create High Demand for Packers
Packers are highly in demand from the emerging economies of Brazil, China, and India, thus driving the market. Both national and private companies in these countries are exploring new oil and gas reserves, which is driving the demand for packers. While permanent packers can only be removed from a we
Published Date: September 01
Stringent Regulations Monitoring Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing to Boost Demand for Process Analytical Technologies
Globally stringent regulations are in place to monitor pharmaceutical product manufacturing, since these products directly relate to life and health of an individual. This factor has considerably escalated the importance for process analytical technologies for pharmaceuticals. In the forthcoming yea
Published Date: September 01
Improved Internet Data Services and Rising Smartphone Users to Propel Demand for Mobile TV
Mobile TV is the most recent advancements in the global television market. The rising use of tablets and smartphones has led to the growth of mobile TV. At present, the global mobile TV market is one of the fastest growing market in the global technology and media market.  High Speed Data Services
Published Date: August 31
Rising Awareness Regarding Fitness Encourages Shift towards Gluten-free Food
Thanks to the increasing awareness pertaining to health and fitness among consumers, the demand for gluten-free food is witnessing a significant rise across the world. Gluten-free bakery products, baby food, pasta, and various kinds of ready-meals are gaining notable popularity in the global arena.
Published Date: August 30
Rising Security Concerns among Civilians to Drive Demand for Armored Vehicles
With the rise in defense investments by emerging nations, there has been a significant surge in the demand for various types of armored vehicles over the past few years. The assimilation of lightweight technology, compact and advanced photonic and advanced components for enhancing operational effici
Published Date: August 29
Burgeoning Use of Tablets and Smartphones to Drive Demand for Mobile Television
Owing to the exponential growth in the smartphone and tablet industry, the demand for mobile television has also increased. The rising penetration of smartphones among consumers has increased the demand for better services. Furthermore, the use of internet has mounted to 3.4 billion in 2016. The dis
Published Date: August 26
Remarkable Rise in Intermodal Transportations Creates Growth Opportunity for Transportation Management Systems
The recent growth in the intermodal transportations has been driving the demand for transportation management systems significantly since the last few years. The increased popularity of SaaS-based transportation management systems is also influencing the market for transportation management systems
Published Date: August 26
Accelerating Research Aimed at Effective Dental Pain Management to Boost Global Dental Pain Market
The rising prevalence of dental pain and disorder among rising population globally, has been fuelling demand for effective dental management treatments and therapeutics. According to the World Health Organization, almost 100% of adults around the world have dental cavities. It also found that severe
Published Date: August 25
Internet of Things Aims to Contribute Towards Building Smart Cities, Healthcare Industry to Benefit the Most
The Internet of Things (IoT) has been the most talked about technologies across the world. IoT has helped in building a smart city in many ways by benefiting many industries. IoT has made the world more quantifiable and measurable as organizations are able to take better decisions at the right time.
Published Date: August 25
High Prevalence of Malaria, Dengue, and Cancer Boosts Immunoprotein Diagnostic Testing Market
The demand for immunoprotein diagnostic testing is continuously increasing with advancements in technology and development of innovative products, expanding the scope of market. Innovations and new developments have resulted in the widening of the application areas of immunoprotein diagnostic testin
Published Date: August 24
Growing Industrialization to Open Growth Avenues for Flame-Resistant Fabric Manufacturers
Thanks to the immense industrialization, the demand for flame-resistant fabrics has witnessed a significant rise across the world in the recent times. These fabrics are mostly utilized in curtains, uniforms, coverings for furniture, and various other products, which are used in industry settings, tr
Published Date: August 24
Growing Demand for Healthy Diet in Developed Nations to Propel Demand for Nutraceuticals
As consumers struggle to keep pace with the hectic lifestyles, the need for a healthy diet increases due to lack of time to invest on rigorous exercise activities.  Consumers are shifting their focus towards quick and healthy food habits. Rise in consumption of beverages and functional food has pre
Published Date: August 23
Growth in Retail Industry Boosts Demand for Ceramic Packing
The global ceramic packing market has been exhibiting remarkable augmentation in its valuation since the last few years, thanks to the tremendous progression in the retail industry, globally. The presence of a healthy import/export scenario in emerging economies has influenced this market significan
Published Date: August 23
Increasing Use of Mobile Money to Promote the Growth of Bank Accounts, Here’s How
The growth of the use of mobile money services has enabled millions of patrons to perform routine banking and financial transactions, relatively securely, cheaply, and more importantly, efficiently. Companies offering mobile money services are taking efforts to improve their services, rather offer c
Published Date: August 22
Passive Optical LAN (POL) Vendors to Capitalize on Growing Need for Higher Bandwidth
The global passive optical LAN (POL) market is estimated to expand at a tremendous growth rate owing to its large scale applications in various end-user industries. The escalating requirements for higher bandwidth are primarily driving the global POL market. With the ever-growing number of data-dens
Published Date: August 22
Rising Inclination towards Organic Products to Encourage Growth of Global Organic Personal Care Products Market
Organic personal care products are high in demand and are gaining popularity across the globe. The growing awareness regarding a healthy lifestyle is one of the key factors estimated to fuel the growth of the global market in the coming few years. In addition, the expansion of product portfolio and
Published Date: August 19
Enforcement of Worker Safety Mandates Bolsters Demand for Industrial Gloves
The increasing demand for industrial gloves across several end-users is leading to double-digit growth of the global glove market. The increased number of manpower, particularly in the thriving chemicals, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals industries is bolstering the demand for industrial glov
Published Date: August 19
Flexible Physical Characteristics of Organic Solar Cell to Boost their Demand
Technological advancements in solar cell technologies have led to the introduction of a new class of solar cells, called organic solar cells. These cells make use of organic electronics to convert solar energy into electrical energy. The concept of organic solar cells have gained acceptance, despite
Published Date: August 19
Efforts to Improve Livestock Quality Gives Impetus to Veterinary Antiseptics Market
The recent development of multi-resistant bacteria has necessitated the utilization of alternative therapeutic techniques in veterinary medicine. This is because these bacterial strains are nearly resistant to all oral antibiotics. To address this, the use of antimicrobial products that can be used
Published Date: August 18
Depleting Production of Shallow Water Fields Boosts Subsea Manifolds Market
Offshore projects are highly capital intensive and thus, players in offshore market are constantly striving for ways to optimize their production levels, but at economical rates. Subsea manifolds as such are being used by offshore exploration and production companies to boost oil production in oil f
Published Date: August 18
Augmented Organ and Blood Donations to Bode Well for Growth of Global Biomedical Refrigerators and Freezers Market
The biomedical refrigerators and freezers are useful in maintaining a constant temperature of samples stored. A vast rise in the number of organ donation and blood transfusion activities taking place worldwide have surged the demand for biomedical refrigerators and freezers. The rising demand for bi
Published Date: August 17
Rising Implementation of Biometric Sensors in Smartphones make Global Market Promising
The manufacturers of biometric sensors are going one step ahead to add extra features in the products apart from them being primarily used as devices to manage secure access.  For instance, recently GE was in the news as it announced its developments in wearable medical devices such as medical sen
Published Date: August 17
External Funding for Life Science Domains to Augur Well for Demand for Sample Preparation
Surging analytical and research activities have augmented the demand for samples. Sample preparation is a critical task as the effectiveness of analysis is largely dependent on the precision of the sample prepared. As a result, products that use advanced technology to deliver highly accurate samples
Published Date: August 16
Need to Curb Imitation Drug packaging Issues Boosts Growth of Packaging and Labeling Services Market for Healthcare
Healthcare packaging is challenging and can be manufactured economically if only holistic solutions are used. This requires medical devices and their packaging to be developed hand-in-hand for the optimal use of guidance package that is provided by regulatory authorities for the quality control of m
Published Date: August 16
Mounting Demand for Sterilization in Medical Drugs and Devices to Drive Demand for Sterile Medical Packaging
The sterile medical packaging market has witnessed significant growth in the recent times owing to its anti-contaminant properties and high performance. The sterile packaging finds extensive applications in medical equipment including pharmaceutical and biologics, therapeutic, and diagnostic and med
Published Date: August 13
Rising Marketing and Advertising Activities to Encourage Growth of Global Car Air Fresheners Market
Air fresheners are being used substantially across the globe at several places to get rid of the foul smell or odor. Air fresheners have been gaining popularity in recent years, owing to the particular fragrance it offers. The improving lifestyles of the population in developing countries and growin
Published Date: August 12
Anti-aging and Multi-utility Products to Augment Scope of Skin Care Products Market
The demand for cosmetic skin care products is largely influenced by the geographies. For instance, the consumers in Asia Pacific have a greater inclination towards skin lightening and brightening products, anti-aging creams have greater demand in North America and Europe. Higher demand for sun prote
Published Date: August 12