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Tecnova is a 31 year old India Entry Consultancy firm that has helped over a thousand International companies in understanding the market for their products in India. With a team of over 100 people providing primary research and implementation services, we have assisted our clients in establishing business relations with India, ranging from activities like setting up a distribution network, incorporating their companies, acquiring companies, conducting road-shows to Greenfield implementation to set up their manufacturing facilities in India.

Global Automotive Lead-acid Battery Market 2015-2019
Lead-acid batteries have been a popular energy storage technology for the past 100 years. They are used in automotive, stationary, and deep cycle applications. Lead-acid batteries have been the dominant battery technology in the automotive market. Even though new technologies have emerged, its dominance will remain untouched in the years to come due to its low cost and long lifespan. It is the only available technology for SLI applications in the automotive sector because of its excellent cold cranking performance.  
Published Date: Sep 2015
Published By: Tecnova

Price: $2500
Sellers Guide for Food & Beverage in India
About Sellers Guide to Food & Beverage in India After conversing with thousands of companies on their needs and objectives to address the Indian market, we understand that the first goal for most companies is to export their products and engage with local distribution partners. The availability of information about effective importing and distributing partners is often a challenge, which is what we have aimed to address with the Sellers Guide to Food & Beverage in India. The report provides a brief overview of the market conditions, the growth drivers and the regulatory environment for packaged foods in India, and then concentrates on the most successful importer-distribution organizations in India. It contains detailed backgrounds on the top 14 companies and snapshot informat
Published Date: Jun 2015
Published By: Tecnova

Price: $2000

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