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Phoenix, Arizona Steadily Commence into Self-Driving Taxis

Published Date: 2018-12-13

The wait for driverless cars is not over yet. Waymo, Google’s spinoff, launched autonomous taxis is Phoenix, Arizona a few days back. The company was testing its technology since 2016.To use the service, named as ‘Waymo One’, users are required to download the app and provide their credit card

Scientists Baffled by Unexplained Tremors Across Earth

Published Date: 2018-11-30

On Sunday November 11, around 9.30 am, a progression of abnormal seismic waves moved the world over. Peculiarly, no person felt or saw it. Be that as it may, machines did. Scientists distinguished an unusual, long and level vibration from the territory, depicted as an 'atypical low recurrence

General Motors Faces Threat of Losing EV Subsidy Post Layoffs

Published Date: 2018-11-29

General Motors announced a cost-efficient plan to avail tax credit, rendering the US president disappointed.  The automotive company reported the closure of several manufacturing facilities and over 14,000 layoffs. The company has been witnessing a dip in their sales for the past few years. GM has

Improvised Technique for Graphene Filters to See Light

Published Date: 2018-11-28

Graphene is a sheet of carbon with a thickness of a single atom size, and scientists have first isolated the material in 2004. Since then, researchers have been trying to utilize the material as a nano-meter sized, porous channel. Analysts at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST

Is Pancreatic Cancer Emerging Faster and Killing Most of the People?

Published Date: 2018-11-16

Pancreatic cancer grows mutely without knowingly, but the effective and successful treatment of pancreatic cancer is rare. Thursday, November 15, 2018, was the World Pancreatic Cancer Day, hoping that increased awareness about the disease will save numerous lives. Introduction to Pancreatic Cancer

China to Build Artificial Sun after Moon

Published Date: 2018-11-15

China is trying to build artificial celestial bodies. A few weeks back, the world learned about the artificial moon for solving the problem of street lights and electricity. Now China is trying to make the earth-based sun which will be able to create a temperature of 100 million degree Celsius. The