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Research On Asia (ROA) Holdings is an independent Tokyo-based market research and consulting company specializing in wireless and mobile markets in Asia, introducing emerging technologies and growth opportunities in the region as well as the current developments in the highly advanced markets of Japan and South Korea.

Our services include research reports, white papers, annual services, market data service, customized research & consulting, investment consulting and seminars. Services are available in English, Korean and Japanese. With a long experience in the region and native analysts/consultants based in Tokyo and Seoul, we are also able to approach market issues from the cultural perspective and provide valuable insights on the latest trends in Asia.

Koreas O2O Market Report O2O BZ Model and Success Factors of Social Commerce, Gift Card, Coupon and Membership Point
Generally, O2O is known as the acronym for online-to-offline and recently drawing attention from many people.  However, there is an argument over the specific meaning of O2O because the convergence between online and offline began years ago with the launch of the internet.    This report defines O2O as the business attracting users of mobile and online network into the offline stores based on common platforms whose effects on customer attraction can be evaluated reasonably. There are a variety of O2O platforms in terms of distribution contents, channels and customer attraction evaluation methods, which are in the process of being developed.  The objective of the report is to make business suggestions by analyzing Korea’s O2O market for those who are pr
Published Date: May 2013
Published By: ROA Holdings

Price: $990
The Future of Mobile Health Market in Korea
  Mobile technologies and devices are expanding beyond telecommunications industry very rapidly. It is no exaggeration to say that mobile industry is being converged with almost all industries for a further development. Health care is not an exception. It is true that health care has been an exclusive industry because it is heavily based on the expertise of doctors and strictly limited to hospitals. As of now, however, active information transactions through mobile networks are taking place, affecting various industries including health care.  Recently, a new term, Mobile Healthcare, has been coined, heralding a new paradigm in the industry. Now, more and more medical services are being offered with IT devices, replacing conventional medical check-ups at the hospitals. In add
Published Date: Nov 2012
Published By: ROA Holdings

Price: $990
Analysis of Samsung’s Competitiveness in 2012
Samsung Electronics’ wide product line-up ranges from set products to components, encompassing semiconductor, TV, and LCD and LED display. In the global market, it has been presenting a successful growth in a tough business environment. For this reason, Samsung can be referred to as the benchmark for companies in development of successful business strategies.   Samsung’s sales reached a new high in 2011 despite recession in the IT industry. It recorded KRW 165 trillion in sales which increased KRW 10 trillion from 2010.     Each of communications, semiconductor and TV business presented a strong performance, driving the sales increase. Its mobile handset production surpassed 300 million units last year. In particular, smartphone shipments reached 100 millio
Published Date: May 2012
Published By: ROA Holdings

Price: $990
Asian Mobile Market Forecast 2012-2015
Among the Asian mobile markets, Korea and Japan by adopting 3G at an early stage, have been leading the region in terms of technology, and various kind of services providing diversified contents have been diffused within Asia. While the mobile subscriber numbers of Korea and Japan have been reaching saturation, the rest of the Asian countries are catching up to become the center of growth in Asia.    ROA Holdings has selected 10 countries in Asia that are assumed to show key movements in the near future. The total number of mobile subscribers in both China and India are currently occupying almost 75% of the rest of the 10 countries, and Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, as well as Vietnam are following them with a rapid growth rate.   It is estimated that the total num
Published Date: Feb 2012
Published By: ROA Holdings

Price: $2000

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