Vocational Education Park Project is the Latest Buzz in China

Published Date : Oct 19, 2015

It was around three decades back, when China started converting their city lands into industrial parks to attract foreign investors. Today, China is willing to construct its vocational education park. Cities across China are trying to locate vacant lands in different areas to build school parks, labeled as ‘education factories’. These schools will be designed to train and educate thousands of students from across China. Government support and the aim to build a high-tech future is fuelling the project for building the school parks. Scott Rozelle, the co-director of the Rural Education Action Program at Standford University said that the country can build as many schools as required, but the efforts will be of no use if there are no skillful teachers to educate the children.

The school building project came up as many vocational schools struggled to offer quality education in the recent past. Wayne Zhang, owner of a home décor products factory in the Northeastern China said that China definitely needs to upgrade their education services by investing in skilled workers. As per the study from Freeman Spogli Institutional Studies at Stanford University, till 2010, 24% of China’s workforce attended higher secondary school as compared with OECD average of 74%. The capital of central Gansu province, Lanzhou, is expecting to attract 150,000 students and 30 schools to the vocational school park that is scheduled to be operative from 2017. 

Ganzhou is planning to build a vocational school in southern Jiangxi province that is expected to attract 100,000 students and 10 vocational schools when it gets inaugurated in 2018. Vocational schools are basically high schools and China is planning to build more vocational universities. 17 schools have already registered to be a part of the vocational school park, including engineering, automotive, agricultural, transportation, and construction schools. According to the Guizhou Machinery Industry School, it doesn’t matter how big the vocational school is but what matters is how it is run.