FreedomPop Introduces a Mobile Service for Free in the United Kingdom

Published Date : Sep 24, 2015

U.S. based MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), FreedomPop recently launched a certain free mobile service in United Kingdom. This company joined the market in the year 2012. At present, it is offering subscribers in the U.K. a 200 minutes package, with 200 MB of data, and 200 texts that will be 100% free of cost. However, the company will also be ensuring that customers if they desire, can have access to package upgrades that can be got at a certain minimal cost. 

According to sources, during the official launch of this service, the company would be offering the first ten thousand users to be able to sign up a special plan that during the initial month of service, will receive 1 GB free data, 1000 free texts, and 1000 free minutes. The subscribers of this service in the U.K. will have the advantage of a variety of different features, which will include the capacity to have access to free unlimited data via 3rd party surveys, rollover of data that is unused, and sharing of data with other subscribers of FreedomPop. It also includes the service of making free international calls. 

According to industry experts, such a promotional step was never taken by any mobile service company till date in the U.K. which is marked by the presence of a large number of mobile service providers. Such an innovative business model is one of a kind and it is anticipated that this will attract a big pool of customers. It is anticipated that FreedomPop will be able to offer significant value to its customers with a service that will be of high quality and will be user friendly. Senior officials at FreedomPop are aiming at providing widespread mobile service access to people in the U.K. According to MobileWorldLive, this unique business model of the company attracted almost one fourth of a million subscribers in the market when there was the beta service launch in the U.K.