Maserati keen to double its dealer network

Published Date : Jun 24, 2014

Maserati motors, the makers of high-end luxury cars, is planning to diversify its global dealership network. The company’s current agenda sets its goal at an addition of 500 more dealers throughout the world by 2015. The decision has come as a reform for sustaining the rising demands for company’s luxury sedans such as Ghibli and Quattroporte.

Maserati is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year. The company had 250 sales outlets throughout the world in the year 2011. In only two-quarters of this year, the company is already near to match its full-year deliveries of 15,400 vehicles in the year 2013. 

This type of growth is significant for the company and justifies that the investments of the company are paying off well and demands are on rise. The growing network, on the other hand, confirms that the company growth is definitely in the right direction.   

The company is planning to increase its production by 20% to keep up with the rising demands. It hopes to increase the revenues to nearly 6 billion Euros, threefold of its current state, by the year 2018 with the introduction of new models, a new and the company’s first SUV and the Alfieri sports car. 

The brand’s current cheapest model in the market is the Ghibli at $66,900. With such high prices, the company needs to have double digit profits to survive in the market. 

The company is considering the regions of Asia Pacific and China as its second strongest market. This region accounted for average sales of nearly 800 cars a year in past years. Currently, these amounts of cars are being sold by the company in a month.