New Research on Laser Promising Faster Data Transmission

Published Date : Oct 21, 2015

Scientists around the world for years have been researching on ways to boost data transmission rate. In the past decade, this technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. At present, it is possible to transfer GBs of files in just a few minutes or less. However, there is still ongoing research that is aiming to take this data transmission a notch higher.

This technology involves using laser. Laser have been in use since the 1960s. But, many people are unaware about their capability to transfer data just as efficiently as the fiber optic technology or even Wi-Fi. A group of scientists at the Brno University of Technology based in the Czech Republic are working on a project that aims to make laser communication more affordable and dependable.

According to the Professor Wilfert, they are talking about last mile, this is the last mile technology. In order to transmit data files over the last mile, mostly fiber optic links are used. Nevertheless, in some cases these links would not work and laser communication can help. Beaming data using laser offers a wide range of benefits. Unlike cable communication or Wi-Fi, laser is virtually impossible to hack into and it makes it extremely secure for government or military use. It also provides similar bit rates to fiber optic cables and unlike Wi-Fi does not need special licensing. In this project, the laser used falls in the infrared spectrum and are not harmful to the eyes or animals or birds.

Nonetheless, there are certain challenges the scientists involved in this project are facing. An assistant professor, Lucie Hudcova at the Department of Radio Electronics said that when there is some obstruction in the way of a beam one can see that the signal is lost. The signal tends to be renewed after the removal of obstruction