China to Build Artificial Sun after Moon

Published Date : Nov 15, 2018

China is trying to build artificial celestial bodies. A few weeks back, the world learned about the artificial moon for solving the problem of street lights and electricity. Now China is trying to make the earth-based sun which will be able to create a temperature of 100 million degree Celsius.

The temperature of the actual Sun is near about 15 million degrees Celsius and this artificial sun is noticeably hotter. But scientists believe that to continue this much of temperature can be created by nuclear fusion.

At the original temperature such as 100 million degrees Celsius, the forcefully charged deuterium and tritium as when they can fuse together. Usually, the particles of deuterium and tritium repel each other. Thus, making the fusion of this two material is without the massive exothermic reaction.

Tritium and deuterium are isotopes of hydrogen and we have robust supply as well. The Tokamak Energy suggest that fusion reactors for power generation are possible with innovation in the next ten years.

Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) is aimed to recognize nuclear fusion and sources of power on Earth. Nuclear fusion can create power in large amount without risk of meltdown and lowering wastage formation. Fusion trusts on making a combination of two nuclei along with splitting of the atom in a nuclear reactor.

The problems for reaction on Earth are obvious and EAST want to be able to survive in this robust temperature. It needs to be practical energy generation. EAST is one of the leading and holding the world record for sustaining such reactions in Tokamak. These researchers were successful in 2017 for achieving the steady-state H-mode to work in 101.2 seconds.