Takeaway Market Benefits with Perfect Positioning

Published Date : Oct 15, 2015

Statistics published by Euromonitor International show that Britain would have incurred an expense of GBP8 bn a year on takeaways. This ginormous figure can be attributed to growing usage of smartphones and lack of time to cook meals at home. Out of this, the spending on Chinese food, curry, and pizza will increase by 28% to reach GBP7.6bn a year.

This trend was clearly seen through Domino’s Pizza 21% hike in quarterly sales that reached a figure of GBP200m. Out of these sales about 75% were online orders and 61% were placed over mobile devices. A similar trend was seen with Just Eat, whose sales were up by 54% in the first six months of the year. Furthermore, a nationwide study showed that households purchase about three takeaway meals a month on an average.

Chief executive of Domino’s, David Wild stated that the company took its first order through a mobile about five years ago. Ever since that time, the evolution in tablets and smartphones have changed the face of this market. He further added that the business has grown due to easy methods of placing an order. This clearly shows that the consumers want it to be easy and quick. Online ordering also comes with its benefits of giving the customers the added advantage of access of updated offers and menus with just a click.

The concept of takeaway food is neatly placed between going out and eating and cooking at home. When people do not want to go out and spend too much on food, the option of takeaway offers the best solution. The takeaway market is greatly benefitting from with powerful positioning