Walmart Looks for Delivery Drone Approval

Published Date : Oct 27, 2015

Retailer giant Walmart has announced that they are seeking permission from the United States Federal Aviation Administration for testing delivery drones.

Walmart has been testing drone delivery systems indoors till now, and is looking for permission to try the modern day gadgets outside of their retail centers. Amazon is the only company to have received permission for outdoor drone delivery systems. Multiple other retail and ecommerce companies have begun experimenting with delivery drones in order to bypass delayed or missed delivery issues that may be caused due to traffic.

Dan Toporek, a Walmart spokesperson, told Reuters that delivery drones are showing huge potential to boost the level of connection that the retail store has. The drones will be a perfect match for the large network of stores, fulfillment centers, distribution centers, and transportation fleets.

Toporek also said that more than 70% of the U.S. population has a Walmart within a five mile radius around them. This has created a unique position for Walmart and could definitely lead to certain unique prospects in terms of customer service using drones.

Three different types of permissions have been asked by Walmart. On an internal level, Walmart requests for the use of drones to hover over factory and store outlets in order to calculate the number of trucks that are ready for loading and delivery.

Walmart is also looking to test the delivery drones and their successful deliveries from store to car, for consumers to carry fewer bags of consumer goods.

Walmart is also looking for permissions to use its delivery drones to drop packages at a consumer’s home