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Tiangong-1 Predicted to Fall Over Earth over Easter Weekend

Published Date: 2018-03-23

An out-of-control, Chinese space station named Tiangong-1 is slated to fall to Earth in the next few weeks. However, it’s unlikely to cause much damage should it make it all the way to the surface of the planet. Tiangong-1 was launched in September 2011, to help test the docking and rendezvous

Newborn Black Hole Discovered by Russian Scientists Dedicated to Stephen Hawking

Published Date: 2018-03-22

Astronomers from Russian have discovered a neonate black hole in the Ophiuchus constellation, and have dedicated the discovery to renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who devoted his entire life studying our vast universe. Ophiuchus constellation can be found toward the northwest of the center of the

Alien Theory of Oumuamua Put to Rest-Origin Likely from Binary Stars

Published Date: 2018-03-21

Towards the end of the past year, scientists noticed a totally new visitor to our solar system, speeding its way through. A long, cylindrical object had flown into our tinny celestial neighborhood at a swift pace and orbited around the sun before heading back out into deep space. Eventually

NASA’s ‘Hammer’ to Protect Earthizens from Asteroid Bennu

Published Date: 2018-03-20

Asteroid Bennu, estimated to be sizably bigger than the Empire State Building, traverses past the Earth every six years or so. Bennu was then named after an ancient Egyptian mythological bird, in a naming contest won by a North Carolina third grader named Michael Puzio. Thankfully Bennu is neither

With New WhatsApp Update, Users can Switch to Video During Voice Call

Published Date: 2018-03-19

WhatsApp now has rolled out a new update for its Android and iOS versions which has been brought forth to improve the user experience for ‘WhatsApp Groups’ and its users and also includes the much highly wanted feature to switch to video calls during an ongoing voice call. The WhatsApp

Google Maps Equipped with Wheelchair Accessible Transit Routes

Published Date: 2018-03-16

Google has at long last made sense of an approach to make one of its most prevalent services more valuable to the estimated 2.2 million individuals in the United States who rely upon a wheelchair to get around. Today, the organization said it is including "wheelchair accessible" courses to Google

Facebook Attempts to Stave off Fake News, in Talks of Starting ‘Live’ News

Published Date: 2018-03-15

Facebook is discussing the production of daily videos that would go or stream live in the site's Watch tab, with a number of media outlets. The company is currently in talks with 10 leading news outlets about producing an average of 3-minute length videos that would go live in the Watch tab and

Moderators on YouTube Limited to Four Hours of Content Daily

Published Date: 2018-03-14

Moderate outlets on YouTube have gotten themselves hushed on the video sharing stage, under a crackdown on disruptive content. Enthusiastic new representatives 'erroneously' expelled a few diverts and clasps in the wake of the Parkland School shooting. Moderators were endeavoring to

Facebook’s Onavo Releases and Deletes User Data Collecting App

Published Date: 2018-03-12

Facebook released another application this week, which like a large number of their items, existed for the most part to gather client information and bundle it up for Facebook. The application, called Bolt App Lock, and is made by a similar organization behind the disputable VPN service Onavo

YouTube Studio Rolls Out, Promises Increased Improved Insights

Published Date: 2018-03-09

YouTube declared that its 'YouTube Studio' will leave the beta stage and the steady form of the application will be propelled in the coming days. The 'YouTube Studio' application should be a standout amongst the most essential instruments for YouTube makers as they deal with their