China to Invest US$1.5 Bn in Subsidizing Public Hospital Reforms Next Year

Published Date : Oct 08, 2015

China will be spending US$ 1.5 billion, or 9.8 billion yuan, with the aim of subsidizing public health reforms in 2016, the Ministry of Finance said on Thursday in a statement, as the nation seeks to overcome the challenges facing its struggling health care system.

The government of China has been grappling with ongoing tension between doctors and patients, overcrowded hospitals in the city, and widespread bribery practices across the health care sector. The government will be spending 11.1 billion yuan on the whole to subsidize the reform process this year. 

The overly hyped health care reform drive in the country has been facing several challenges, including an apparent lack of help from the central government and issues of private companies working within the humungous and fragmented public sector. 

In other news, the ministers of health affairs in African countries and China have stressed upon the significance of setting up a resilient public health care system in Africa, such as the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention in individual countries as well as in the African Union.

The officials were present at the 2nd Ministerial Forum of China-Africa Health Development held in Cape Town.

The theme of the meet was “Promoting the access of health care services in Africa: Improving China-Africa’s Cooperation in Public Health in post-Ebola era”. Under this theme, African countries and China have decided to strengthen their ties on universal health coverage and reinforce their commitment to this cause. 

Based on the feedback they received from the global response during the Ebola outbreak, both regions have decided to reiterate their cooperation in public health by constructing a strong public health system and improving the collaboration across several health issues. 

Officials from the forum said that they welcome global partners for the cause, including non-governmental organizations, international organizations, and academic bodies to join in and contribute towards the setting up of the African public health system.