Which Countries Offer Highest Quality Education American Parents Vote for China and Japan

Published Date : Oct 05, 2015

The study from HSBC reveals that according to the American parents, China and Japan are the two countries offering the highest quality education for children. Compared to the universities in the U.S., the universities in China and Japan offer quality education, said most of the American parents. As per the survey conducted by HSBC, a multinational banking and financial services organization, 42% of the native parents say that America has one of the top three education systems in the globe. The fact is that American parents are not the only ones who consider foreign colleges and universities to educate their children. Caroline Rogers, a freshman, recently said that she also feels that China offers higher quality education than America. 

The Chinese government invests a lot in the education industry, said Rogers. Eugene Sheehan, the dean of the College of Education and Behavioral Science said that it would certainly be great if his children acquires a degree from one of the top Chinese colleges or universities and returns speaking flawless Mandarin. According to the statistics, the higher education system in the United States is considered to be the best in the entire world, said Sheehan. Stanford and Harvard universities, and even the University of Wisconsin and University of Texas are on the list of the top higher education universities in the world. 

Jingzi Huang, the assistant dean of the college of education and behavioral science said that though there is a huge difference in America’s education system and that of China and Japan, it doesn’t justify that America’s education system is on the lower level. According to Huang, the situation of higher education in the United States is as good as that of China and Japan. While there may be a debate on which country offers the best quality education, Haung says that the final concept falls back on what the children score. People do believe that individual’s test score indicates how intelligent the student is and then they relate it with the education that they receive.