Chinese Government Strengthens Food Safety Law

Published Date : Sep 23, 2015

China is drafting more stringent Food Safety Laws, which is expected come into effect on Oct 1, as revealed by a senior official working with CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) on Tuesday. 

At a recent seminar organized in Guangzhou, Guo Wenqi made a remark on the prevailing food safety laws and rules in the country.  

In April 2015, the Standing Committee of National People Congress, China’s top legislature, adopted an amendment to its 2009 Food Safety Law. According to reports, the new food safety law will have provision for heaviest administrative, civil, and criminal penalties for offenders of the law and their supervisors. 

As told by head of the CFDA Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement, Guo Xiaoguang, the CFDA has been since long working with several agencies including taxation departments, fiscal departments, and financial institutions on propagating stringent laws to deal with serious food safety violators. 

According to the revised laws, enterprises who fail to follow the food safety norms will face penalties such as restrictions on loans, bidding and land use, and taxation. The CFDA also said that it will give better rewards to whistleblowers. 

Deputy Head at the Ministry of Public Security for Public Order Administration, Hua Jingfeng said that the committee will encourage tip-offs from food industry associations and publics. He also said that the Ministry is looking forward to have a trained team of police who specializes in cracking food crime and until recently almost 21 provincial public security departments have formed their food safety teams. 

Guan Yingshi, who belongs from the SPC said that public courts in China are taking significant steps to promote public awareness regarding the food safety laws. For instance, they are planning to broadcast the trials of some of the most notorious crimes live on television.