Apple Deactivates Its News App in China

Published Date : Oct 12, 2015

According to the reports, Apple has disabled its news app in China. This indicates that how difficult the situation is becoming for foreign companies to operate under the state-run media and internet. Launched in June, Apple News App is available exclusively for the users in the United States. It is being tested for the users in Australia and Britain as well. Apple customers in the U.S. who have downloaded the app are able to see the content while travelling overseas but not in China. Customers in China are observing an error message while looking at the top of Apple News feed.

Apple Inc. has declined to comment on the matter. It is interesting to note that Greater China has been the tech giant's second-largest market after the U.S. with sales over US$13 billion registered in the third quarter of this year. This points out that the company is being cautious while delivering new content on its news app within China. Beijing mentions that it is the responsibility of the companies to censor content within China. For Apple, this means developing a censorship system to remove sensitive article from the feeds. Right now, Apple is addressing the problem by disabling the app for users in China.

This has, however, troubled the users. Users are complaining that the company is censoring the content downloaded on the devices purchased outside China just because the phone connects to a Chinese signal and have termed it as ''disconcerting''. The customers are irked over the on device censorship that is quite different from blocking the server by a Firewall or disabling the feature for customers having a particular country iTunes account.