Plagiarism finds it Easy with Advanced Technology

Published Date : Sep 26, 2012

Technology is making people’s lives better and smoother. Latest technologies are beneficial not only to individuals but also to big organizations and companies. Today’s technology facilitates access to weather information, latest news, healthcare information, global library information and many other information very easily. 

Technology proves a boon for many but many people are suffering the downside of this amazing boon that creates music, books, photographs and movies. It is the very same technology that helps content to be illegally copied over the internet and afterwards distributed.

CD and DVD’s are the resources on which one can copy data and post it over the internet. This happens with the help of digital scanners and printers. Books and photographs can also be copied in this manner. There are numerous cases of copying of data and posting it over the internet illegally. For instance, scientist Forrest Mims-III had suffered from plagiarism when his book ‘Optoelectronics’ was copied by retranslating it to Uighur, a Turkish dialect, from Chinese. He came to know about it when a student of Harvard University sent a pirated copy of the book to him.

Plagiarism comes at very low cost because the data posted over the internet is pirated and not original. Anyone can copy data with their Smartphone and post it online within no time. However, Plagiarists are not aware that they can be caught by search engines. Plagiarism is mostly resorted to by well educated and professionals.

Internet is a huge resource of online data, and students, politicians, and scientists are using the data for their personal use like home assignments, research work, and for other purposes. The authorities related to these sectors use anti-plagiarism software to check the copy paste work. Unauthorized version of the content will remain online, researchers said.