New Age LED TV by Videocon

Published Date : Sep 26, 2012

Adding another feather to its cap Videocon took a step forward and launched a new age LED TV with vast new features and advanced technology. This TV set gives a reason to the enthusiastic TV lovers to sit back home and enjoy the TV watching experience being at home and not getting tempted to go to a multiplex for a movie. The new technology incorporated in the 
Videocon’s LED TV sets works on the wireless principles. The TV is free from the set-top box. 

For this to materialize Videocon partnered with the broadcasting giant Digital Direct Broadcast providing a platform for the all new Television by Videocon technologies. The new LED TV is launched by the brand ambassador of Videocon, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan and the technology is available in the LED TV sets ranging between inches from 32-58.

The new TV technology will give wireless digital signals without a necessary set top box .The signals will be received directly by the TV set giving superb audio visual experience. Also the 2D channels can be converted into 3D channels via technology. The new TV sets comes with a cloud computing ability by which the users can surf on internet, work and save files on the TV, get connected to the social networking sites and many more customer centric features are available on the new age TV.

Such technology would transform the viewing experience of the consumers and true life audio visual experience. This feature separates Videocon from the other market leaders and it brings the all new revolution in the entertainment utilities. It benefits the country at an international level by providing advanced features and technology. Videocon is grateful to Digital Direct Broadcast to partner with them to unveil the all new age LED TV’s.