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Toothpaste Containing Charcoal Increases Risk of Tooth Decay

Published Date: 2019-05-15

One of the trendiest products across the globe is charcoal-based toothpastes. However, in a research report British Dental Journal said that using charcoal-based toothpaste can increase the risk of abrasion. This product can actually fail to whiten teeth and lead to decaying of tooth. As stated by

Quantum Computing Possible with Graphene Plasmons

Published Date: 2019-05-09

The physicists at University of Vienna and the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona prove that customized graphene lattice can allow photons to interact with each other. The study shows that graphene sheets can set designs for optical quantum computers. According to the researchers, photons

This Solar Powered Glass Can Purify Water

Published Date: 2019-05-08

Researchers of IIT Mandi have come up with a self-cleaning glass that can purify water using sunlight. The glass is capable to remove organic pollutants like detergent and drugs along with microbes. The development is a benchmark in cleaning water reservoirs across the country. According to Rahul

Smart Tech to Cut 25-50% Food Cost in Africa

Published Date: 2019-05-07

Farmers at sub-Saharan Africa are finding it convenient to cultivate, irrigate, and sell their products at a fair price. The convenience is the result of smart tech in the region. Farmers, crop buyers, and other professionals in the region have started harnessing smart gadgets to increase

Inequality in Jobs A Major Drawback of Modern Technology

Published Date: 2019-05-06

The world is experiencing a paradigm shift from manual work processes to automation. As a result of Industry 4.0, every process now works on a network. With developing technologies, the concern of losing your job to automation is bothering majority of people today. Moreover, people with poor

New Graphene Artworks Requires No Ink

Published Date: 2019-05-03

The term ‘electrifying art’ has a whole new meaning today. Here the word electrifying is not just an adjective describing the uniqueness of the art. The artists at Rice University are actually developing artworks that can conduct electricity. The art is based on the laser-induced grapheme (LIG)

Advanced Technique to Color Tune LED Bulbs

Published Date: 2019-05-02

A new technique shows the possibility of color tuning of LED bulbs. Changing the time sequence of the operation current that flows to the device helps achieve this. This is a collaborative work of Scientists from Leigh University, University of Amsterdam, West Chester University, and Osaka

Soon You Will Hear Neuron Transplant Surgery

Published Date: 2019-04-30

Heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, eyes, arms, and legs. The list of organs that can be transplanted is endless. And scientists are all set to add another organ in this exhaustive list, though it is complicated. Researchers at Stanford and Sandia National Laboratories have developed a device that mimics

Effective Personalized Cancer Treatment through Gene Predictions

Published Date: 2019-04-29

It is believed that the network algorithm is used in finding friends on social media. A new study at University of Sussex proves that they can be used in finding an effective treatment for cancer.  Gene’s interactions can be predicted with the help of algorithm network. Treatment Effects

Time Restricted Eating Lowers Blood Sugar

Published Date: 2019-04-25

According to researchers, time restrictions in eating help in lowering blood sugar levels.  The study says, time limits in eating shows promising results in controlling blood sugar levels. This will prevent risk of developing type 2 diabetes. According to study published in Obesity Journal, 15 men