New iPhones Hit Stores on Friday; High Record Sales Expected in First Weekend

Published Date : Sep 25, 2015

With dozens of customers and a robot queuing in Sydney, Australia, the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on Friday kicked off global sales cycle immensely.  This will only leave a room for scrutiny as to how much Apple’s marquee product is left. 

Analysts of the study expect a record approximately 12 mn to 13 mn phones to be purchased off the shelves in the first weekend itself. This figure has increased from 10 mn last year during the launch of the iPhone 6’s was delayed in China - the biggest smartphone market in the world.  

Worldwide fans have camped out for days before the release of these phones, and the company said pre-orders suggested sales were right on track to beat 2014’s first-weekend performance. The sales accounted for almost two-thirds of the company’s revenue in the recent quarter. 

 The coming years will show year-over-year-growth over the increasing demand for iPhone 6 sales, said a leading senior analyst. The latest 6s and 6s Plus now has modest improvements and the addition of mobile payments. The phone’s are the same size as 2014’s launch, but with improved cameras  and 3D touch and based on a Taptic Engine technology that responds to the press functions on the screens. 

However, the rumors about the low battery capacity and reduced battery size to accommodate the new Taptic Engine technology are true. The company said the battery life is not changed in the new phones. 

The new iPhones use chips made by Avago Technologies Ltd, Qualcomm Inc, RF Micro Devices, Texas Instruments Inc., and TriQuint Semiconductor and Skyworks Solutions, among many others.  

According to the company, merely one fraction of its customers have considered an up-gradation to the iPhone 6, suggesting there is plenty of new opportunities to grow this year. 

The new iphones are more competitive against Samsung in emerging regions. They are gaining share in traditional regions as well.     

The phones start at $199 and $299 with a 2-year service provider contract.