Malaysia Criticizes Chinas Action in South China Sea

Published Date : Oct 20, 2015

China’s construction work in the disputed South China Sea has been stated to be unwarranted provocation. The chief of the armed forces in Malaysia said recently in a rare public comment regarding a spat with the country that is claiming rights in the seas.

The relation of China in the several countries in Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam and Philippines that have competing claims in the South China Sea are strained with Beijing’s increasingly assertive voice for an areas in which almost US$ 5 trillion worth of marine trade passes every year.

Last year, Beijing’s move for the creation of the artificial islands, which it stated was mainly for civilian reasons have also drawn severe criticism from Washington.

The chief of the armed forces of Malaysia stressed upon, the unwarranted provocation by Beijing for the construction of the islands on the South China Sea.

He further stated that, although China has offered assurances regarding the construction to be solely for civilian reasons, maritime research, and to enable safe navigation of vessels in the area.

However, only time will reveal the real intentions that China has for carrying out these constructions. In the interim, he stated that we need to accept the reasons that have been given for the government of the People’s Republic of China for the purpose of development of the islands.

The Malaysian chief of the armed forces further stated, that they hop the construction is for good reasons for betterment of humankind.

Generally, Malaysia has always adopted a cautious line while dealing with Beijing with respect to the disputed islands in the South China Sea contrary to Vietnam’s and Philippines’ approach that have railed against the perceived expansion by China. 

Earlier in the month China announced about completing lighthouses on Johnson South Reef and Cuarteron Reef in the Spratly Islands for the purpose of maritime search and rescue