Nuclear Power Industry launches Memphis Emergency Center

Published Date : Jul 02, 2014

America’s power reactors now have the liberty of accessing supplemental emergency equipment within the 24 hours from various centers installed as a part of the industry’s response to nuclear energy all the way to the Fukushima Daiichi accidents taking place in Japan.

A similar response center in Memphis, Tenn, became a part of the similar facility that launched in Phoenix last month. This facility provides centralized warehouses of equipment like pumps, emergency generators, and gear for first responders.

The centers each carry five sets of emergency equipment, of which four of the sets can be mobilized at any given time, reported Nuclear Energy Institute. All the centers cost $40 million apiece and further will cost $4 million a year to operate. This is an expense contributed by all of the utilities operating reactors in the U.S.

Additionally, the Strategic Alliance for FLEX Emergency Response was founded to develop the centers contracted with the Pooled Equipment Inventory Company and Areva.

All these facilities and cost-effective operators are a part of the industry’s strategy to cater tailored and flexible backup safety devices at the nuclear power plants in any event of sheer danger or extreme unexpected events, added Exelon Chief Nuclear Officer Mike Pacilio in a release. He also added that each of these centers is designed for a typical deliverance of extreme emergency backup equipment anytime anywhere in America within a time frame of 24 hours.