Fin Field Effect Transistor (FinFET) Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013-2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018-2028


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The birth of the Fin Field Effect Transistor technology is the result of constant increases in the integration levels. For many years, the basic principle Moore’s law held its ground dating back to the initial days of the integrated circuit technology. Basically, the law states that every two years, the number of transistors doubles on a given silicon area. Previously, planar designs were built on silicon on insulator or SOI substrate. However, with the introduction of FinFET, the designs now use a conducting channel, which rises above the insulator level. It then creates a fine silicon structure.

Fin Field Effect Transistor, commonly called as FinFET, is a form of a 3D or non-planar transistor. It is mainly utilized while designing modern processors. This structure is generally shaped like a fin and is called a gate electrode. The ‘fin’ forms the drain and source effectively and thus allows the flow of more volume than a conventional planar transistor for the same area. The gate wraps itself around the fin and allows more control of the channel as there is enough length for monitoring. This fin-shaped electrode helps in the operation of different gates on a single transistor.

In recent years, the Fin Field Effect Transistor technology has experienced substantial growth in adoption, especially in the integrated circuits. When compared to the traditional planar technology, the Fin Field Effect Transistor (FinFET) technology provides some considerable benefits in the design of integrated circuits.

The FinFET technology aims to offer higher levels of scalability required to ensure that the progress achieved with the swelled integration levels inside the integrated circuits are maintained.

Miniaturization has been the trend in the technology market for a now time now and with the advent of devices such as wearables the need to fit more components in limited space on devices and semiconductors is more than ever. Semiconductors have generally followed the Moore’s law and the number of transistors on a given area of silicon has doubled every two years. While semiconductors have grown smaller in size they have also successfully tackled the issue of power efficiency to enable efficient functioning of battery based devices.

All these developments in semiconductors has been made possible by the usage of Fin Field Effect Transistors, a type of non-planer or “3-D” transistor used in modern processers. The Fin Field Effect Transistor uses fin shaped gate electrode which rises above the level of insulator. The Fin-Shaped electrode on Fin Field Effect Transistor allows multiple gates to operate on a single transistor. This is one of the primary methods leveraged by a Fin Field Effect Transistor to enable space and efficiency improvements. Fin Field Effect Transistors were first introduced in 2012 by Intel with its 22-mm Ivy Bridge processors

Fin Field Effect Transistors Market: Drivers & Challenges

The need of power and space efficiency is increasing day by day. Fin Field Effect Transistors are at the base of many of the IoT devices that are getting adopted in consumer as well as Enterprise markets at a fast pace. This has resulted in a scenario where Fin Field Effect Transistors have become elemental in most of the modern semiconductors. IoT will this drive the demand of Fin Field Effect Transistors. While Fin Field Effect Transistors have been adopted heavily across applications the production processes for Fin Field Effect Transistors has been hard to adopt even for some of the established semiconductor manufacturers.

Fin Field Effect Transistor Market: Segmentation

Fin Field Effect Transistors Market, By Technology:

  • Fin Field Effect Transistor Technology is segmented into 22nm, 20nm, 16nm, 14nm, 10nm & 7nm. The nanometer size refers to gage of copper in the transistor. The smaller number of Nanometer means that a higher number of transistors can be fitted into a CPU enabling performance efficiency.

Fin Field Effect Transistors Market, By Product:

  • Fin Field Effect Transistor, by product is segmented into smartphones, computer & tablets, wearables, Automotive, Industrial and others.

Fin Field Effect Transistor Market: Regional Overview

North America is expected to lead the Fin Field Effect Transistor Market in terms of value owing to high adoption of digitization and IoT. However Asia Pacific is expected to lead the market in terms of growth owing to the rapid penetration of smartphone and automation technologies in the region.

Fin Field Effect Transistor Market: Competitive Landscape

Fin Field Effect Transistor Market :Key Contracts/Agreement/Acquisitions

  • Qualcomm and TSMC, both prominent players in the semiconductor industry have come together to manufacture semiconductors based on Fin Field Effect process technology. It is speculated that Qualcomm is looking to partner with TSMC to develop 7nm chips

Fin Field Effect Transistor Market : Key Players

  • Leading players in the Fin Field Effect Transistors market include NVIDIA Corporation, Intel Corporation, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, Samsung, Globalfoundries, NXP Semiconductors, Texas Instruments Incorporated and others.

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