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INTESCO RESEARCH GROUP Market Research Reports

INTESCO RESEARCH GROUP is the analytical group, having its principal directions of activity in development of high-quality business plans, feasibility studies and marketing researches of both Russia’s and regional markets of RF. We provide our clients with up-to-date and accurate information, professional recommendations for conducting business. All works of INTESCO RESEARCH GROUP are based on the proven research and development methods. When conducting marketing researches and developing the business plans the group applies the worldwide accepted methods of investments efficiency evaluation and they are based on the Russian and international quality standards. Analysts of INTESCO RESEARCH GROUP are the graduates of the leading Moscow institutions of higher education (Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russian academy of economics named after Plekhanov, Higher School of Economics, State University of Economics and Finance) and have deep knowledge in marketing, methods of marketing research arrangement, investment projects efficiency evaluation, preparing the analytical reports and business-forecasting. Professional approach and service, high-quality specialists, deep knowledge of various markets, broad design experience and constant improvement allow the INTESCO RESEARCH GROUP to provide the high-quality service to all the clients. Information from our reports is published in the largest Russian newspapers and magazines: “Vedomosti”, “Kommersant-Dengi”, “Rossiyskaya gazeta”, “Forbes”, “Russian Food Market”, “FoodService”, “MAXIM”, “Partner: myasopererabotka”, “Moe delo. Magazin”, “Odnako”, “Khlebopekarnoe proizvodstvo”, “Producty i Pribyl”, “Konditerskaya sfera/khlebopechenie”, “Tsenovik”, “RBK daily”, “Unipack.Ru”, etc.

Fuel Pellets And Russian Market Of Fuel Pellets
  • Published Date: May 2014
  • Price: $1592
Russian Juice and Nectar Market - forecast for 2013-2016
  • Published Date: Jul 2013
  • Price: $2150
Sauses and Russian sauces market - 2013
  • Published Date: Jun 2013
  • Price: $2400
Leasing and Russian leasing market - 2013
  • Published Date: Jun 2013
  • Price: $1700
Russian public catering market. Forecast for 2013-2016
  • Published Date: Mar 2013
  • Price: $1800
IT-services market. IT-outsourcing
  • Published Date: Feb 2013
  • Price: $1400
World travel market and Russian travel market
  • Published Date: Oct 2012
  • Price: $1600
World mutton market. Russian mutton market - 2012
  • Published Date: Oct 2012
  • Price: $1500
Moscow restaurants and Moscow restaurants market - 2012
  • Published Date: Jul 2012
  • Price: $1100
World market of instant food. Russian market of instant food
  • Published Date: Jul 2012
  • Price: $1150
Rabbit meat and Russian market of rabbit meat - 2012
  • Published Date: Jul 2012
  • Price: $1100
Wafers and Russian market of wafers 2012
  • Published Date: Mar 2012
  • Price: $1600

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