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Lentiviral are vectors that are derived from the virus known as human immunodeficiency virus and is used to transfer gene in the cells, such as mammalian cell and others. Lentiviruses are used for transfection in non-dividing and actively dividing cell. This acts as an advantage to another type of retrovirus. The lentiviruses fall in the category of a retrovirus. The lentiviral expression system is developed, which can influence the gene of interest. The commercially available lentiviral expression systems are available in combination with tag sequence, reporter gene, promoters and multicistronic vectors are also available for desired protein expression. These vectors are used for research and development purpose recombinant protein expression, protein characterization, in-vitro transcription, and other functional arrays.

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The HIV vector is used as an attractive transfection vector and in use in research laboratories in biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies. The lentiviral expression system is highly effective gene therapy and is designed to optimize high expression and high titers for use in the mammalian cell, primary cells, nondividing cells, stem cells, and neurons. The lentiviral wraps up to 5kb of foreign DNA. The transduction with lentivirus vector is highly efficient, so the concern on the multiplicity of infection (MOI) should be taken into account. For cells to be infected by only one type of lentiviral particle, the MOI should be less than one. The screening rate for transfection is mostly 100% after the transfected cells are screened for antibiotic resistance or fluorescent screening technique.

Manufacturers are focused on manufacturing cost-effective and rapid protein expression methods. Furthermore, companies operating in the expression system market are focusing on the development of high yield protein expression system. Government-funded and private initiatives in various countries are focusing on research and development programs which are fuelling the growth of the lentiviral expression system market. The market in high-income countries is projected to gain traction in terms of revenue due to the high focus on developing the novel application of lentiviral expression system in new industrial processes. Technological advancement in the diagnostic and treatment process of infectious diseases, advancement in molecular techniques are the factors fueling the demand of lentiviral expression system market in the near future.

The global lentiviral expression system market is segmented on basis of treatment type, disease condition, distribution channel and geography

Segment by Expression System Components

Lentiviral Promoter
Lentivirus Promoter Vectors
Lentivirus Promoterless Vectors
Lentiviral Fusion Tags
Lentivirus Packaging Systems
Other Accessories
Segment by Application

Recombinant protein expression
Functional assays
Protein characterization
In vitro transcription

Segment by End User

Biotechnology Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Contract Research Organizations
Academic/ Research Institutes

Global lentiviral expression system is segmented by expression components, application and end user. Based on the expression system components, global lentiviral expression system market is segmented lentiviral promoter, which is further sub-segmented as lentivirus promoter vectors, lentivirus promoterless vectors, lentiviral fusion tags lentivirus packaging systems and other accessories. Based on the application type, global lentiviral expression system market is segmented as recombinant protein expression, functional assays, protein characterization, In vitro transcription and other application for research and study purpose. On the basis of end user, the global lentiviral expression system market is segmented into biotechnological companies, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, academic/ research institutes. Increasing outsourcing by pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, declining R&D productivity and patent cliff sales drop leading to increasing research intensity in the pharmaceuticals sector, rapid process/product development due to fewer steps, increased awareness about new product/kits launch and others are some of the factors drive the global lentiviral expression system market during the forecast period. Whereas high cost and short reaction scale, low protein expression, inadequate access to health care, lack of standardized tools for research and development are some of the factors that may hamper the growth of global lentiviral expression system market.

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By Geography, the global lentiviral expression system market is segmented into five broad regions viz. North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa. North America is estimated to lead the global lentiviral expression systems market due to increasing focus on protein expression and production, growing demand for simple and efficient protein production methods, government funding for research and development in developed countries and others. . Increasing applications in various areas such as protein structural analysis, protein expression & purification, functional genomics, determining protein-protein interactions are projected to boost growth of the lentiviral expression system during the forecast period. Europe market is also projected to experience high growth due to emphasis on up-scaling and industrial application in the near future. Asia Pacific market is anticipated to grow at the fastest growth rate during the forecast period, owing to factors such as focusing on healthcare expenditures, rise in research and development facilities and others

Some of the major players in global lentiviral expression systems market are Dharmacon Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific, Takara Bio, abm Inc., Cell Biolabs, Inc., GeneCopoeia, Inc., System Biosciences, LLC. , FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies U.S.A., Inc., ATUM, Merck KGaA and Others.

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