Duck Shit Tea from China Causing Waves in the World

Published Date : Oct 01, 2015

Duck Shit Aroma, also known as Ya Shi Xiang, belongs to the revered Golden Phoenix tea family sourced from the Phoenix Mountain located in the Guangdong Province of China. 

As narrated by Taylor Cowan, classically, teas from the Phoenix Mountain used to be picked from a single bush, releasing hyper-local characteristics. Rumors say that the farmer who first cultivated Duck Shit (which in reality doesn’t smell or taste like the duck waste), did not want anybody to know the secret of cultivating this tea. This is reason, he gave it an unattractive name (in comparison to orange blossom, or honey orchid, or almond), which never changed.

On asked by people about the secret of the tea, the farmer would simply respond, Duck shit. Cowan made a point to add to his narrating that the literal Chinese character in the tea is the vulgar ‘shit’, and not feces or scat. 

However, the name has created a stir and Cowan doesn’t mind due to the attention of people it is drawing, in order to learn more about tea and that’s what his goal is.

Prior to this, Cowan and his business partner founded Spirit after many years of working in the tea industry and with the frustration caused due to diluting tea with other substances that most tea companies were doing. Teas which were originally potpourri of flavors and fruits, and formed unique health blends such as 21-day Detox tea, Get Energized or Sleepytime tea.

The two partners had plans to start a tea company, which would celebrate tea for the millennia-old handcrafted art as it is. Spirit Tea, which is an American tea Company is earnestly devoted to source teas that will uniquely showcase the land from where the drink originated. The company has also founded an eco-friendly initiative, called Teas for Tree, wherein the company plants a tree in a national forest on receiving every order