Agreements amongst UK-China Point towards a Novel Phase Appertaining to Education Collaboration

Published Date : Sep 23, 2015

The eighth UK-China Education Summit saw the consenting to of 23 education arrangements to further coordinate effort and expand student portability, which UK Minister for Universities and Science Jo Johnson said flagged another period of logical and instructive cooperation on an extraordinary scale between the two nations. The summit occurred as a feature of the UK-China High-Level People-to-People Dialog in London a week ago, coming full circle in the marking of a 'UK-China Strategic Framework in Education' assention that laid out the two nations' dedication to extending coordinated effort crosswise over higher, professional and school training, and to work firmly together in sports eduction.

Talking at a gathering on UK-China advancement and business enterprise amid the occasion, China’s Vice-Premier, Liu Yangong focused on the significance of developing research collaboration effort to handle worldwide difficulties. The dialog is relied upon to shape the premise for expanded organization action between the Association of Colleges, China Education Association for International Exchange, and British Council crosswise over apprenticeships, educational programs advancement, leadership training, and employer engagement.

 It expands on cooperation that has served to build up 60 school associations in this way. Amid the summit, the CEAIE and the British Council marked a notice of comprehension to interface 200 schools in China and the UK to encourage trade visits and strategy and educational programs improvement, targeting on STEM subjects, sports, language, and other innovative subjects. 

What's more, as China pushes to develop its sports sector, sports education agreements incorporated the advancement of a joint football accreditation framework, empowering Chinese football mentors for training in the UK. The dialog was held in front of Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne's trade mission to China during this week, amid which he said he needs the UK to be China's best accomplice in the west.