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CNutrInfo is a China-based consultancy firm specializing in market research & consulting service on food, nutrition, pharmaceuticacl, cosmetics and related ingredients industries. We generally serve our client with market research reports, brief survey reports, market data, import/export statistic data and phone talk consultation. We also brokered M&A and products distribution deals for a number of foreign clients. We have conducted dozens of research projects for some prestigious companies in those areas and many investment management firms from US, UK, China, Hong Kong and India.

 CNutrInfo also provide services on China food/nutrition/pharma/cosmetics regulatory environments, ingredients compliance, label layout, advertising and distribution channel. 

China Probiotics Market 2011-2016
China started to R&D, mass production and consumption of probiotics only in 1990s, much later than that in Japan and Europe. But China probiotics has been increasing with a high rate due to the fast-growing yoghourt, supplement, pharma & feed sectors over the past decade. This research report will give an indepth analysis of how the ¥33,055 milllion ($5,117 million) of China probiotics market size composed in 2011 and how the future market size will grow over the next 5 years.  There are several hundred kinds of nutritional foods and ingredients containing probiotics sold in Chinese market for the moment, such as fermented milk (yoghurt), fermented cheese or cream, fermented soy milk, probiotics supplement and pharma products. This report will also give the detailed
Published Date: Feb 2012
Published By: CNutrInfo

Price: $7600
Survey Report on Ceramide Suppliers in China
An in-depth survey result on 18 ceramide raw ingredient suppliers currently in China, including manufacturers and traders. For each supplier of them, the information was broken down into Contact Details, Corporate Profile and Ceramide Product Details.  This survey result shows that there are two forms of ceramide products in China market, powder and liquid. The price varies from RMB600 to RMB100000 ($90-$15000) per kilogram. Meanwhile from the ways of processing, there are naturally-extracted ceramide and chemicals-synthetic ceramide in China market. The ceramide content percentage in natural-origin product is far lower than that in synthetics. But the former is more expensive.  The survey result also shows that there are both Chinese manufacturers but also foreign manufa
Published Date: May 2011
Published By: CNutrInfo

Price: $1500
Global Vitamin C Supply Chain and Future Pricing Trends
The management report, The Global Vitamin C Supply Chain & Future Pricing Trends, is a result of 5-months’ study on global, particularly the Chinese raw vitamin C industry and was published in early December 2008.  The highlights of this report:  Chinese manufacturers dominating the vitamin C supply  Chinese manufacturers controlling the vitamin C pricing  Historical vitamin C prices fluctuations  Driven forces behind prices fast-increase  What would impact the future pricing trends  Global economic downturn and its impact on vitamin C prices  Vitamin C prices projection over 2009-2011  Vitamin C output projection over 2009-2011  Vitamin C profit analysis (prices, manufacturing costs, gross profit and net profi
Published Date: Nov 2008
Published By: CNutrInfo

Price: $5000

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