Massena Inculcates a Green Change in its Students

Published Date : Oct 26, 2015

Massena Central High School students took part in the environment conservation last week. Massena Electric Department (MED) employees were also a part of this effort who planted saplings in the high school and in Nightengale Elementary School. Andrew J. McMahon, MED Superintendent stated that they have been planting trees around the vicinity for the last decade. He further added that the move is make the community look beautiful. About 50 students took part in this exercise.

John Gwozdz, arborist from the New York Power Authority helped the students understand the correct ways in which trees grow and what explained to them the benefits of planting trees and creating a green cover. He stated that these small efforts are aimed at reducing the dangers of climate change. 

Gwozdz lesson to the children included a talk about the how trees help in energy conservation and cost savings in the long run. In simple ways he explained that the green cover provides shade, which lowers the temperature, and thus lowers the cooling costs that are made on decreasing the temperature in the buildings. The lesson also touched the subject of importance of trees as wind breakers in cold weather, which helps in reducing the heating cost. 

MED’s energy conservation project in Massena region has received a grant of US$6,000 from the New York Power Authority and New York State Nursery and Landscape Association and US$19,000 from Alcoa’s Global ReLeaf project. Mr. McMahon added that this grant will also be used for another project in the offing at the Massena Housing Authority. This project will focus on planting new trees and installing LED streetlights