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Entering the Space TDRS Era

Published Date: 2017-08-21

The International Space Station orbits in 90 minutes today, and if it were using the communications technology that was present years ago, it could only relay messages for a maximum 15 minutes of its orbit time. This just shows how far we have come today, with innovations such as the Tracking and

Atlas V Launched Despite Technical Difficulties

Published Date: 2017-08-21

United Launch Alliance managed to successfully launch its Atlas V rocket recently, after handling technical difficulties that delayed the launch by nearly half an hour. The rocket was launched from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’ Space Launch Complex 41 at 8:29 a.m. instead of its original

Algae which Terraformed Earth

Published Date: 2017-08-18

There have always been debates regarding the formation of earth and mainly on the creation of life on earth. A planetary takeover by algae living in ocean over 650 million years back was the kick that changed life on Earth. That is the thing that geochemists contend in Nature this week, on the

Chatbot aids Students to Choose Courses

Published Date: 2017-08-18

Leeds Beckett University has propelled a chatbot to enable imminent understudies to locate the correct course. It takes after the distribution of A-level outcomes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Utilizing Facebook Messenger's chatbot innovation, understudies would have the capacity to "

Altering the Production of Lactate May Influence Hair Growth

Published Date: 2017-08-17

It has been found that the stem cell metabolism for hair follicle is different from other cells of the skin, said researchers from University of California. The process of metabolism makes use of enzymes that alter nutrients to produce metabolites and as hair follicle stem cells consume the nutrient

Why You Need Lima Ultra

Published Date: 2017-08-17

The Lima Ultra is a tiny device which is gearing towards customers who wish to access a file and a backup system irrespective of the OS they use. Lima Ultra does so, by allowing users to create their own personal cloud and thus they have hit mainstream. After it has been connected to a router, Lima

First-Profit of Woodside Rises by 49% on Higher Energy Prices

Published Date: 2017-08-16

The largest gas and oil produces in Australia, Woodside Petroleum Ltd. has posted an increase of 49 percent in the first-half profit amidst lower production costs and higher energy prices. Net income of Woodside Petroleum Ltd., a Perth-based company, rose from US$340 million to US$507 million a

China Resources, Aviva Weigh Bids for Wind Farms in U.K

Published Date: 2017-08-16

China Resources Power Holdings Co. and Aviva Plc are among the group of companies that are considering to bid for stakes of Statkraft AS in its offshore farms in U.K. According to the people associated with this event, it is expected to create a great surge in interest for green energy assets across

Engineers Discover Ultra-Thin Materials That Outdo Silicon

Published Date: 2017-08-14

Electric engineers of the Stanford University have recognized two semiconductors that showcase traits like Silicon-and have the potential to exceed the material in the same factors. Hafnium diselenide and zirconium diselenide that mirrors some of Silicon’s characteristics such as its ability to

Google Cancels Town Hall over Employees Online Harassment Concerns

Published Date: 2017-08-11

For Google, which recently fired an employee named James Damore, for posting an internal memo that created a diversity controversy by stating that women lose out to men in technological jobs on account of inherent biological differences, more trouble is brewing. Recently, a town hall meeting –