A medicine that protects mice against brain tumor discovered

Published Date : Jun 25, 2014

Scientists have discovered a vaccine that they believe protects brain tumor in mice to some extent. The vaccine is said to work by improving immune system of the body to attack the tumor cells. The technique is yet to be tested in humans but clinical trials could begin from the next year in Germany, estimate researchers. 

The vaccine is based on the idea of boosting the natural ability of some brain tumor patients to induce an immune reaction against the disease. But this is not enough to ward-off the disease completely, allowing it to keep spreading. 

The current experiment on lab mouse has shown positive results towards an increase in this natural ability of inducing an immune response for restricting the disease from spreading.    

Though it is too early for the approach to be predicted effective in humans due to the lack of a human trial, it definitely presents an exciting approach for tackling the disease. Scientists call it immunotherapy.  

Many other studies throughout the world are looking for similar vaccines capable of boosting the immune system as a way to ward-off cancer from the patient’s bodies; all other approaches leave the patient’s body with many after-effects and a weaker immune. 

Many earlier studies have also concentrated on finding vaccines to strengthen immune systems, such as the trial of a similar vaccine that began in UK the last year.