Manufacturing Day Event Opens Discussion About Lucrative Careers in the Industry

Published Date : Oct 09, 2015

Mechatronics program in the Allegheny County’s Community College welcomed public last Friday at its annual Manufacturing Day event. This event, which is a movement at grassroots led by manufacturers, is dedicated to challenges faced by manufacturers. The event is a platform for discussions regarding huge gap in the skilled labor, the perception of the public at large in the manufacturing sector, and lack of education for the aspiring students to pursue a career in the line of manufacturing. 

Sydney the Robot, CCAC’s robotic ambassador was seen and heard joking about the fact that he was not born, but manufactured. The joke stretched out to say that the Manufacturing Day was robot’s day and a labor day for the humans. The robot symbolizes the range of complexities involved in making robots and the stage to which they have evolved to.

About 2,350 types of programs related to manufacturing were arranged all across North America this year in order to inspire the young generation to pursue manufacturing. The event at West Hills Center saw a footfall of 70 people. Out of these majority were high school students, which also included huge groups from school districts of Montour and Quaker Valley. In addition to these, students from Washington County, who belong to Venice Presbyterian Church Homeschool Cooperative also attended the event. All the visitors, inclusive of adults and students went around the facility in groups. They were escorted by representatives from about nine manufacturing companies and also got a chance to be a part of a panel discussion