A new study suggests that people choose pain over boredom

Published Date : Jul 07, 2014

A recent study has come up with shocking evidence which shows that people prefer to choose pain over boredom.

A test performed on a number of subjects demonstrated that half of the subjects administered themselves electric shocks which were mild, when they were in a 15 minutes quite time period.

These findings came when people were shut away without any distractions. They were quizzed and have attracted criticism in the research community by some. The paper published in the journal Science is in argument saying that people are not very good at recreational, enjoyable thought.

The study began with many trials which involved university students that were placed shut in a small room which had blank walls. Then they were asked to sit at a table and entertain themselves with their own thoughts.

However, after 12 or 15 minutes had passed, the subjects were questioned that whether the time was enjoyable for them or was it difficult for them to concentrate. On an average the answers were around the middle of a 9-point scale or worse.

In another trial from the series of trials, 18 out of 42 participants chose to give a mild shock to their ankle when left alone for 15 minutes. 

A researched involved in this study stated that the study participants consistently indicated that they would rather have something to do rather than have nothing to do other than left to their own thought even for a brief period of time.

Other researches in the same field are saying that these findings could be overstated. However, the authors of the study wrote the question that whether people enjoy just thinking has not been paid enough attention in psychological research.