McDonalds Digitizes Orders for a Personal Touch

Published Date : Oct 29, 2015

McDonald’s restaurants in Canada, located on Lacordaire Blvd., St. Laurent Blvd., and Atwater Ave, added two independent kiosks that are setup to reduce the time that customers spend in lines. These bilingual touch-screen kiosks have also been designed to help the customers customize their selections. It offers options such as guacamole and sriracha for making the burgers as per your taste. The kiosk also offers an option of nine sauces, five types of cheese, various types of bread, and 12 toppings. 
Natalie Saulnier, regional vice-president for Eastern Canada McDonald’s stated that customization can cost the customer $10 exclusive of taxes. However, she pointed out that the kiosk still offers the classics and the customization is still value of money. 

These special burgers are prepared in a designated area of the kitchen. They are then served at the table by the server, who tracks your seat through the dispensed tracking device that the payment is made through a card. These kiosks have also been made kid-friendly and accessible to those on a wheelchair.

This is plan turns out to be a success, then kiosks will be setup all across 300 McDonald’s restaurants in Quebec and 1,400 in Canada before 2017 ends. Saulnier further added that this move to make ordering and deliver digitized comes as need to transform and to cater to the fast pace of the guests. The other motive of these kiosks is to make the dining experience personal.

The installation cost of kiosks is over $200,000 per store. The success of this concept will only be achieved as customers familiarize themselves with it through regular visits and adopt it.