Apprenticeship is the Way Forward Says Government

Published Date : Oct 16, 2015

The Government of India is looking at ways of improve vocational skill sets of the youth in the country with schemes pertaining to skill acquiring. Jayant Krishna, Principal Consultant at Tata Consultancy services (TCS) and Chairperson of the central government's Special Taskforce on Apprenticeship Curriculum Rationalization stated that the model of apprenticeship has been working with efficiency amongst several skilling schemes launched by the government. 

It has been observed that development of skills through an apprenticeship model is proving beneficial to the pool of unemployed and the industry. He further added that several studies have proven the fact that actual experience during an internship benefits the industry majorly as the intern enhances his or her skill sets and thereby brings in a new level of professionalism and better productivity. As the return on investment is quick, it strengthens the industry’s case for taking on apprentices.

He emphatically noted that the youth stand at a better advantage ground as their chances of being employable are higher, market value is better, and their ability to be self-employed is surer. 

Bhuvnesh Kumar, secretary of Vocational Education and Skill Development also affirmed that the apprenticeship happens to be the most thing that has happened to the skilling scheme in India to achieve better levels of employability. He further added that if this system is used properly it can offer good jobs to a huge number of youths, which would not only serve government’s intention of job schemes, but also provide the industry with well-trained manpower.