Enhanced Internet Access to Help Develop Global Education in Future

Published Date : Sep 28, 2015

Jamme, the education and technology activist and founder of Africa Gathering, recently told the story of Barbara, a university student in Uganda. According to Jamme, Barbara won’t have access to the internet till the biggest technology hub in Uganda opens. As soon as the tech hub opens, Barbara will be able to access internet and connect to her peers and to the entire world. The tech hug gave a platform to Barbara to interact with others and study. Jamme, presented Barbara’s story, at the 2015 Social Good Summit, as an example of future of global education. 

The panel was led by the CEO of ‘A World at School’, Sarah Brown with Kailash Satyarthi, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2014. Brown said that they considered around 60 million children who don’t get even a single day at school. The meeting brainstormed about innovative solutions of providing equitable and inclusive quality education. Innovative solutions were brainstormed by the panel to Sustainable Development Goal. For Jemme, the solution to get more education to as many children as possible is focused on supporting girls. Giving opportunities to the girls and making sure that every girl receives access to the internet will fulfill the aim of getting more education, Jemme said. 

Satyarthi feels that the children who don’t have access to the internet are the ones at risk. Especially, the children who work hard throughout the day to crop cocoa beans in child slavery, but hardly get to taste the chocolate. Satyarthi further said that education is the primary tool to break the cycle of slavery. Breaking the cycle of education and child labor are two different sides of the same coin, he added. Education fulfills the life as it fulfills the dreams. The challenge here is to make sure that every child has access to online education. The challenge also is to develop a public education plan that will help develop the future of global education.