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Election of Stable Government Could Push USD 30 billion M&A Deals in India
Market watchers opine that the Indian market for mergers and acquisitions is poised to witness increase momentum following the general elections that are currently underway in the world’s largest democracy. Analysts believe that post the general elections, the total value of M&A deals c
Published Date: April 15
Beshear Promotes a Group to Boost Auto Industry in Kentucky
Kentucky seeks to be closely identified with the auto industry same as Detroit, says Gov. Steve Beshear when he launched the Kentucky Automotive Industry Association on Monday.  Beshear said at a Capitol news conference that the group aims to be the voice and unified icon for an industry sec
Published Date: April 08
Alibaba Founder Invests USD 531.78 in Financial Software Enterprise
Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, who is credited for founding the world’s largest e-commerce firm Alibaba Group Holding, is investing USD 531.78 million to gain a controlling share in Hundsun Technologies Inc, a financial software firm. Hundsun Group-that controls a 20.6% stake in Hundsun Techn
Published Date: April 03
Rising Air Pollution Spur Chinese Citizens to Import Fresh Mountain Air in Vacuum Packed Bags
Air pollution levels in China have mounted to levels such high that even a spurt of fresh air these days seems like a matter of past. The situation is clearly visible from the most recent attack of thick smog in Zhengzhou (the city is still gulped by it), the capital of Henan province, one of Chin
Published Date: April 02
8.2 Magnitude Earthquake in Chile Triggers Tsunami Warnings
A high magnitude earthquake that measured 8.2 richters struck off the coasts of Chile this Tuesday night. The earthquake caused landslides and triggered a small Tsunami on Chile’s coastline. The centre of the earthquake was about 60 miles northwest of the town Iquiqe.   The hustle crea
Published Date: April 02
Apple Files Petition for Patent of Innovative Technology That Makes Texting While Walking Safer
You can now let go of your worries of getting bumped on a pole or getting stumped while walking just because your eyes are glued to your smartphone’s screen and you are too busy concentrating at texting while walking.  US technology giant Apple is soon to introduce a technology (it has
Published Date: April 01
U.S. FDAs Stamp of Approval for Xolair Drug Developed by Novartis and Genentech
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stamped its mark of approval for Xolair (omalizumab), a drug developed by Novartis and Genentech. Xolair has been developed for treating a debilitating skin condition that is known as chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU). The occurrence of this
Published Date: March 28
Telco Industry Demands More Deregulation
AMTA, Communications Alliance supports the ‘red tape’ repeal dealings with the federal government  Since, the federal government reduced the regulations pertaining to the telco and broader communications industries, The Communications Alliance and the Australian Mobile Telecommun
Published Date: March 20
New Porous Materials Demand in the Industry Chemicals and Materials
The industry has come up with new class of making porous materials that significantly controls a wide range of applications and greater manufacturing applications to handle long term industry standard applications.  This discovery was conducted by a team of University of Connecticut chemists
Published Date: March 19
Chinese Aging Population Increasingly Turning Towards In-Home Nursing
As China experiences a massive growth in its aged population, it is emerging that many under this category show an inclination towards engaging in-home nursing services. This option is helping families ease the pressure associated with taking care of the aged.  In this backdrop, the Chenggua
Published Date: March 14
Contact Lenses to Cure Glaucoma Now
Contact lenses can now also treat Glaucoma, a new study shows.   An experimental design of contact lens is said to have shown the release of glaucoma medicines at a steady rate for up to a month. This would help people wearing such contact lenses in achieving dual benefits of corrected visio
Published Date: March 10
Slowdown in Growth of Pharma Export Trade in China
While the exports of pharmaceutical products from China increased by around 6.84% in 2013, analysts have also recorded a rise in the imports of pharma products by 6.84%. This effectively marks a slowdown in the growth of pharmaceutical exports from the country.   The total trade figures cons
Published Date: March 06
Kuwait Styrene makes a USD 180 Million net profit in 2013
The Kuwait Styrene Company announced about its end of the fiscal year December 31, 2013 net profit to be USD 180 million.   TKSC Board Chairman Hadi Abul expressed that despite the varying challenges in the market, the company’s profit exceeded USD 59 million by over 200% in 2012. This
Published Date: March 05
Qantas Posts USD 252 Million Loss, to Axe 5000 Jobs
Australia’s leading airline carrier said that it will cut up to 5,000 jobs after it reported losses to the tune of USD 252 million in its first half. The airlines hopes to cut costs by nearly USD 2 billion through these job cuts that will mainly affect full-time employees over the next three y
Published Date: February 28
Children Born to Older Fathers Could Face Higher Risk of Psychiatric Problems
According to the findings of a new study that has been published in the JAMA Psychiatry journal, children born from elder fathers may face an added risk of having psychiatric problems as compared to children that are born to fathers that are younger in age. The study was carried out by a team of res
Published Date: February 27
Signs of an Imminent Opening up of the Chinese Oil and Gas Industry
The Chinese oil and gas sector has traditionally been the bastion of state-owned companies. But this situation is likely to change soon given the fact that there are a number of initiatives being taken to open up this sector to private companies. This seems imminent following an announcement by the
Published Date: February 25
January Retail Sales in the UK Fall by 1.5%
In January, the retail sales fell by nearly 1.5% as compared to sales figures recorded in the previous month. Usually, January (that follows the festive shopping season of November and December), is a slow month for retailers, but this year the figures have been lower than expected. This fall has be
Published Date: February 24
China Offers 30% Finance for Indias Infrastructure Plan
China has shown an interest in funding a significant part of India’s infrastructure development despite the fact that the former’s previous offers for such investments have been declined by an Indian government that’s wary of China entering critical sectors of the country. An inves
Published Date: February 20
Chinese Rural Farmers Making Business at a Click with eCommerce
Food scandals have caused a considerable amount of uproar in Chinese markets in the recent past, especially in the country’s larger cities. This has given rise to a new culture that promotes the consumption of naturally produced food that is grown organically without being loaded with fertiliz
Published Date: February 19
Drug Makers: Law for Generic Drug Makers Would Raise Cost
The companies that make generic drugs and that most of the Americans buy are striving to fight against a proposed federal regulation. For just one time, this regulation requires to warn patients of every health risk each drug poses.  This proposed rule change by the Food and Drug Administrat
Published Date: February 18
Thai Economy Feels Heat of Political Turmoil with Economic Agency Slashing Growth Target
The economic agency of the government of Thailand said on Monday that it had slashed the growth projection of its economy down to 3%-4% for 2014, as compared to the forecasted figure of 4%-5%. The economic agency was forced to correct the growth projection following anemic growth in the final quarte
Published Date: February 17
Toyota Decides to Stop Manufacturing in Australia by 2017
Automobile major Toyota has announced its decision to end its car manufacturing and engine production operations in Australia. Its operations will be wrapped up by the end of 2017, and this marks the sun setting on the Australian car manufacturing industry. As Toyota prepares for the final shut d
Published Date: February 10
McDonalds Forays into Vietnamese Market with First Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City
American fast food chains and franchisers are increasingly tapping into some hitherto untouched markets in Asia. The latest market on the radar is Vietnam, a 90-million people country that is on the far end of the Pacific Rim. Taking advantage of the market that is a far way from maturity, fast f
Published Date: February 10
China\'s Civil Aviation Administration Lifts Limits on Low-Budget Airlines
China\'s Civil Aviation Administration has announced new rules that are likely to present profitable opportunities for low-cost carriers. The authority has issued a notice that cancels lowest price limits that airlines previously had to adhere to. With this, airlines can now offer their customers
Published Date: February 07
Various Cement Companies In West Bank Go On Strike
The cement operations in West Bank have surprisingly come to a halt in the Palestinian territories because the Palestinian Commercial Services Company (PCSC) has charged for the Israeli cement whose rates are high and unjustified for further processes. A member of the Palestinian Construction Ind
Published Date: February 03
Smith & Nephew Acquire ArthroCare in USD 1.7 billion All-Cash Deal
Smith & Nephew, a leading manufacturer of artificial joints has announced its decision to buy the Texas-based medical devices company ArthroCare in a USD 1.7 billion deal. The cash deal is a step towards helping Smith and Nephew boost its sports medicine business further. Smith and Nephew,
Published Date: February 03
Indiegogo Comes Together As A Crowdfunding Platform Raising $40m To Finance World Expansion
For Slava Rubin money is the key hiring aspect to expand the focus on personalization, mobility, and trust.   Indiegogo - the crowdfunding platform most famous for financing films, Jamaican bobsleigh team, and tech startups has now raised $40m in funding the global expansion.  This
Published Date: January 31
Multi Bintang Will Build A Soft-Drinks Plant In The East Java
The Indonesian Beer Company Named Multi Bintang Has Commenced Its Construction Of Carbonated Non-Alcoholic Beverage Products Or Soft-Drinks, A Project Worth Rp 210.7 Billion ($18 Million) In The Location Of Sampang Agung, Mojokerto District Of East Java. This Plant Is Contrived To Produce Up To 5
Published Date: January 29
Smartphone Shipments Touch Record of 1 Billion Units in 2013
Smartphone sales have just reached a very significant milestone. According to latest official figures, smartphones have significantly grown in popularity the world over, with nearly 1 billion shipments being recorded in 2013. This is the highest number ever recorded in smartphone sales, and this num
Published Date: January 29
Sales of Pre-Owned Homes Reach Eight-Year Peak in 2013
  The sales of pre-owned homes in Shanghai spiked to touch an all time high in the last eight years. This is being attributed to a buoyant sentiment in the luxury homes sector in the year gone by, according to market data over the weekend. The total number of such homes purchased during 2013
Published Date: January 28
FDA Issued the Complete Response Letter for AMAG\'s New Drug Named sNDA for Feraheme Injection
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have issued a full drafted response letter for the supplemental new drug application (sNDA) in the market. This new drug is for the AMAG Pharmaceuticals’ Feraheme (ferumoxytol) injection that is useful for the intravenous (IV) use.  This new dr
Published Date: January 28
Sales of Pre-Owned Cars Could Touch 16 Million Units in 2014
2014 may prove to be a good year for the used automobiles market. According to industry analysts, improved ease in the availability of credit, falling interest rates and general signs of economic recovery are proving to be a boon for the used car market in the year ahead. These are the prediction
Published Date: January 27
Reports of Shannon Airport: First Rise in Passenger Numbers in Five Years
The Shannon Airport recorded and declared its passenger count increase in numbers for the first time in five years. This rise was seen in 2013 – the first year since it became functional under local control.  The figure recorded a total of 1,400,032 passengers that flew through the Cla
Published Date: January 16
Pollution at Mainland Industrial Plants 10 Times to a Safe Limit, Study Finds
The toxin levels are rising 10 times higher in certain industrial plants in most of the mainland regions. This is higher than the expected national or local standards of the industry, claimed a new report.  Ma Jun the director of the Beijing-based Institute of Public and Environmental Affair
Published Date: January 15
LabCorp to Offer New FDA approved Breast Cancer Prognostic Test
  Today, the Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings launched the Prosigna TM Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay (an approved breast cancer prognostic gene) developed by the NanoString Technologies, Inc.  It announced that Prosigna provides a numerical score and the ri
Published Date: January 14
ETFs are Simple and Safe, but dont Miss Out on the Flash Crash 2010
Albeit, the Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) provide an outstanding range of products in the financial market, the investors may stay cautious regarding the levied risks. According to the statistics, the global ETF industry has expanded into a $2.4 trillion (£1.45trn) behemoth, including the to
Published Date: January 13
Saudi Food & Beverages Consumption is Expected to Rise to 5% in 2014
As compared to the 6.0 percent growth in 2013, Saudi Arabia’s food and beverages consumption is predicted to grow 5.0 percent in 2014. This was reported by the Business Monitor International in Saudi Arabia Food & Drink Report Q1 2014.    According to the report, the retail sect
Published Date: January 08
A. Schulman Signs USD 15.1 million Deal to Acquire Prime Colorants
Plastics resin, compound, and materials manufacturer A. Schulman Inc. seems in no mood to end its acquisition spree any time soon. The company’s officials recently announced that it has signed a USD 15.1 million acquisition deal with Prime Colorants, Inc. a Franklin, Tennessee-based company th
Published Date: January 08
India is A Role Model for Low-Cost Drugs Discovery Across the Emerging Countries
According to Anita McGahan, a Professor of Strategic Management at Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto, Indian pharmaceutical companies have lunged ahead in developing drugs across the world. According to her, the Indian pharmaceutical sector is a role model when it comes to the res
Published Date: January 07
South African gold refining industry faces difficulty, slashing 10% jobs in 2013 until the month of September
According to the statistics published by the Chamber of Mines of South Africa, the country’s gold production has increased by nearly 83% in the last 10 years. Several gold refining firms in South Africa are going through a tough phase, and the closing of the gold bull-run has impacted the mini
Published Date: January 03
Breweries in Africa Invest Over sh230b
Competition continues to cry out in Africa amongst various brewers in the alcoholic industry. Today, the industry is crying out for extreme lower tax regime affairs in order to stay close to the competition.  Year-on-year, the competition continues to increase, with over $90m (sh230b) worth
Published Date: January 03
Nuclear Energy Strives to Replace Wind, Natural Gas to Reach a Market Position
The New York Times reports state that both resources wind and nuclear energy are a better alternative to the coal. However, these sources are being tapped by the natural gas production, where, the natural gas leaves plenty of carbon footprint on the environment. This type of emission is three times
Published Date: January 02
Mondelez Sells Controlling Stake in SnackWell\'s to PE Firm Brynwood Partners for Undisclosed Sum
Mondelez International, the maker of some of the famous brands of snacks, including Trident gum, Cadbury and Oreo, has announced that it will be selling off a controlling stake that it currently holds in the SnackWell’s cracker and cookie business. According to a report in the Wall Street Jour
Published Date: December 30
Growth Opportunities for Ontario Craft Ciders
Cider is the fastest growing alcohol sector in Ontario. The Ontario Craft Cider Association (OCCA) approves the program that was announced by the Government of Ontario on December 16. The program is about the permit that is set on the VQA wines worth to be sold at the farmers’ markets. This pr
Published Date: December 28
Business Expansion of Puffed Cakes
Now-a-days, puffed cakes are really consuming the market with their delightful tastes. They are taking off with their multi-cereal formulas, ingredients, mixes, and different shapes and textures gives taste-testers a good blend of healthy and blissful taste.  The micro pellets are used as bl
Published Date: December 27
US government Announced a Delay in the HealthCare.gov Enrollment
The US government declared that small time firms will have to wait for the enrollment in the newly launched HealthCare.gov insurance scheme.  The government announced on Wednesday that until November 2014, small businesses will be delayed in their enrollments in the new health exchanges. How
Published Date: December 27
8% Hip Replacements in the U.K. Found to be Lacking Proof of Safety or Effectiveness
Even as an increasing number of people look toward hip replacements as a solution to their hip problems, Oxford University researchers have warned that one in 12 implants used in such replacements do not carry any evidence that proves their safety or effectiveness.  The team of researchers t
Published Date: December 27
Wage Disputes Stir Up in Karnataka Cement Plants
India’s Deputy Labor Commissioner of the Union government summoned a tripartite meeting with other representatives such as the UltraTech Cement, Vasavadatta Cements, Shramajeevigala Vedike and the Labor Department to come to find a resolution about the on-going wage disputes at the Karnataka c
Published Date: December 26
Balancing prescription drugs, pain cited as a painful dilemma
For the last 15 years Americans have very often left their doctor’s offices with prescriptions for strong and powerful painkillers that are reserved only for the critical injuries.  However, medical study says that bombarding body pain with a type of opioid medication was once a dramatic
Published Date: December 23
Healthcare Spending in the United States Shows Slowdown
This trend could likely translate into heavier paychecks for American middle-class households and help the government save billions of dollars. Yet, no more than one in twenty Americans knows about it. Currently, the national healthcare spending is rising at the slowest pace recorded yet. In the 19
Published Date: December 20
Europe Records Rise in Auto Registrations for Third Consecutive Month
The low automobile sales levels that have not been seen since the early 1990s in Europe are showing signs of recovery. The number of new cars registered in November 2013 has shown an increase-with this being the third consecutive month. Automobile registrations mirror the sales figure and in Novemb
Published Date: December 17
Women in the manufacturing & construction industry will be awarded scholarships
The Quad-City Chapter #50 of the NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) is now accepting scholarship applications from students and women who are keen on pursuing their career in the manufacturing and construction industry. The industry includes structural engineering, civil engineeri
Published Date: December 16
Google Adds Another Robotics Company to its Fold with the Purchase of Boston Dynamics
Internet giant Google Inc’s interest in robotics has reached a new level after reports that it has purchased Boston Dynamics, a company that is engaged in robotics R&D. Google confirmed the transaction in a statement issued December 14.  Boston Dynamics-founded by Dr Marc Raiber in 1
Published Date: December 16
E.W. Scripps Expands to Digital Video with a $35 Million Deal with Newsy
E.W. Scripps, one of America’s oldest media groups, is all set to buy out Newsy, a new media startup. The latter, that became popular as a digital video news platform, has been picked up for a sum of USD 35 million in an all-cash transaction by E.W. Scripps that owns 19 television stations and
Published Date: December 10
The Chinese Investment Group Supports the Pharmaceuticals Venture in the US
China Gaoxin Investment Group Corp, - a capital of assets of almost 300 billion USD established in 1999 as one of the China\'s first state-owned venture capital companies has committed to support the world wide nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. This American channel
Published Date: December 06
12 Best jobs in the revolutionizing American Health Care Industry
The Obamacare, (better known as the Affordable Care Act) is expected to increase and generate abundant jobs in the healthcare industry. This hiring is calculative and is compared to all the other industries by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report. The total hiring of jobs amounts
Published Date: December 05
MTV Targest Youth-Centric Electronics with Its Fashiontronix Gadget Range
What better way to engage the youth of today than to offer them a tempting range of electronics? Global music channel MTV has done just that with its latest range of cool gadgets-Fashiontronix-launched in association with Soundlogic. These youth-centric tech toys primarily comprise products such as
Published Date: November 29
Washington Post Headquarters Set to Be Sold in a $159 Million Deal to Carr Properties
The Washington Post Co. that will be renamed as Graham Holdings Co. in the coming week, is set to sell the building that houses its headquarters in Washington in a $159 million deal to Carr Properties, a Washington-based real estate company. This move is being seen as a step towards divesting its no
Published Date: November 29
Ford Announces Seventh Recall of the 2013 Escape since July 2012
Escape owners get ready to deal with yet another recall of your premium SUVs. Automobile giant Ford is recalling its 2013 Escape SUVs-the seventh recall to be announced by the company since July 2012. The latest recall is apparently being undertaken to address oil and fuel leaks that could potential
Published Date: November 27
Norman Baker, New Crime Prevention Minister Targets and Aims to Stop the Binge-Drinking Culture in Cambridge
Norman Baker - the Liberal Democrat Home Officer minister visited Cambridge and targeted the flurry binge-drinking culture amongst the people in this city. He praised the Cambridgeshire police for their movement and hard work in subverting the alcohol-fuelled violence in the city. Although the mini
Published Date: November 25
Scientists at Field Museum, Chicago Discover New Dinosaur Species
Scientists from the Field Museum have discovered a ‘top predator’ dinosaur species in North America. This species is regarded as being a significant ancestral species of the Tyrannosaurus Rex besides significantly adding to the emerging fossil record of the American continent.  The
Published Date: November 25
Stanford Researchers Develop Self-Healing Battery with a Longer Life Span
The gadgets we use today are becoming more sophisticated by the day. Sadly, the same cannot be said about the power sources that are used for charging these gadgets in use, making us more dependent on our chargers than we would like. This lament could soon be a thing of the past if a breakthrough ba
Published Date: November 20
George Aronoff is appointed at the Renal Ventures Management
Renal Ventures Management, LLC appointed George R. Aronoff, MD, MS, FACP as the new assistant-chief medical officer.  Renal Ventures, over the past 15 years is established under the supervision of Dr. Parker who led the organization into a drive for premium dialysis services. However, Dr. Aron
Published Date: November 19
St. Joseph advanced batteries are the next-generation components
The auto manufacturing industry is revving up in the Midwest, and St. Joseph is particularly trying hard to power the ride.  The advanced batteries manufactured at the Johnson Controls facility in St. Joseph are vital components for the future fuel-efficient models from General Motors Corp. Au
Published Date: November 14
Harvard Law School conference commemorates 100 Years of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau
At a conference at Harvard Law School that took place this weekend, the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau celebrated 100 years of service in the industry as well as discussed all the possible avenues for the betterment of the organization and its future.    The conference that was convened in the
Published Date: November 11
Zydus once-a-day dose drug has been approved for clinical trials
The USFDA has approved an Indian pharmaceutical company Zydus Cadila to further perform Phase-1 clinical trials of ZYDPLA 1. In medical parlance, ZYDPLA 1 is a compound that blocks the enzyme Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 (DPP-4) in order to treat type 2 diabetes. This novel compound called ZYDPLA 1 glucos
Published Date: November 07
Sinopec profits - A sharp contrast to PetroChina\'s refining losses
Beijing\'s Economic Observer, upon citing the third-quarter results of the two state-run companies reports that the Chinese oil giant China Petrochemical Corp also better known as Sinopec has conducted a good job of reducing its refining losses. Sinopec was compared to China National Petroleum Corp
Published Date: November 06
Demand for logistics services in Africa - PwC study
According to an in-depth research report by PwC, South Africa remains at the apex in terms of transport and logistics, whereas, countries in both East and West of Africa are striding in improving their overall infrastructure in order to gain greater shares of the market.    Several compa
Published Date: November 06
During 2011-2015, U.S. Cardiovascular Surgery Devices Market Grows at a CAGR of 7%
The U.S. market for cardiovascular surgery devices is mainly dominated by the heart valves which are followed by perfusion systems and cardiac assist devices. RNCOS a leading syndicate market research and consultancy firm reports that, U.S. market for cardiovascular surgery devices comprising of car
Published Date: November 01
Serendipity excite Researchers of Breast Cancer
A drug which was initially created in Newcastle to terminate the parasites and living organisms in meat and livestock is now proving as an effective weapon against breast cancer in humans.    Since four years, Dr Jennette Sakoff, a lab researcher at Calvery Mater Hospital has worked on t
Published Date: October 28
Harrington Discovery Institute teams up with Alzheimer`s Drug Discovery Foundation to make a Drug Discovery
Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospital’s drug development initiative has come together with New York’s Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation in order to speed the commercialization and development of drugs to cure Alzheimer disease.    Dr. Jonathan Stamle
Published Date: October 25
CMS Energy Cuts Fuel Costs by 44% to Help Customers Save Up To $200 This Winter
This winter, customers of Consumers Energy – the largest gas utility in Michigan – could collectively save up to $260 million with the subsidiary of CMS Energy Corp. claiming to have slashed its fuel costs by 44% in the last five years. As compared to heating costs incurred by a custome
Published Date: October 17
China Infant Formula Makers to Enjoy Government Support to Compete Foreign Rivals
In an effort to promote sector consolidation, major Chinese milk powder producers will receive official funds to the tune of 30 billion yuan (approximately $4.90 billion). According to a report on the China Business Journal, some major milk powder producers that will receive funds include Inner Mong
Published Date: September 23
Chinese Market Increasingly Important for the Italian Footwear Industry, say the MICAM Organizers
Organizers of the MICAM, a global exhibition of footwear held in Milan annually said that the Chinese market plays an integral role for the internationalization of the Italian footwear sector. With the 76th edition of the MICAM closing on Wednesday, the industry is now gearing up for the Shanghai ed
Published Date: September 19
In Competition with Microsoft\'s Xbox One, Sony Hopes to Sell 5 Million Units of PS4 By March 2013
Sony Corp expects to sell around 5 million units of its soon-to-be-launched PlayStation 4, in the fiscal year ending March 2014. The new gaming console is loaded with more entertainment services and carries a lighter price tag-two factors that Sony anticipates will prove to be a major draw for gamin
Published Date: September 19
China Telecom Phones to Have Pre-Installed Alibaba Apps?
In an effort to cash in on China\'s growing internet market, Alibaba Group is close to finalizing an agreement that would allow its apps to be pre-installed on China Telecom\'s cell phones. With plans to go public on the anvil, the Chinese internet major could soon be a $100 billion company. Sour
Published Date: September 18
Bigger, Better Boeing Dreamliner Completes Successful Maiden Flight
Boeing’s Dreamliner 787-9 aircraft, an improved version over its current 787-8 production model, successfully completed its first flight. The successful maiden flight marks an important milestone for the aircraft manufacturing giant as well as its customers. Besides being a more profitable air
Published Date: September 18
Death Rate of Patients in Britain\'s Hospitals 45% Higher Than the US
Patients being treated in wards in Britain\'s Patients in English National Health Service (NHS) hospitals face a 45% higher risk of death as compared with US hospitals. These figures were tracked over a 10-year period by Sir Brian Jarman, credited for inventing the hospital standardized mortality ra
Published Date: September 13
Smartphones are going beyond Just Entertainment
Today all the devices useful for company or consumers, be it music players, video players, cameras etc. are now combined into one device which is today called as Smartphone. Although, smartphone is just a phone but if taken into deeper sense, it is a complete gadget for every hand. You can find out
Published Date: December 12
Production Resumes at Foxconn Factory
A huge assembly factory in China, owned by iPhone assembler Foxconn, resumed production today amidst beefed up security arrangements. The management was forced to shut down the factory after a riot broke-out on Sunday late evening, which saw a clash between 2000 workers.  It was brought unde
Published Date: October 28
Vasinee Food Corp. and Thai Agri Food Co. Launch FOCO, a 100% Pure Coconut Water
Vasinee Food Corp., one of the largest U.S. wholesale food distributor and a leading importer of Thai and Asian food products and Thai Agri Food Co. a Thailand based food processing company, have launched FOCO, a popular new beverage categorized as 100% pure coconut water in the United States. These
Published Date: September 26
HTC Joins with Microsoft to Release Windows Based Smartphone Windows Phone 8X And 8S
HTC has decided to release two new Windows based handsets by early November. The Company has joined hands with Microsoft to introduce these handsets that are powered by Windows Phone 8 and are called Windows 8X and Windows 8S. The HTC 8S features include 512 MB memory and 1Ghz Core Qualcomm S4 ch
Published Date: September 26
RIL Plans Ultra-Low-Cost Base Stations
Reliance Industries is working on installing low cost telecom towers, which would cost only Rs1lakh, to be used for transmitting signals for telecom service providers. This cost would be 1/40th of the current base station deployment price.  These ultra low cost towers are part of the private
Published Date: September 26
China Successfully Patrols Disputed Islands, Will Submit Partial Continental Shelf Outline to UN
The patrol ships of CMS (China Maritime Surveillance) successfully patrolled the disputed Diaoyu islands amidst high tension between China and Japan over alleged illegal purchase of Diaoyu Island and surrounding islets. The move is seen as a step by China to bolster its sovereignty and reinforce its
Published Date: September 26
New Age LED TV by Videocon
Adding another feather to its cap Videocon took a step forward and launched a new age LED TV with vast new features and advanced technology. This TV set gives a reason to the enthusiastic TV lovers to sit back home and enjoy the TV watching experience being at home and not getting tempted to go to a
Published Date: September 26
Ontario’s Food and Beverage Industry Welcomes McGuinty Government’s Recently Announced Local Food Act
Ontario, well known for its food and beverage industry, welcomed the McGuinty government on their recently announced Local Food Act. The Local Food Act builds on the success of the Ontario food and beverage manufacturing industry. A recent report showed that the food and beverage industry registered
Published Date: September 26
Hitachi Invents Technology to Record Data for Forever on Quartz Glass
Hitachi, the Japanese electronics giant unveiled a method of storing data that could be stored for a long time. It’s a technique to store digital information on quartz glass without any degradation. This glass can bear high temperature and will not degrade in hostile conditions. The glass is m
Published Date: September 26
Global Smartphone Market to Reach 1.6 Billion by 2017
The global smartphone market will attain 1.6 billion units by 2017; growth in emerging countries especially in China will fuel the growth for the overall market. Last year, emerging markets accounted for 35% share in the overall smartphone market. China represents the leading smartphone market with
Published Date: September 26
Plagiarism finds it Easy with Advanced Technology
Technology is making people’s lives better and smoother. Latest technologies are beneficial not only to individuals but also to big organizations and companies. Today’s technology facilitates access to weather information, latest news, healthcare information, global library information a
Published Date: September 26
Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund Eyes Investment Opportunities in Australian Dairy Industry
China, which has been focusing on alternate industries in efforts to shift from traditional commodities such as iron, coal and ore, is showing interest in the Australian dairy industry. In its bid to safeguard supplies for its 1.3 billion people and provide them with secure and safe food resources,
Published Date: September 26
China and the U.S File Dueling Trade Complaints with WTO
China and the United States filed trade complaints against each other with the WTO (World Trade Organization), further escalating the trade tension between the two economic giants amidst a turbulent global economy. China and the United States, the two largest economies, are at the forefront again
Published Date: September 26
China Signs Protocol with Malaysia to Allow Bird’s Nests Entry, Brings Relief to Swiftlet Farmers
Bringing relief to the Swiftlet farmers in Malaysia, China and Malaysia signed a protocol which entails quality assurance, inspection and hygiene standards for bird’s nests to enter China from Malaysia.  The issue came into the limelight when the Chinese government imposed mandatory RF
Published Date: September 26
EU and China Agree to Boost Cooperation; Resolve Trade Disputes Mutually
The meeting between Chinese premiers and EU leaders, held in Brussels on Thursday, saw positive outcomes. The world eyes were glued on to the meeting in anticipation of approach taken to resolve common trade and economical issues. Though the trade between world’s second largest economy, China,
Published Date: September 26
Asia is keen to invest in B.C. LNG: Coleman
Rich Coleman, B.C.\'s Minister of Natural Gas Development presided in Beijing at the middle of a three-country trade mission program to Asia and announced that Korean and Chinese companies are enthusiastic on B.C.\'s LNG industry. He also said that his expectations are high to get a similar reaction
Published Date: November 30