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Publications by Justpharmareports provide clear, comprehensive, up-to-date, practical information and analyses on pricing/ reimbursement and medicines’ distribution for the industry professional. Researched and written exclusively by Donald Macarthur, probably the world\'s most experienced author of reports on the global pharmaceutical business environment, with more than 70 major titles over 25 years to his name, the detailed but readable texts will save $000s in consultants\' fees alone.

Pharmaceutical Pricing & Distribution in Japan, 2014 Update
  • Published Date: May 2014
  • Price: $1492
Pharmaceutical Pricing & Distribution in Japan, 2012 Update
  • Published Date: Jun 2012
  • Price: $1400
Biosimilars: Current Situation & Future Prospects, Worldwide
  • Published Date: Mar 2012
  • Price: $3000

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