New Holland Brewing Company Commences Construction on Grand Rapids Location in New York

Published Date : Oct 29, 2015

In the bid for expansion, the New Holland Brewing Company is moving ahead with its pub location with the commencement of the construction phase of Knickerbocker (New Yorker), called the Brewpub and Distillery located at West Grand Rapids, although home will always be Holland.

The brewing company based in Holland has plans to unveil the 40,000 square foot restaurant next year in September, which will also include craft brews and spirits, high-end foods, beer garden, and entertainment areas. 

The cost estimate of the upcoming pub is estimated to be about one-third of a Rockford Construction the owner of the block of the property on which the pub will come up. The remainder of Rockford Construction’s consists of offices that will be on two floors above the pub, with a second= building that will house retail stores on the ground floor and residential apartments on the upper floors. By terms of the agreement, New Holland will be the owner of the building it will operate in, and the remaining part of the construction will be owned by the construction company.

Earlier in this week, the Michigan Department of Economic Development granted a tax incentive of US$ 2.1 mn for the project to get started.

The president a and co-founder of New Holland Brewing commented that the company is really excited to expand footprint and to be deeply involved in the economic, social, and craft beverage scenario of the Grand Rapids after 19 years of operations in Holland.

The company has been speculating a location in Grand Rapids for the past 1 ten years, but were waiting for the right opportunity to come its way. The executive of the company further stated that New Holland and the west side of New York area perfect fit, especially as Grand Rapids is increasingly recognized as Beer City USA