U.S. Suspects and Pulls Spies from China after Cyber Attack

Published Date : Sep 30, 2015

The U.S. is pulling up spies from China due to the cyber attack that put together all the personal data of 21.5 mn government workers, said a U.S official on Tuesday. 

The U.S. conceives that Chinese hackers were responsible for the breach as the data was exposed at the cost of 5.6 mn government employees in the Personnel Management office, U.S. 

The stolen data includes imperative records on State Department employees. Hackers in this case could process the elimination and identify the personnel who are actually intelligent agents. 
Employees with the CIA, NA, and DIA attributed to China are at the risk of being exposed. The officials at the U.S. Intelligence found that out in the past few months. CIA has pulled a number of officers from the U.S. embassy in Beijing. 

The hack will cause a major impact on the U.S. national security and in part as the stolen data involves identity of the U.S. government forms that are used for security clearances known as SF86 survey. These forms have sensitive and private data on the current, former, and even government employees and their family members and associates. 

Chinese intelligence is very likely to use the OPM data to help tap the identities of future U.S. intelligence employees that are trying to enter China. Beijing is heavily scrutinizing visa applications of the U.S. people in ties with those on travel patterns and other activities. 

Before the hack, technological advancements in biometrics made it difficult for the CIA to penetrate the operatives into China and other countries. The CIA is now in the effort of encouraging improving the technological spying capabilities to fill the gap. 

Obama hasn’t responded more firmly to the hack as yet.   

However, Beijing has long denied its involvement in hacking and often claims that a victim of similar attacks. The Chinese government opposes this allegation of hacking too.