Inulinase Market: Global Industry Analysis 2012-2016 and Opportunity Assessment 2017-2027


Future Market Insights

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Inulin is one of the naturally present poly fructan that is broadly utilized for the making of high fructose syrup through either chemical or microbial process. The microbial inulinases stimulates the change of inulin into the FOS and fructose. These are secure substitute sugars when contrasted with sucrose because of its profitable highlights, for example, calories, higher improving limit, absence of cancer-causing nature, wellbeing for diabetics.

Rising Demand for Calorie-Centric Food to Augur Market Growth

  • Inferable from surging demand for more advantageous and calorie-specific food has constrained numerous food enterprises to think of some optional safe sugars. Fructooligosaccharides have additionally been acknowledged as useful sugars like other microbial oligosaccharides. Advanced procedure for the overproduction of exco inulinase has been created for production of bioethanol and fructose syrup.
  • Moreover, endo inulinases have likewise been utilized for the making of inulo-oligosaccharides through inulin containing material. Be that as it may, the generation of Inulinase is affected through the medium segments and sort of the living being utilized for aging.
  • The surge in utilization of fructose is a major factor of the development in the global Inulinase market. Further, the rising demand regarding fructose syrup is brought about capacity expansion via various makers in the market, especially in India and China. With the advancement of new catalysts, it is foreseen that the market will support the proficiency of changing over starches into its derivatives which incorporate increased fructose syrup.
  • North America and Western Europe is foreseen to represent the biggest offer in the global inulinase market. Asia Pacific is relied upon to represent the most astounding development rate in the future, inferable from the expanding utilization of low-calorie substitutes, for example, fructose to normally determined sugar regarding food and drinks.

Inulin is a naturally occurring poly fructan, which is being widely used for the production of high fructose syrup from chemical or microbial procedures. Microbial inulinases accelerate the conversion of inulin into FOS and fructose. Inulinase are safe and substitute for sweeteners when compared to sucrose. There are many new inulinase producers who have obtained genes encoding inulinases from different microorganism. Inulinase is highly prevalent in plants and microorganisms. Owing to the rising health concerns about hectic lifestyles, especially in the developed regions such as North America and Europe, the global inulinase market is expected to surge during the forecast period.

Global Inulinase Market: Drivers and Restraints

Increasing demand for calorie-controlled and healthier food has forced various food industries to derive few alternative safe sweeteners for consumption. Fructooligosaccharides are been used as functional sweeteners which are similar to other microbial oligosaccharides. A novel process for exco inulinase overproduction has been developed for bioethanol production and ultra-high fructose syrup. The endo inulinases have also been used for the production of inulo-oligosaccharides from inulin and inulin containing materials. However, the production of Inulinase is effected by the medium components and type of the organism used for fermentation.

Technological advancements in the market is also one of the factor fuelling the global inulinase market growth. For instance, Solid State Fermentation (SSF) compromises many benefits for making of bulk chemicals and enzymes owing to its low-cost substrates, and environment-friendly process. 

Global Inulinase Market: Segmentation

The global inulinase market is segmented into product types,

  • Microbial Inulinase
  • Plant Inulinase

The global inulinase market is segmented by application,

  • High Fructose Syrup
  • Inula-oligosaccharides production
  • Bioethanol production

Global Inulinase Market: Segmentation Overview

Microbial Inulinase is vital manufacturing enzymes, which is inducible and extracellular. Yeasts, filamentous fungi, and some bacteria’s produce inulinases. The most important application of inulinases is in the production of fructose syrup from inulin rich products. Growing health consciousness in consumers is one of the factors resulting in significant demand for fructose. Fructose is being developed as a healthy and safe alternative sweetener compared to sucrose. Growing consumption of fructose is a key driver of the growth in global Inulinase market. Further, the growing demand for fructose syrup is resulted in capacity expansion by numerous manufacturers in the market, particularly in China and India. With the development of new enzymes, it is anticipated that the market shall boost the efficiency of converting starches into derivatives which include High Fructose syrup.

Global Inulinase Market: Regional Outlook

The inulinase market is segmented by regions into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East & Africa (MEA) and Japan. Western Europe and North America is anticipated to account for the largest share in the global inulinase market. APEJ is expected to account for the highest growth rate during the forecast period, owing to the rising application of low-calorie substitutes that are derived naturally such as fructose. Various sources are emerging for extraction of Inulinase. For instance, dahlia is a flowering plant and the tubers of dahlia contain 12.5% of inulin which are being used in food & beverage application.

Global Inulinase Market: Key Players

The key players in the global inulinase market are BENEO, Jarrow Formulas, Beneo-Orafti, Sensus, and Cosucra. To ensure product differentiation and to gain a considerable share of the market, major vendors are adopting creative strategies and are constantly developing innovative products. The market is witnessing an increase in number of prominent inulinase producers. 

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The report provides the following information:

  • Tailwinds and headwinds molding the market’s trajectory
  • Market segments based on products, technology, and applications
  • Prospects of each segment
  • Overall current and possible future size of the market
  • Growth pace of the market
  • Competitive landscape and key players’ strategies

The main aim of the report is to:

  • Enable key stakeholder’s in the market bet right on it
  • Understand the opportunities and pitfalls awaiting them
  • Assess the overall growth scope in the near term
  • Strategize effectively with respect to production and distribution

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