GE Makes US$300 Mn Investment in New Healthcare Technology

Published Date : Sep 24, 2015

Supported by a whopping investment of US$ 300 million, GE Healthcare has developed Sustainable Healthcare Solutions in order to develop health care technology aimed for clinicians, governments, non-government operators, and private operators. 

GE reported that the decision will help in developing its health care technology unit worth US$ 18 billion by providing emerging markets with low cost health care technology solutions. The move comes only weeks after GE sold off its earlier health care finance division in a US$ 9 billion deal to Capital One. 

With the development of Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, GE Healthcare will be able to bring together its operations in South Asia, India, Southeast Asia, and Africa. 

The low cost health care equipment market is anticipated to be more than US$ 8 billion in terms of worth and is developing rapidly as emerging economies continue to invest in long term and effective health care solutions in order to better the health of their citizens. 

Sustainable Healthcare Solutions is increasing its efforts within that sector, GE Healthcare said, and is bringing low cost and high value technologies that provide value based and affordable health care solutions. 

Chief executive officer and president of GE Healthcare John Flannery said that most of the population in the world does not have sufficient health care. Innovations that can result in improved patient outcomes in a manner that is sustainable is the need of the hour. John added that many developing countries are in search of experienced alliances that will help them in building capacity, skills, as well as effective health care solutions aimed at their patients. 

When it comes to developing innovations directed at developing economies, GE Healthcare has quite the track record. This includes its Lullaby infant warmer and Vscan Access, its handheld ultrasound device, both of which are designed for maternal infant care in rural areas.