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India-based Synergyst is the ideal provider of business information solutions in today\'s fast-moving and impulsive business environments. In order to stay ahead of competition, companies today require all types of business support services, including customized and objective analytical research. Synergyst is the one-stop solution to all your research services needs. Synergyst offers you research on industries, countries, companies, and consumers, which is accurate, to-the-point, and complete. We offer the highest-quality products and services to help companies make strategic decisions and address core business issues.

Global Wine Industry Forecast (2011-2015)
In the last two decades, the worldwide wine industry has become increasingly internationalized and sophisticated, though over the years, the market has become fragmented, multilingual, operating in many currencies, and informationintensive. The wine industry globally faces continued shakeup and consolidation and the generation of mega wine companies has become inevitable. There has also been a shift in the major wine production centers – while production in Europe is declining, countries like Australia, Chile and China are emerging as new export hubs. Since 2008, the global wine business has suffered severely due to recession along with the fact that global consumption showing downward trends and production levels have stagnated.  According to early estimates, global wine p
Published Date: Mar 2012
Published By: Synergyst

Price: $750
China Thermometer Market - Temperature Measurement And Monitoring Devices Market: China Industry Analysis, Size (Volume-Value), Trend and Forecast (2010 - 2016)
China currently is the largest manufacturer of the mercury-based thermometer devices, manufacturing over 150 million thermometers per year, for both exports and domestic consumption. Most of the mercury thermometer demand in the country is cater through the domestic production. However, growing awareness about mercury pollution and global initiative for lowering the consumption of mercury has spur the demand for digital and other type mercury-free thermometer devices in the country, which is currently being catered through domestic production and imports. Growing healthcare infrastructure and mercury-pollution prevention initiative are the principal growth drivers of the China thermometer market. Other key growth drivers for Chinese thermometer market include growing use of digital
Published Date: Mar 2012
Published By: Synergyst

Price: $995
Data Center Services Market in United States (2009-2013)
Data center services market primarily comprises of providers of dedicated hosting services and the companies providing shared hosting as a component of larger telecommunications, internet access, or online business solutions package. This industry is also referred to as the internet infrastructure services industry or web hosting services or colocation marketplace. In our analysis, we have segmented this market into four categories shared, basic dedicated, complex managed and colocation services. Companies in the industry mainly comprise of leading telecom providers, information and technology majors and communications giants. Data center services market in United States is estimated to have reached US$28.2 billion by the end of 2009. The market continued to grow at a CAGR of 25% si
Published Date: Feb 2011
Published By: Synergyst

Price: $850

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