Scientists Produce Live Offspring from Frozen Testicles

Published Date : Jul 02, 2014

Japanese scientists have successfully produced a live offspring from a sample of frozen testicle in an experiment on lab mice. The experiment could emerge as a ray of hope for men who become infertile due to chemotherapy treatments for cancer. 

The scientists have quoted the data as being very encouraging and they hope that human trials would soon begin. 

The results of this study make it obvious that samples of sperm frozen before a person looses the ability to reproduce them, typically after a chemotherapy treatment, can allow men to have children even after a chemo treatment damages their testicles. 

But this option would not apply for boys who are yet to reach puberty. 

 For the study, the researchers used a frozen sample of testicle from mice that were five days old. 

The mouse was underwent a range of assistive reproduction methods such as injecting a partially developed sperm into egg and artificial insemination. The techniques resulted in successful breeding – baby mice were produced, healthy enough to be able to reproduce their own healthy generation.   

The scientists predict that even if the results are very encouraging, it will at least take a couple of years before such techniques are tested in humans. Human samples are much different than mice tissues and the scientists need to find a trick to make things work in the similar way for humans too, and it could take time.