China and Russia: 80% Students Unable to Achieve a Pass Score in the Screening Test Post MBBS

Published Date : Oct 07, 2015

Indian students who travel to another country for a receiving a medical degree need to clear a compulsory test on their arrival for the purpose of practicing there. Nonetheless, over 80% applicants who come from medical colleges to both China and Russia are unable to pass the screening test initiated by the National Board of Examination. Countless from the district, particularly Punjab, spend a fortune to get a medical degree from these nations. 

The Medical Council of India permits Indian students to acquire a degree from top level institution for medical education in a remote nation. On the other hand, to get enlisted with the state medicinal councils or the MCI, such students need to get atleast a passing score in the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination. As indicated by the information acquired from the MCI, somewhere around 2012 and 2014 approximately 36,000 students returned after finishing their MBBS abroad. 

Then again, just 20% applicants could qualify the mandatory screening test. While just 18% students from Russian and Chinese universities could achieve a pass score, the rate of students from different nations clearing the test was 24. The president of Punjab Medical Council, named Dr GS Grewal stated that they get an expansive number of applications from MBBS graduates staying in foreign nations who are keen to enroll with us. 

However, they can't enlist them until they pass the screening test. Those who still practice without passing the test are considered as quacks, concluded Mr. Grewal. The process of admission within medical colleges in India ends by September 30 after which countless candidates begin drawing closer to the consultants of foreign medicinal universities in October. The most loved destinations of students include Russia, China, Nepal, and Ukraine. In such outside organizations, the educational cost expense begins from approximately 2.5 lakh i.e. $4,000 per year and the candidate needs to put in five years to acquire a degree